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Request Yet another request for somepony to draw an OC


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I mean, really, is there any chance anypony's even going to see this? There are so friggin' many OC requests...

Whatever. This is my OC blah blah blah



He's an explorer, (tentatively) named Lone Blazes. He goes out on adventures and stuff and rarely meets other ponies. He knows loads of stuff about different plants and animals, but few friends etc. I'm really tired. Go here: http://mlpforums.com/topic/83085-anypony-know-anything-about-naming/ There's a much better description that I wrote when I was more awake. Please draw my OC etc etc means a lot to me etc etc, you know the rest. Or don't draw him. You probably won't, anyway. Thanks for clicking this thread, though.

Draw him on like a mountain or in a forest or something, doing poses and stuff. I'm going to bed.

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