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  1. Imagine that you are sitting down in a public space. People are coming and going, minding their own business. They're paying little attention to you, kept up in their own thoughts.

    Then, as if on cue, they begin moving faster, as if it's a movie and the fast-forward button was just pushed. Pretty soon they're zipping around you, moving in every which way. They're so caught up in their lives that they don't hesitate to move exactly where they're heading. The only person who isn't moving as fast as they are You just sit there, in that seat, watching everyone move around you in a flurry of motion. They can't see or hear're just stuck there, watching everyone move about in their own lives.

    You keep watching them until you've seen this all before. This is a video that has been replaying in your mind every single day. You can't escape it; it is the reality that you have lived in for the past several months. The people you see in this video - they are your friends, your family, your co-workers, your peers, your associates. They are brushing by you all the time, yet they are completely oblivious to your own mental chatter, your own thoughts and emotions that constantly prod your conscience.

    You want to reach out to one of them, ask them how their day is going and what they've been up to lately. But as you try to, something else draws you away. You slowly realize that the reality you live in and the reality they live in are not the same. They are going about their own casual life, sprinkled with pleasures and day-to-day duties, while you are being mugged by feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and despondency. It is as if some creature has come up from the ground, has snatched you, and is dragging you back down into the earth with it while no one bats an eye. You're sinking low into the earth, but you might as well not be to everyone else.

    "But wait a second," you say to yourself. "Maybe people do care. What if they're willing to help but just aren't aware of my problem?"

    Don't even bother them, says another voice. They don't want to help. No one cares about your stupid problems.

    And so you go on, living the nightmare. You convince yourself you're worth no one's time, and slowly find yourself isolated from everyone you once conversed with. Withdrawn into the world of your own, the only reality that really seems to exist. Eye contact becomes too much of a bother. Small talk is too infuriating for you to carry on for long, so you try to avoid it the best you can.

    All the while, your thoughts keep returning to your current state of misery. Out of the 50,000 thoughts you have every day, 50% are about how different your reality is from everyone's else' isolated and alone you've become. Your mind is filled with white noise day in and day out. You zone out all the time, constantly snapping back to "reality" everyone else seems to be living in...and then retreat back your own, the one that has its firm grip around you.

    It's like there's a party happening, but instead of being in the room everyone else is in, you're trapped underneath the glass floor, looking up at everyone else above. Or you're a fish in a river that finds that he can't move anymore, and can do nothing except watch the fish around him swim by effortlessly. It's a deep, dark hole of despair that leaves you stranded from anything you once found comfort in. A void of emptiness, with plenty of room for negative emotions to thrive in.

    Maybe one of these days when you're sitting there gloomily watching this video of people whizzing of the people actually notice you and come sit next to you. You're skeptical of them at first, but as they talk with you, you find yourself beginning to trust them. After a few weeks, when you finally think you've found someone you can actually share your thoughts and trust with, they get up and just leave. Nothing more - they just abandon you. You feel as if a dagger has just been thrust into your heart...and vow never to trust anyone ever again. Resentment has come along and made you its own, and you find yourself welcoming anger and bitterness into your daily life, resenting every speeding passerby but secretly wishing one would know what you're going through and could offer some assistance. 

    Days, weeks, and months just all blur together. They all become the same - time doesn't matter anymore. How can you care if all you can focus on is this white noise that keeps echoing through your brain? Holidays zoom by...future dreams and prospects become mere dreams that you force yourself to not think about. For if you do, you may lose your sanity.

    You can make out some of the people conversations of those who are speeding by around you. Sometimes it's small talk, sometimes it's future plans or ideas. Every once in a while someone will briefly notice you and ask you how you're doing, to which you'll reply "fine", while trying not to seethe in rage as you ask yourself how these people can not notice how much pain you're in. You're hate yourself for hating them for ignoring you, and the cycle of shame and anger keeps repeating itself in your mind so much that you force yourself to think about something else.

