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I am really new to the fandom, I just recently got into MLP, I am always interested in lore and anything really cool! I would have to say that I got into the Fandom, when I watch a few funny moments compilations episodes on Youtube and I also love the art style that I saw from https://pixelcanvas.io . 

Hi! My name is KingKetchup, I am really excited to be here, I hope to enjoy engaging in really cool conversations with people and have a fun time! 

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Hi @KingKetchup and welcome aboard! The stuff people make on pixel canvas is pretty amazing. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Oh man! Welcome aboard! Care to be friends? >w< 
I'm so happy to meet someone else interested in the lore, too!

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Hello there, welcome to the forums and its herd. Here, you can do a lot of stuff like making friends, submitting artworks, joining roleplays, play forum games, and more!

I hope you like your stay here!

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King ketchup? Is that a challenge!? How many varieties of ketchup did you have?:yeahno:

Nah just kidding.welcome to the forums!:laugh:

You better watch your back king ketchup...I'm watching you:okiedokieloki:

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