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planning I need help!


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I need someone to help me come out with a dorm life roleplay. I need at lest 6-7 people to help me out with this. Here is the fill out form to help me with it. You can write a paragraph as well.




*Title of Roleplay:


*How it is going to go:




* This is needed info.

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I gotcha sugar cube.


Name: SkyeRibbon at yer service


*Title of Roleplay:  Dormitory Stampede


*How it is going to go:

At the posh and conservative boarding school, "Our Pony of the Immaculate Hooves", Several seemingly charming and innocent foals have been accepted into the prim and proper cotillion lifestyle that envelops the school.


Once the lights are out and classes over, the Hall Mares have all snuggled in for the night and our mischevious ponies sneak out for the rebellion of a lifetime, and the ultimate party fantasy.



Dah? You like?

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