    Every positive thought is followed by a negative one. "Maybe tomorrow it'll be nice and sunny" might be followed by...who cares...your life will remain dreadful regardless. Or perhaps the thought "hey, there's an extra credit opportunity today" will come before: why even try when you're already failing this class so badly?

    Perhaps you have a terrible day and hit rock bottom. The worst it gets. When all that fear, insecurity, and despair all comes crashing down on top of you. When you wake up on an iceberg in the middle of the ocean, and can see nothing for miles around. Panic grips you as you realize that there's nobody around...and you're completely alone. You're isolated, hopeless, and worst of all, you're numb. Very numb, and torn apart by that hole in your heart that produces all the negative emotion that haunts you and creates your reality. It's an empty, painful existence which is the reality for millions of people in the world.

    Now maybe you can climb out. Maybe you take some medication and those zipping people all around you will slow down. Maybe you can find yourself able to talk again and able to reach out to other people, ending the isolation that once permeated your reality. Perhaps you can cut out that white noise, take those stairs up to the floor where the party is, and swim freely in that river again. If that's the case, good for you. Others, including me, aren't quite there yet. But maybe, just maybe, if enough of us get out, we can hunt down this demon and end it for the millions who suffer from it. There's got to be a way, and I hope one day this will become more easily treatable. But for now, I can take pride in calling myself a soon-to-be survivor of this awful darkness.

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    This is my opinion on how you make a good MLP OC. Keep in mind this my not be that organized since I'm bad at organizing XP
    And this is how I think it'll fit the canon (I'm really strict about following canon)
    Anyway! Here we go!~

    Let's talk about pony races first. There are multiple to choose from. I'll list them all and anything you shouldn't do with them if I have anything I've seen that you shouldn't do with said race.

    Earth ponies - I can't think of anything for earth pones
    Unicorns - Don't make their horn super long like Celestia's. (This doesn't mean style wise.) There are some unicorns with a little longer horns but leave those really long ones to the alicorns. Also don't get them weather related talents. That's the pegasi's job. And make sure not to overpower their magic. Even unicorns with a talent in magic has limits.
    Pegasus - Don't make it be able to perform a Sonic Rainboom. DONT GIVE IT ALICORN WINGS. Pony creator created ponies have this problem. Just give it normal pegasi wings. NOT alicorn wings.
    Alicorns - DO NOT MAKE YOUR OC AN ALICORN. There's only 5 known existing alicorns. 
    Zebra - As long as it looks like a zebra it should be fine.
    Changeling - NO manes. They don't have pony manes. They don't have pony tails. They look all the same. For their disguise follow rules above. No cutie mark unless disguised.
    Changeling (Reformed) No manes and make sure their tail looks like those in the show. And don't give it those antler thoughs. Only Thorax has them as far as we know. No cutie mark.
    Bat pony - I'd stick to darker colors myself. But since we don't know much about them canonly.... Just don't make them an alicorn bat. Also try not to make it have the same color palette as a lot of other bat ponies.
    Breezy - I can't really say much about breezies...
    Deer - Or deer. Just don't give them manes or a cutie mark. Tyandaga's deer is an amazing example
    Griffins - Not much to say about them either...
    Last note about races: Don't make them hybrids. 

    You got your race now? Good. Let's go with mane and tail styles next
    My only note on this is don't copy off a canon character. Change it up a bit. I see way too many just copy RD's styles. Oh and don't give them the kirin tail unless they're a kirin.

    NO RAINBOW - This has been way overdone. I don't think anyone can pull it off well.
    Don't have a different color tail or mane tip. It's not canon at all. Just stick with the streaks. (Unless it's dyed)
    No gradient
    Try staying away from completely saturated colors
    Avoid red and black unless you know for sure you can pull it off. There are a few good OC's that have red and black
    Don't use the same color(s) you used for the body
    Stay away from neon colors

    Patterns are next
    Stripes - Just avoid stripes at all costs on anything that isn't a zebra.
    Spots - I don't recommend spots. 
    Socks - Socks are amazing if they aren't gradient. 
    Splotches - Splotches like Pipsqueak has are pretty cute in my opinion. But they can also end up looking really bad if you don't have a good color scheme.
    CHOOSE ONE OF THESE. Not all. Besides splotches and socks. Those could work

    Don't make them overpowered. Even the most powerful unicorns have weakness.
    Don't make them amazing at everything. Ponies are usually only amazing at 1 or maybe even 2 things.
    Try thinking of some unique talents that haven't been used or used very much.
    Don't let them bring out the stars/sun/moon. That's an alicorns job and talent.

