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If there is a mane fiiive..


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So, There is mane 5 characters right? Each one mostly a reflection of an original mane 6 character.

Sunny could be Twilight, Ivy could be pinkie, Hitch is obviously fluttershy, Zipp is rainbow, Pipp and is Rarity.

So that begs the question, Is Sprout supposed to be Applejack? I had a small headcanon he might be a descendant of big mac cause of the colors haha, but its interesting to think if Sprout will be redeemed and apart of the Mane 5?

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5 hours ago, LittleHarmøny said:

Hitch is obviously fluttershy

I am guessing you made this association based on the fact that animals are attracted to him. That is the only trait Hitch has in common with Fluttershy, nothing more. Hitch cannot speak to the animals, isn't a big animal lover, and isn't shy/timid. He really doesn't resemble her in any way whatsoever. He strikes me as Applejack's counterpart if anything.

I doubt that Sprout will become a part of the main cast. I feel confident that he was meant to be the villain and then reformed (assuming he was after the film ended)...not much more. I am sure he will have small roles here and there in the series but the 6th member? Probably not. Is it possible? Certainly. G4 has surprised us many times so G5 could too with that.

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Well, when you look at AJ you got: rural, farm, level headed, stubborn, mostly logical, southern, mostly sensible, and a few others.

You can assign a few of those to Hitch and his job, maybe a few to a few of the others.

The others you can assign to "not the target audience" and "didn't really make a comparable arc/story compared to the others".

Not the target audience is easy math(sadly as one of those "not the target audience"): 2 million farms in the USA, about a 1/4 have kids, less have the target age, less have the time to watch TV(stereotypically), so about 500,000 at the most which equals not worth the money to make a rural and similar minded character when last time...well, you know. 

The other category...well they didn't do a terrible lot with her or the traits that are left, in G4, so its possible to reason that there simply won't be one in G5.

The leaks, for what they are worth, back when they were still the "recycle the Mane 6 but as mostly different breeds"  and even later said that AJ or similar would either be a "down on their luck/scrappy urban street pony" or be cut. A few discussions on that basically said what I said above about the math. Also based on how those leaks have been mostly true so far...well...

An Applejack will probably appear, to hold the copyright on the name if necessary. 

E: or G5 could make sprout, possibly fired from the police department, a "down on their luck/scrappy urban street pony". Don't know I guess, aside from I'm 95% sure you won't have a "rural/farm" based character.

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On 2021-11-16 at 7:23 PM, The Wife of Douma said:

Hitch cannot speak to the animals

That might have changed :derp:


Also, he is now apparently Twilight because he got a baby dragon :awwthanks:

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