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The last temptation of episodes (insert main ponies name here).


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I'm talking about sweet and elite,

rainbow falls, and possibly even rarity takes main hatten,

where one of main six main passion conflicts with their friend ship,


the main character is forced to make that hard choice,

they go with their friends even though their friends totally woudl have understood if they didn't cause their friends.


Like whats next twilight gets called away to some high mage achedemy (cause apperently we know she at least cares about magic, certainly more than being a princess)

but oh look all the other magic uses are jerks, but their all smart so i have to respect them,

22 mins of moral dilema bam twilight picks her friends,

and everyone shares a group hug,


damn i would totally watch that.  Okay bad example,


Pinkie pie gets called away to equistra version of mardia gra, cause of her super awesome party powers,

but it turns out all the other party people are jerks, etc,etc etc


do you think they'll keep using "everyone else is jerks and thank God the main six are here to teach them friend ship."


I'd like to see an outside teach the main six a friend ship lesson now and again.

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To be honest, the Mane Six learn a lot of morals that they can teach as lessons to other ponies so if they could tell it to another race to better understand them could help.

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