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Romance The rhyme of affection


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The rhyme of affection


'Twas nearing night

Twilight was in for a fright

she was in bed for not one, not two, but three hours reading

couldn't find out what she's feeling

one pony ran through her head

lLke like a knife through a piece of thread

she didn't know why

maybe the thought of romance has gotten to the point it's hard to continue to try

she needed to confront the one she loved

Without feeling like she's going to be shoved

She couldn't help but think

Is this what is really making her feel like she'd shriek?

No, that can't be it

Her love couldn't make her feel so desperate

She was interrupted from her thoughts

'twas a knock on the bedroom door, alas, it was Rainbow Dash, the one she sought

the one that was always and forever burned into her thoughts

her love burned for Rainbow more than the sun could light, her only instinct was to say "hi Rainbow Dash, what's up?" She replied with haste "I need your help, I feel corrupt!" "What? Why do you say?"

Twilight said trying not to look grey

"I've fallen for one who I mustn't say

Fluttershy Rarity nor Applejack could save me today

Pinkie is away partying over in Manehattan so I couldn't go to her

it's bothering me so much I think my vision is starting to blur!"

Rainbow said loudly without being too hasty "maybe it'd help if you could tell me who you love, keeping it a secret can feel like a plastic cover, suffocating you until it explodes out before you, perhaps it could help us too"

Dash stared in confusion "wait... You said "us"... Does that mean you feel the same?"

Dash said as a blush spreads on their faces but who could blame?

"Uh... What? You like me

like how I'd never had the courage to tell thee? I'm glad as you probably can see"

Twilight says with a greater blush

But a smile like a filly getting with her first crush "well... Yeah, you're great! And I feel like I had a thing lifted off me, a weight it feels like it must be!" Rainbow said trying to not blush too much in front of the love of her life "so... What do you say for a date tonight?" Twilight says "I'd love to! But I'm low on bits to pay.."

Dash said with a saddened face

"oh, no worries! We're only two ponies! How expensive could something be?

Let's go so we can have such a great time and may see!

And maybe kiss before you go home"

Twilight said while both still blush prone

they went out and had a great time

without Twilight being sucked dry.

Authors note: well, hope you enjoyed, sorry that it was short but it was my first and I was running out of rhyming words, if anyone enjoyed it and wants another, name two ponies and I'll attempt to ship them together.

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This Is Brilliant!

I Like Your Rhyming Rant.

Though If I Were You,

Heres What I'd Do,

Put Each New Rhyme,

On A New Line.



Sorry 'Bout That Mate, Anyway, This Is Quite Good, But Yeah I Think You Oughta Split it Up A Bit, Instead Of Having It In A Blob Of Text. 


Also, Are You Still Taking Request?

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Yes I am still taking requests however I most likely will not do another one that rymes because I will need to do extra thinking and that'll cause me to take allot longer

And thinks for your input on this, it really helps. Feel free to read another work I did that I will most likely continue, it's an adventure/ romance and it's called "My Little Hell Hole: In Scootaloo's Eyes"

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