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gaming L4D Fans?


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I really need to know if there's any L4D fans here. I've played the first and second games, but I've never played the DLCs.

My brother and I always play whenever I go to visit, and he considers me the Witch Killer I guess, due to being obsessed with finding and killing all the witches in a campaign.
We could play non-stop for hours if we wanted. We.. have done so a few times oops.. We always tend to wander around and try to find secret areas (although, there really are none).

My favorite gun is the snipe, and my favorite melee is the sword. I would have really loved if having two swords was an option..
My favorite special infected are the Hunter and the Smoker. You know you've played too much when you see someone with a hoodie and think Hunter.
My favorite characters in the series overall have to be Bill and Rochelle. I guess Bill just reminds me a lot of friends my mom used to have, and Rochelle is literally so freaking epic. I love her so much. I was so devastated after finding out Bill died in one of the DLCs/comics, only moments laters, finding out his voice actor died as well. I literally became so attached to a character I have never even learned much about.


My favorite campaigns are Hard Rain and The Parish. Hard Rain because I have an excuse to kill any witch I can find, The Parish being I can jump on cars without setting the alarms off. Except for the Impound Lot.. absolutely hate that part of the Cemetery level.


The first game intro has so much meme potential, but this is literally the only one the fandom could find use for?

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