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Can anyone please draw my ponyself?


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Not wanting to seem like an annoying thread or anything but I've always played around with "myself" in the pony creator, and only that, and I've been real curious to see myself drawn like sort of in the show or something that's other than the pony creator.


I really don't have a name, pony name or not. I just designed it to be myself ponyfied, and I like how "I" look, I've just wanted to see "myself" in something other than the pony creator.


Posted Image


Type: Pegasus

Gender: Male

Age: About the same as the other mane 6

Color? Deep yellow

Mane and tail: Dark brown

Cutie Mark: None, actually... I have my special talent but I feel like a blank flank, plus it's easier than having to import a picture

My nose isn't super wide like some males, I like how my nose shape looks in the creator.

Pony creator code: 3H2S007020FEEA00FFC49D00001774C00UN1837000000000D06B1D1DFF7FFF07107F3FCC004CB2

Other minor stuff, if possible, I'd like a happy and confident look. Not like Rainbow Dash level or anything though.


I'm patient, I can wait if need be, no rush or anything.

Thanks in advance.

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