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Hi, guys!

I'm Professor Venturer. 

Backstory: I was originally human and lived a good life on Earth. Then a rift sucked me up and I landed on the planet Gallifrey. There, I helped the Time Lords defeat an army of Sontarans, which led the Lord President of Gallifrey to reluctantly reward me with my own gadgets, including a TARDIS. Of course, I had to go through several years of schooling in the Time Lord Academy first. But by the time that was over, I was free to travel the universe. And then the chameleon arch glitched on me, so I became both a Time Lord and a human. A few years later, my best friend introduced me to Equestria, and after some time of being there, I became a unicorn. More time later, I met Pinkamena, and a few months later, here I am as a pegasus now.

Personality: I am a Time Lord, a puzzle-maker, and a father. I'm usually comedic, but if someone ticks me off, I could lose it. I try not to get myself into the Villains Wiki, so I fear if I make any horrible mistake... Murphy's Law. I'm usually very loyal, and I go along with my friends on many adventures (but barely participate other than saying "Okay" or "yes" or "oh my god" or etc. ). But yeah, I usually love to hang out with my friends.

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25 minutes ago, TomDaBombMLP said:

Hello and welcome to the herd, @ProfVenturer! :adorkable: Do you like trains, by any chance? :please: Sorry, I had to, seeing your picture. :blush:

I hope you have an amazing time here! :wub:


Well, in real life, I do... To see all the graffiti tags sprayed on them by vandals. 


Also I don't drink.:yeahno:


8 minutes ago, Divine plywood said:

Hi and welcome to the forums!

Seen some of the art you posted here, hopefully there's more where that came from :ticking: Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Oh there is. :bedeyes:

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