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  1. their comes a point when a character gets sunk so bad, that he's slide down such a far slope nothing can be done to bring him back. I don't know i spike is there now, but it seems that's where dhx wants him.
  2. *face palms and pro hoofs* and when if ever has D.T. apologized ^^ but yeah i thought sweetie bell felt like she could joined team hater easily after that episode.
  3. Ah we finally found common ground.^^. I've seen some good analysis's poke at things like claiming the past dream sequence dragged, and for me personally it didn't bug me. By the time I'm done reviewing it might, there's nothing wrong "in" the episode. If i had to find fault is that it took so long to get this much with luna. That's not really a failing of the episode but the staff.
  4. Rarity fans rejoice, 8 mins into the episode and rarity has done nothing wrong, I'm not even sucking up. I totally called it, Sweetie bell has gone over to the dark side.^^ total dt and silver spoon material.
  5. FNGRpony

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Waiting for flutters to have a big break out moment in season 4. Cross my fingers for the final.
  6. And how do you know he doesn't wanna be scolded?
  7. I'm slightly bummed after the preview. I heard it was luna sweetie bell. I honestly had no earthly idea what that was gonna look like. I suddenly feel like it's gonna be another sleepless in pony ville like with luna and Scoots. ...... Look, if the staff wanted to do a rarity, bell episode, that's great, but this was suppose to be a luna episode. Surely rarity fans can appreciate a base of deprived fans waiting for their favorite pony to get her own episode? I've often said my favorite fans are luna fans, and given the chance I'd like to be luna's fan to. ^^ she's alot fu
  8. Damn it someone beat me to it. As much as I would love this. *daws till it hurts*. .....I forgot what was i gonna say? Oh yeah in the comic i think the writing staff they had the changelings whipe out a small fluffy race, as what i felt was a subtle middle finger to mixer miker. Again that's not that big of a deal, as the comic has been disregarded in the past by the show, so technically the comic isn't worth the paper it's written on canon wise. I'd personally sqeel in delight seeing a fluffle pony redeemed queen swish cheese legs. and yes I would gloat at everyone who h
  9. oh come on it's part of the fun of being an analysis,
  10. *Bro hoof* see this man gets it! Wait nightmare sweetie bell? Would that make her voice deepen?
  11. I support pinkie gypsy. When your life is filled with devistation there's a simple explanation your a toy makers creations trapped inside a crystal ball ^^
  12. I',m not aloud to say it's rarity's fault -_- . But surely rarity couldn't possibly upstage her adorable, innocent, little sister. I mean i'd have to have been right about rarity this whole time.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=833708789979893&set=vb.118429394841173&type=2&theater Oh my I think some just joined team bad guy? What do you think? I think she looked better (worse) than diamond tiara. The alternative being rarity fowled up, I'm kinda hopping it's not. I'd like to see sweetie bell shine as the antagonist. It's a big role. I mean what if sweetie bell grows into a spoiled brat? I like her the way she is, but i don't fear change. Change is good.
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