    Cutie Marks
    Try having one 1 or 2 things in the cutie mark. 
    Make them simple looking. Like if it's a flower don't use much detail.
    Have it represent their name or talent. This is usually the case with cutie marks.
    Don't copy someone else's cutie mark design.
    Avoid sun/stars/moon unless its astrology related

    Puns are a good way to go in my opinion.
    Keep the names simple. Use simple synonyms.
    Keep a pony's name 1 or 2 words.
    Don't name them real human names

    Try avoiding cliches like dead parents and sob stories. (Say the girl who's most OC's parents are dead or missing) If yours does have dead parents think of a good reason why they died. Old age? Sickness? Things like that.
    Don't makes them son/daughter of the canon characters
    Don't make them best friends with canon characters ESPECIALLY the mane six
    If you must have the mane six or canon characters in your story make it just small interactions

    That's all I can think of for this... I'll leave with a few notes

    1.) Don't make your character a mary sue
    2.) Don't make a genderbent of a canon character and say it's an OC
    3.) Don't add things to an existing characters or OC's cutie mark and call it your own

  2. All in all, really not bad. It was just what I expected: Twitter and Spike watch Flurry Heart and things go wrong because we all know cartoon babies with magical powers are a real hassle to deal with. :P Not sure how Twilight could lose track of time like she did, though. Kinda out of character, if you ask me.

    For me, some of the best humor actually came from the art gallery Cadance and Shining Armor visited. I liked how it poked fun at how downright strange (some might say "boring," too...) some of the more abstract art out there can be... the whole subject makes for a lot of controversy when it comes to defining exactly what "art" is. :ooh:

    This episode parallels Baby Cakes a bit, as well as Stare Master, so it's not exactly something that hasn't been done on the show before. Flurry Heart's unpredictable magic had already showed up in The Crystalling, too. But it was nice and heartwarming to watch so I'll give it 7.5/10. :)

    Not a terrible start to the season. I reckon the best has yet to come, just because this was only the third episode. This one had brand new writers, correct?

    Nick Confalone, writer of Party Pooped, Hearthbreakers, No Second Prances, The Saddle Row Review, and Dungeons & Discords, returns with next week's episode. He's already done some nice work with Pinkie and Maud in Season 5, plus some of my favorite Season 6 episodes, so I'm excited to see what's in store.

    Bring it on! :nom:

  3. I have finished my new video review of My little Pony season 7.

    Enjoy my work and the episode.


  4. Callisto
    Latest Entry

    Hi guys! I'm Callisto. You might remember me as someone who was super active from 2013-2015. Not so much, now. I don't think I'm gonna be returning to frequent activity, either, but I might be around. This post is just to tell you what I've been up to!


    First and foremost, I like MLP again! Quite a lot, in fact. I never thought it would happen, but I'm glad it did. It makes me just as happy as it used to. I guess I just needed a break. I love Starlight a lot, Season 6 was great, Season 7 so far has been wonderful, and I'm happy. I've been finally getting to the comics, too. I'm now weirdly obsessed with King Sombra after reading Siege of the Crystal Empire, a storyline which literally no one besides me liked. Oh well.


    Some other things I've been up to include:

    Creating an original world, characters, and storylines from scratch, starting two years ago. It's...not easy. But it's a lot of fun sometimes!                                                       

    Playing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competitively! This has been less of a focus lately, but I DID go to my first ever tournament last year! I lost both my sets, and I haven't been back since, but it's a start.

