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Cutie Swap Songs, an idea


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Hi there!

Well, so I was a little dissatisfied with the cutie mark swapping in the season finale, as it left alot to be unsaid. So I was humming a little tune and accidentally said "race" instead of "Dress." And it occured to me to take a song that is so defining for a character and try to force it onto another character. I know that sounds REALLY bad, but I think it coould be fun!

So I present to you the first part of

The Art of the Race


Mile by mile, keeping it together

A Twilight race, cutting out my timing clip by clip

Making sure i catch my turns nicely

It's the perfect weather and so swift

Always got to keep in mind my pacing

Making sure my wing's correctly facing

I'm training for my race

Yard by yard, trying not to derail

Slow down time. Don't you know a stitch in time saves nine?

Make me something perfect to inspire

Even though I think I can go higher!

Got to mind those tiny little trails,

Even though I’m more concerned with gales.

I’m training for this race

Racing made easy

For branches you just slink

through the air feeling  breezy

Blend power and form, do you think it looks too easy?

Don’t you crash! Clouds and body meshing

Fall and dive, couldn't you just simply DIE

Making sure I  smooth forelock and crest

Don't forget  I’m better than the rest                                                

Even though I ride high on the wind

Rainbow, now don’t  look like a wimp!

I’m training for this race

Push by push , clip by clip

Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip

Mile by mile, Time is pressed

Yard by yard, steps retraced

And that's the art of the race

Tell me what you think!


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