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S04:E05 - Flight to the Finish


S04:E05 - Flight to the Finish  

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Flight to the Finish is my favorite episode featuring the CMC. The song was great, the animation was awesome, and it has a good message behind it. I do feel bad for Scootaloo in this episode. I'm glad the Dashie came by and talk to Scoots and bring the CMC back together.

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I loved this episode. On my re-watch, I appreciate Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon much more here. The CMC song was quite cute and fascinating as well, and Ms. Harshwhinny is one of the best background characters in the show. The only problem I had with this episode is how the CMC didn't carry the flag at the end of the episode like I expected. RD's ego really shows through here in this episode. 

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The best part of this episode is for sure the song. "Heart as strong as horses" is a great CMC song, probably the best so far. Again, I'm not really a fan of the CMCs antics and shenanigans when they're just fumbling around and trying anything. It's a bit too cringe for my taste. Scootaloo's inability to fly is honestly the most heartbreaking thing for me. You just wish you could help that little filly do all the things she wants. And them winning at the end, with Scoots Scooter Trick, was a very happy ending indeed.

7-05/10, I don't like feeling feelings for that silly little orange filly.

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