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hello, I'm new here~


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hi! my name's Ryuuko. i typically just do whatever i feel is interesting~ free to chat with me! i'm always up for making new friends.

so, a little bit about my interest in MLP. i first discovered Friendship is Magic in the december of 2011, and over the course of that week, i ended up consuming the entirety of season one. the show truly did all the right notes for me - i enjoyed the cast, the writing, the music, and most of all, i loved the atmosphere. i still have fond memories of getting through the season two finale - a canterlot wedding. my favourite pony is Applejack.

i enjoy anime and i'm also a big seiyuu fan. i have a few favourites that i follow, and it's fun thinking of scenarios where they might be cast next video games especially. i love games where they let you choose the voice - it's immersive. write me who your favourites are, if you want~


i hope we can get along~



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Welcome! I remember I felt the same way overall after I hammered through all of the seasons at the beginning of this year, since I hadn't seen much of the show beyond a bit of the first couple of seasons that I saw 10 years ago.

Hope you enjoy it here! :fluttershy:

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Welcome to the forums @Ryuuko! I recently came back after being away for a while, but everyone has been great with open arms in welcoming me back. Applejack is one of my favorite ponies as well! I enjoy anime and cartoons as well! I think you are going to love it here!

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