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Draw this again! meme

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Ok I have no idea in which section this goes...

A small challenge (or more like a fun) for all of you:

Take an old picture you loved/used to love and draw it again.

and most importantly...

Post the results!

Template source.


I tried it and I find it actually entertaining. I'm thinking about re-drawing more stuff now..

My trial:





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ok I'll bite for this one

I participated in this thing on DA back when it was still new, lol

so here we go, My Wii kitty that I did a while back

I also did a Draeni piece, but that is NSFW



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Alright, I think I was procrastinating this long enough ^.^'


I can't really remember when I draw the old picture of Agumon. It was when I was very young and I really liked watching digimon on tv. ^.^ Agumon was my favourite digimon, so I drew him and I really liked the result. :) And now here comes its new version. ^.^ I think I improved a little bit ^.^'



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Almost forgot about this topic.. so I'l post something I made earlier..

2010 (???)






Maybe I could redraw some other stuff since I'm bored and stuff

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