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Solrac Fan Art for SOLRACUEST II

dar tunsh

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This is soooo old!  This has been the latest in my dA, however, and it didn't get posted on the MLP Forum group page because that was when Arylett left.


ANY-FREAKIN-WAY, FAN ART FOR SOLRAC!  Made for the purpose of hopefully appearing in SOLRACUEST II.  If you don't know what SOLRACUEST is, I suggest watching it.  The video is below the picture... WATCH IT!







Check out the dA for the inspiration behind it and a link to Solrac's dA.

Link to dA 'cause I have no idea how posting the pic from dA works: http://tftwobrony.deviantart.com/art/Solrac-fan-art-I-DON-T-LIKE-IT-327857952

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