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3d oc pony creation - community project startup


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Ok so heres how it will work


Basically its a compilation of 3d models that you can mix and match in just about any 3d moddeling program.


The object of this project is to create somewhat of a 3d version of the popular 2d oc ponycreator flash game.


-we need people to create 3d models of just body types for ponies,griffons and any other creature you could want a blank template to work off of.


-then we also need people to create acsessories for the ponies(in 3d of course)


-we also need hairstyles  for your ponies.



1. anyone can contribute just post your links to the downloads

and any info that might be good to have such as weather the moddel is rigged for animation

or the body type info or hairstyle you created.


2. by posting your models here anyone can use them- post them on deviant or a 3d model site if you want.


3.please try to co-oporate with other people.


if anyone has any good ideas on how it would be easier to colaborate on this as a community please feel free to post your ideas.



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