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To get many subs you


1. Need to do something unique


2. You need to do something everybody else are doing but in a new way or way better.



You must either very good at what you are doing or very entertaining.



For brony games, I recommend looking up the (sadly unfinished) Fighting is Magic game.

You can find more brony game news and games here at http://www.equestriagaming.com/

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1. You need to be entertaining.


2. Have your own personality


3. Play something that you enjoy


Those are the three tips that I have for you, if you want to get subscribers.

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You shouldn't concern yourself with finding ways to get subscribers.  Instead, make an appealing channel that people would enjoy to watch and you enjoy doing.  That's how you'll be getting people to watch and stay.


As for actual content you need, there's plenty of things you can try.


  • Many people like to make specialized content, such as cartoons or music.  Maybe you can try your hand at that.
  • There's always the Minecraft route.  You could try making a 1:1 scale Canterlot, or other places with friends or by yourself if you'd prefer, or maybe even doing custom stories based around ponies.
  • Narrating stories over on FimFic or other story sites is another thing.  You could choose to do some silly oneshots, lengthy stories, or purposely do horrible stories and point out faults (though you better know those faults very well).
  • Voice work is getting somewhat popular, though you best have a good range of vocals and variety on your different characters you do.
  • You could always criticize things pony related, whether it be the shows and movies of past (haven't seen anyone do this yet) and current gens, peoples stories, art, and cartoons, or pony related video games.
  • Attempt to make skits out in real life, much like Smosh does.


Don't forget, you don't need to do everything with ponies, some variance in material is always good.  And you should make sure your personality is very expressive, interesting to see or listen to, and not too annoying to viewers, but make sure people can actually hear you and see you properly.

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Well the best advice i can ever give you abut youtube. Do what you want to do, and show it to people while you doing it. Some time that enough get subs on youtube. Is all abut really if in the end, people will find what you do, is interesting,entertaining our informative. Best thing is probably if find formular you are good with and then stick with it. For some this can be playing games, others it can be commending there thought on media. And should also make your self ready for doing editing work for your videos, is in-portent part of doing videos, that many people fail release takes up time and afford.


I hope this was helpful. And good luck on you.

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If you need brony games, then I'd recommend Minecraft or Terraria. Since they're sandbox games, you can do what you want. This means you can do a rainbow room in Minecraft and call it "Rainbow Dash Storage Room", for example.


There's horses in Minecraft. You could get 6 of them and make them the Mane 6 with nametags.

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