    And, really...just maturing and learning about myself in general. Sooo...yeah. Nothing too exciting. Just thought I'd pop by and say hello while I was lurking!





  5. Honestly, this episode is a lot more impressive than it should've been. The synopsis and theme alone sound like an accident waiting to happen, but DHX actually pulls it off quite soundly.

    Twilight and Spike are at their A-game. Spike's the straight man who has to remind Twilight of her schedule, and Twilight not only tries to listen to Spike and her checklist, but also take care of Flurry Heart. Clearly, she loves her niece. A lot of the actions seen, including Twilight playfully blowing on FH's tummy, are common.

    One problem with Baby Cakes is how clichéd and dull the plot is and how generic the Cake twins were. Flurry Heart has plenty of personality. Even at her age, she's incredibly intelligent, yet she still can't deduce very complicated thinking, like finding an extra balloon rather than split it (thanks, @Jeric ;)). Sure, she had a tantrum, but it was quick and with reason. When Twilight isn't laying with her, she feels left out. And when her whammy's missing, she freaks out and searches for it in a major panic.

    Shining, Cadance, and Spearhead are awesome. SA and Cadance show very clearly how much of a royal pain it is to take care of a baby through their tired eyes, split hair, and slip ups. Spearhead has that classic surfer/casual dude accent and archetype, but to echo @Batbrony, he's incredibly likable and not stereotypical. He really enjoys art and how art, especially modern and abstract art, can bring out emotional responses to people. He understands how individual art is and relishes it.

    I'll echo J in a chat between he an I on Discord. Based on how the beginning was written and Spike reacted by how his friends's names sounded similar, it may be implied that the writers were probably trying to convince the viewer that Spearhead was going to be generic and flat. This can create an initial impression of who Spearhead is. But then, you get hit with, well…"a whammy." If that's true, clever. ;)

    Spike is the victim of some slapstick, but unlike many episodes before it (including Newbie Dash), it was quick, he clearly showed no pain, both he and Twilight were equally victimized, and Spike does get his moment at the end.

    The two morals are great, too. "Spend quality time with those you love," and "don't ask to babysit on short notice."

    The two issues here are some pacing (particularly in the climax after Twilight yells at her) and the fact that Twilight brought her to other sick foals at the hospital. They're small, but noticeable.

    Other than that, great ep! Keep it going! ^^

  6. shining_armor_and_flurry_heart_by_mysticalpha-db6n82a.jpg

    Good afternoon everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews."  Today we've got the first normal episode of Season 7 proper, following the two season premiere episodes, and I'm very pleased to say that this was a delightful episode indeed.  That's particularly important for the third episode of a season because, in past seasons, I've noticed that very often the third episode of any given season very much sets the tone for the general level of quality one encounters or can expect to encounter throughout the season.  This was definitely one of the best third episodes of a new season the show has had in some time, so without further ado, let's begin.  This is "A Flurry of Emotions."


    Hi, I'm Batbrony, and this is Flurry Heart... welcome to 'Jackass'!!!

