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So I've been floating around here for awhile, and I've become a tad bit lost. :D

I know people advertise their little roleplays here and there- and, in fact, I've joined one before on this platform- but I'm not entirely certain where that section is anymore. I lost track of it and, in lieu of looking like a complete dunce, I'm asking here instead: where do I advertise my own roleplays?

I've got this big new world I've cooked up, but I need players, and lots of them. Literate ones, too.

If any of you can help a bro out, it would be much appreciated ~

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I'd really suggest taking some time to explore the RP area, there's a whole section dedicated to out of character discussions surrounding your RP.  So you can go over there and make a thread about wanting to start your own thread on the RP section.

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