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well hi evrybrony


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Hi I'm tunderstorm from argentina.

I wanna discusses with brony about the fandom n' so many thigh of the show.

I have my own deviant art tumblr and youtube, but I only used the diviant art, the other two are very death xD

So, that is all


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Welcome :D


Welcome to the friendliest corner of the interwebs :)

Im sure you will fit right in here :)

If you ever need help or just wanna talk, shoot me a PM , Ill do my best to help :)

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Howdy!  Hope you enjoy your stay!  Feel free to look around.  Also remember that we have Equestria.tv too where you can watch pony videos, livestreams, and Friday Night movie night!


Welcome to the board!

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Hey there! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the MLP forums! This is a great place to discuss the fandom and many other things! And the discussions are for the most part very civil! :).


You have a DA so I imagine you do art? If so then I'd love to see you post some maybe on the Fanart forum!


I hope you have fun aswell! And if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask me!

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Ok he didn't get to you first.

Listen, my name is vinyl rave and I have something to say.

There are some bad ponies (muffin thief) who I am trying to combat.

Please join the army of P.A.S.E. (protecting and serving equestria) by personal messaging me.

Thank you very much.

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