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request can somebody make art of any one of my mlp ocs


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I've been looking too get/see new art of my mlp ocs,So yeah, feel free to draw them if you like to. Also, I'm gonna post the references, just in case someone needs it.

normal side-"Firefly Solstice"

Happy side-"Cupid Hearts" this is Firefly Solstice's happy/joyful side. she's is happy,energetic,excited,cheerful,joyful,hyper active,talkitive,socialble,friendly,fan girly,etc. she is full of energy and energetic like pinkie pie. my favorite personality

Romantic side-"Cupid  Love" this is Firefly Solstice's romantic side. she's all romantic,lovey dovey,obssesive,possessive,clingy,overprotective,jealous,flirtatious,etc. her personality is similar to rarity when she is all love dovey,lovestruck,head over heels for trenderhoof. she is yandere-like. my least favorite personality

Angry side-"Scarlet Skies" this is Firefly Solstice's angry side. she's anger and wrath. she's angry,mad,loud,short-tempered,confrontational,fiery,irritable,truculent,etc.

Brave side-"Ember Shimmer" this is Firefly Solstice's brave side. she's brave,courageous,confident,darling,adventurous,tough,heroic,honest,loyal,helpful,athletic,capable,hard-working,fearless,etc.

Shy side- "Petal Flutter" this is Firefly Solstice's shy side. she's shy,kind,sweet,quiet,gentle,caring,etc.

Fear side-"Aurora Velvet" this is Firefly Solstice's scaredy-cat/fearful side. she's nervous,cowardly,fearful,panicky,worried,etc.

Sad side- "Bubble Splashes" this is Firefly Solstice's sad,crybaby side. she's sad,depressed,gloomy,unhappy,

Disgust side-"Emerald Dasher" this is Firefly Solstice's disgust side. 

Dark side-'Crescent Eclipse" this is Firefly Solstice's dark side. this side doesn't come up too often

Corrupt/evil side-"Nightmare Flaring Earth' this is Firefly Solstice's corrupt/evil side. this is Firefly Solstice's nightmare form when she is consumed by darkness or when she gives in to her nightmares. this side doesn't come up too often. she has fiery mane,tail,armor. she has fire and earth powers/can control fire,vines,etc. she is evil,wicked,sly,intelligent,smart-alack,smart,clever,callous,devious,decitful,cruel,mean,arrogent,fiery,conceited,jealous,envious,scary,vain,powerful,etc.

mlp me emotions personalities_vector_2_by_durpy_d7g9xw2.png

mlp_me medallion flying ref remake vector_by_spookiibunnii-d9tos1x.png

mlp me_happy side cupid hearts ref_by_durpy_d3j5njr.png

mlp me lovey dovey cupid love_side_ref_by_durpy_d4875q6.png

mlp me angry_side scarlet skies_ref_by_firestarartist_dc4ylai.png

mlp me brave side ember shimmer ref_vector_by_durpy_d48759k.png

mlp me shy side petal flutter_ref_by_durpy_d5oq2ji.png

mlp me disgust side emerald_dasher ref_vector_by_durpy_d41wb6h.png

mlp_me dark pinkamena crescent eclipse ref remake_by_spookiibunnii-d9tos1x.png

mlp me nightmare_flaring earth reference new_by_jordila_forge_d6df95v-fullview.png

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  • The title was changed to can somebody make art of any one of my mlp ocs (request)


The section Recommendations and Appreciation is designated for advocating fan-created MLP music. All topics that request free art simply belong in Requestria with the appropriate tag. As such, your thread has been moved there.

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  • The title was changed to can somebody make art of any one of my mlp ocs

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