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continued mane story

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OK so mane storyline season 1 had the mane 6 defeat nightmare moon. Season 2 the mane 6 defeated discord. what for season 3? Will they have to use the elements on celestia? Discord again? Or the creation of the elements of disharmony? I don't know. But I can't wait to find out!

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If I may make a prediction, one that I will have to elaborate on in the future...I suspect it will be related to Tartarus. I could easily see them making the third season one long arc dealing with creatures of evil escaping from Tartarus and the Mane Six having to round them all up.


Granted that could get formulaic in a hurry if they're not careful, or worse, turn it into episodes of Power Rangers or similar shows where we're blowing up enemies in the exact same way every episode, but I think the idea has great potential. The writers would be fools not to make use of the seed granted by the existence of Tartarus to plant and cultivate a garden of new stories.

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Keeping with the elements theme going, I predict that there is going to be a NEW baddie who rises up and threatens Equestria with mayhem and some kind of doom. The mane 6 will have to harness the power of their elements again, but for some reason it won't be enough and they will have to find a way to make an impact on the baddie.

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