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some backgrounds around the character of Fate


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hello again,


i made three separate pieces that kinda works as backgrounds and like, if you have three screens and put then next to each others, it's kinda like a battle scene911598382_cursebg.thumb.png.60e2cc46f95d56c2d7b8ed81f594d2c7.png1477408650_lostbg.thumb.png.69b9387ea2623444688a40a7d680ebee.png2001212718_newfatebg.thumb.png.d6e069dca7567a055af182bd3dec6e2f.png


so yeah, twas all, have a nice day y'all

also i didn't draw the cutie mark in any of the three cause at this point in the story it's a mess

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1 minute ago, ExplosionMare said:

Not bad! The pink pony looks like a cool Cadence-Chrysalis hybrid. Is that what she is or does she have her own name?

Thanks! the minimalist style is kinda swag ngl, wanted to try it. Also it's not an hybrid between cadance and chrysalis, amthough now that you say it i can see why you'd think that. Its Lost Fate, an Alternate version of Cursed Fate:sunbutt:

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3 hours ago, Kujamih said:

have ya tried removing the outline? it's cool you should try.

I've tried in the past yes, but I'm so used to outlines that not having outlines is the last thing that crosses my mind. And yes, no outlines in a drawing is pretty swag

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