    Alright, so the most important aspect of this episode was the first really full-episode feature of Flurry Heart since her first debut in "The Crystalling" last season.  While I found her to be perfectly harmless when she first showed up last season, there were a fair number of bronies who, to this day, weren't too crazy about her.  They thought she was just there for the sake of having an annoying baby character and weren't crazy about her being an alicorn either, and I always thought that was a little unfair to her as a character, even if the threat she presented in her debut was a little ridiculous.  That said, we didn't really get much else of her after those two episodes, so the show hadn't really given her defenders much of a chance since then to really justify her existence.  Today I'm glad to say that that has been fully rectified with this episode.  Flurry Heart was not only even more adorable and hilarious than when she first showed up, but was also still believable as a young foal while clearly having grown and developed (at least by baby standards) quite a bit since when we saw her in her debut when she was only days old.  She has long-term memory now, better control over her magic, and even something of a personality, and given the passage of time since she first appeared, this all makes sense.  But despite these new additions to her, she still behaved as a foal her age should, and what we got was a foal character that felt very natural and well-put together.  I was also very impressed that the show didn't try to pretend like Flurry Heart even had to learn a lesson here; oh sure, Twilight lectured her at the end, but that was largely just to calm her down in the moment because, well, she's a baby still and can only learn so much at this point in time.  Overall, I thought that Princess McFlurry was an absolute treat to watch this time around, and Tabitha St. Germain's splendid voice work on her did not hurt in the slightest either, hay, I'd even say it was a better job than her first time around!  So all in all I was very pleased with how Flurry Heart's return went, and I do hope we get to see more of her going forward (although I should note that I really hope the show at some point lets foal characters actually get older, because it makes NO sense that the Cake Twins are still around Flurry's age.  Heck, the first episode of the season pointed out why it makes no sense; Celestia mentioned that it has clearly been years since the show started in Equestrian time, and the Cake Twins have been around since Season 2, WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET OLDER IN THE SHOW?!  But I digress).

    Oh, also, before we move on, if you thought this show couldn't find anymore ways to jam-pack adorableness into a 22 minute episode of MLP, then you were quite pleasantly surprised by how cute this episode was.  I mean, come on, take a look at this!





    Sweet Celestia, that's A LOT of cute!!! :love:

    Anyways, moving on we come to the main character of this episode, Twilight.  Through this first three episodes of this season, I've actually been quite pleased to find that the lessons that Twilight's been learning don't seem to be (1) redundant for her, or (2) something she should have learned already.  I bring this up because last season, while an excellent season all around, had quite a few instances of characters in the Mane 6 learning lessons that they really should have known by that point in the show, and oftentimes they came off as either jerks or stupid because of it.  Now while it may still be early in the new season, the fact that Twilight has been handled so well in the lesson department is an encouraging sign, to say the least.  Both lessons make sense as being ones she might have to learn at this point in the show.  She'd only just gotten used to being Starlight's teacher last season, so obviously having to let a student go on to her next step in life was something which she'd never done before and needed to learn how to do.  Likewise, in this episode we see that Twilight still has a lot to learn about being a responsible aunt, especially when she doesn't see Flurry Heart all that often, which can make it easy for her to just want to be a fun aunt for the young filly, but as we saw today, she doesn't have much experience with full-time care of a foal that age, much less a relative, and couldn't just try to squeeze her into her already packed schedule.  A foal Flurry's age needs 24/7 monitoring and care, and Twilight clearly underestimated how hard that'd be to do in this instance, especially while trying to juggle other responsibilities.  But like I said, this did not seem like a Season 1 or Season 2 Twilight problem, I could totally buy that she'd need to learn this now.  And the best part of it all in execution was that she learned it as the episode went on, not just all in one bunch at the end.  Season 1 or Season 2 Twilight would've tried to grin and bear it from start to ugly finish, maybe even deny until she absolutely couldn't any longer that anything was wrong at all.  But this is Season 7 Twilight, and by the time she got to the hospital, Twilight was already readily admitting that this day had gotten out of control and was quite the nightmare already, that she'd bucked up.  She was just trying to make the best of it at that point and get through the rest.  The only difference in the hospital scene was that Flurry finally caused enough of a disruption that Twilight needed to calm her down quite a few notches and admit to Flurry that she couldn't and shouldn't keep trying to drag her to all these places and just keep her off to the side.  It wasn't fair to Flurry, nor was it fair to the ponies Twilight was supposed to be helping or who were going out of their way to help Twilight, as evidenced by the toy store clerk, poor Cheerilee (whose mouth must just reek of chalk now, poor earth ponies and pegasi with no digits or levitation magic), and Pinkie Pie in Sugarcube Corner, along with the hospital staff and the sick fillies and colts at the hospital.  All in all, while not the deepest of lessons, I still really liked it just because I didn't mind that Twilight was learning it since it all made perfect sense.  Twilight's got a lot of experience in a lot of things at this point, but one thing she still doesn't have too much experience in is being a responsible aunt to her alicorn niece.  Very good lesson and very good characterization of Twilight.


