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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic with Reiner and Bertholdt Easter Eggs and References.


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Here are some easter eggs references and overhaul fun facts about My Fanfiction My Little Pony Friendship is Magic withReiner and Bertholdt.

  • The book Apple Bloom is reading in The Ticket Master is most likely part of the Twilight series.
  • Apple Bloom hums the song Leaves From The Vine to a crying filly.
  • After being punched by Gilda Apple Bloom says Stan Lee's famous quote Excelsior.
  • Applejack telling Fluttershy to trust their friends is a nod to Petra, and Levi's words to Eren
  • Miss Cheerlie's class encounter's a Karen.
  • Apple Bloom's Amber Eyes are a reference to the Silver Eyes from RWBY
  • Apple Bloom going mute for a few weeks and using a Senryuu to commuicate is a referance to the Anime Senryuu Shoujo
  • Sweetie Belle optians an energy sword similar to the one Tucker from Red vs Blue has.
  • Apple Bloom has the abiltiy to glimpse into the Future Similar to the Attack Titan
  • Cozy Glow's past as an actress is both a refereance to her insperation Shirely Temple, and Kaede Kayano from Assanation Classroon.
  • Bright Mac and Pear Butter's Deaths are Similar to the Deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne
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