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Hi, I'm new here!


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My name is DumbFabric. I don't even know what kind of nickname to make out of it. xD but you're welcome to call me anything~

Recently I've become sick of the other forum I have frequented for the past few years and I decided to join a new one. After pondering my interests, I decided to join a MLP forum! So here I am.

A few things about me is that I am a girl, I am in high school, my favorite pony (even though I love them all) is Fluttershy, I have almost all the songs from MLP on my iPod, and my favorite colors are yellow and lime green.


So uh, hello and I look forward to enjoying this forum! :)

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Welcome to the forums, Dumb Fabric! As the others have said, you should probably stay clear of Sweetie Belle...she apparently has an irrational hatred for stupid cloth. Anyway, since no one has posted the official welcome song, allow me to do so!

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