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  1. Having a talk with dad would be harder than giving up my little pony. And I'm obsessed with my little pony lol. Yes I have. I could only understand the script might be different so the HTML code can't connect with the code of my friends script.
  2. I guess I should try that thank you. I'm using phone though so different browser is a no. It's complicated. Dad don't know I have a girlfriend, her parents aren't my best friend, and the way dad is I don't like him meeting anyone I know. Especially girls. Have you ever heard of a dad that wants their son to have sex either every girl you see and criticize his friends in front of them and thinks that if he don't like it it's not allowed. He thinks that I'm not allowed to like my little pony. He calls me gay and asks if I have a boyfriend. Surprise: he doesn't drink, do drugs, or smoke/snu
  3. The ponies get equal attention from Hasbro. But the reason why people would like certain characters is how well the fans feel that certain pony resembles them. I'm a Fluttershy fan. But I like all of them a lot. I resemble them all in a way, but Fluttershy has more resemblance to how I am. It Also has to deal with a persons mindset. people who love cute things, Love animals, are shy, very nice, or takes care of people, or have amazing voices, go crazy for Fluttershy. People who think they're supermegaextremeawesomeultimazing, Like sports, like speed, tricks, or loyal, love rainbow
  4. I can talk to my girlfriend just fine over forums. We can't see each other much even though She's 2-3 miles away. But whenever I try to talk to 2 certain people I get the error "array" that's all it says. I try talking in a group private chat but I still get that error message. How can I fix it or, what is it.
  5. fight for honor, fight for your life. pray to god that our side is right. though we've won, i still may lose. until i make it home to you. i see our mothers filled with tears, grew up so fast where did those years go. memories won't let ya cry, unless i don't return tonight! song. is. simply awesome. M.I.A. ftw!

  6. yesterday and today, was the greatest days of my life. got to spend time with bowheart. and loved every second of it. i thought yesterday was just lucky, but 2 days in a row. FUCKYEA!

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      Akemi Homura


  7. Fluttershy is my all time favorite pony. I'm like her in every way. Minus the weak flying cuz I can't fly. She's the main pony I can relate too. Outgoing with friends but in public, around strangers, or just my dad, I'm silent as a dead mouse. I can't stand talking to them. But being with my friends, I'm pinkie pie then. Fluttershy is also extremely cute. Her shyness contribute greatly to it. Her life of being made fun of, hurt, neglected, not many friends. That's perfectly in line with my life. I do have times when I need to let out my anger, and it can get out of hand. The stare I
  8. Celestia banishes ponies to the moon every day. It's no wonder Luna was banished there, she wanted to help them, so celestia claimed she was evil and trapped her in the moon. Instead of on the moon.
  9. When will scootaloo fly? When will sweetie belle use her magic? when will apllebloom stop being so gosh darn cute? when will rainbow dash join the wonderbolts? When?
  10. The cutie mark crusaders? Hated? I think not! lol. I created a pocket legends guild named cutie mark crusaders. Who could hate sweetie belle, scootaloo, and The ultimate Challenger for fluttershy in cuteness, applebloom. I would love to meet somepony who would even try to imagine disliking the silly fillies.
  11. A derpy episode would be perfect if they used the voice of the derpy in the save derpy video. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dcg-_HeVNYOk&v=cg-_HeVNYOk&gl=US
  12. They should make an episode where she finally flies!!!
  13. In the season 2 finale when twilight goes to her brothers house and fake cadence shows up, twilight says "she sure has a way of sneaking up on people"
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