    Off to supporting characters, we had quite a bunch of good stuff to go around.  First, Spike was awesome.  I've really enjoyed his rising maturity levels over the last 3 seasons now, and I feel like mentoring Starlight to a certain extent (in a big brother kind of way, even if he's younger and smaller than her) has really contributed to that.  He's much more confident in his ability to have a situation under control now and he's still Twilight's #1 assistant as always, if not even better than ever, and here he just wasn't messing around.  He knew the second Twilight proposed letting Flurry tag along that it'd mess up their entire schedule and he also knew that wasn't a good idea for many reasons; sadly, because Twilight needed to learn a lesson and (more likely connected to show canon) because Twilight still has a bad habit of not usually listening to Spike's advice until it's too late, Twilight did not listen, but still, Spike was very enjoyable all the same.  He didn't seem too phased by Twilight not listening to him, which means he's either getting used to it or was just perfectly happy to watch everything blow up in her face instead. :yay:   He also had some fun bits with Flurry Heart, like this bit with the Cake Twins where Flurry and Spike desperately tried to intervene to no avail and get the Cake Twins to stop fighting...


    "You see this s*** going on over here, dragon-dude?  Mannnnnnnnnn, it's not good!"

    I mean, c'mon, how funny is that s***?  Besides Spike we had a very fun subplot with Princess Cadance and Shining Armor, and I must say it's about damn time.  We've really only seen these two as a couple during season premiere or finale episodes, usually in the middle of some kind of a national crisis, so I was very gratified that we finally got to see these two, extensively, JUST as a couple doing couple things as they tried to get an afternoon to themselves to get a break from Flurry Heart.  Even better, I loved very much that the show was very real in that they went to something, an art show, which neither of them were particularly crazy about, but it was better than nothing at all and Twilight just happened to be in Ponyville too, so it worked, because that's just how much they needed a break from parenting a foal this age.  That was delightful in its accuracy, as I've heard of many a parental couple who get to a point when they have a young baby that they're willing to do anything if it means they're out of the house and get a day or an evening of a break from their parenting, even if it's not something they really like!  What was even more fun was the art show itself, namely because of Spearhead, Shining Armor's old Royal Guard buddy.  This guy was a blast!  As I said earlier, he's that rare type of "dude-bro" who, rather than being insufferable, was kind of awesome and hilarious; he wasn't full of himself, he just loves being a dude bro in every sense of the word, and I totally dug that.  His approach as an artist as well really worked for me.  Not the pieces themselves, but I kept seeing throughout this thread people commenting that they thought the writers were being snarky about modern art and people not liking it.  I think that's true to an extent, but I think it changed when Spearhead came in.  I don't think the writers were critiquing modern art, I think they were critiquing how some modern artists insist that their art have one interpretation alone.  THAT is what makes modern art really insufferable; not so much what it looks like (even if much of it is nowhere as impressive as classic pieces of art) but the idea that such vague and general art can only have one interpretation, which some insufferable modern artists do insist.  Spearhead here, however, made his art very accessible for others by insisting that enjoying his art was all about his patrons interpreting it as however they wished, injecting meaning into it that meant something to them.  His art meant something very specific to him, but he wasn't going to begrudge others having it mean something else to them, but rather encouraged it.  For such a seemingly simple character, and in a subplot no less, this was actually quite a nuanced and subtle message about how to appreciate art no matter what form you encounter it in.  For that, I have to give major props to the writers on such a well-written and fun new character.  I doubt we'll see more of him this season, but I wouldn't complain if we did, Spearhead was a blast!


    You're cool in my book, Spearhead, you're cool.  Dude-on mah dude-bro! B)

    To close out the supporting characters we had some fun appearances from Nurse Redheart (I seriously can't remember the last time she had a speaking role, and it was fun seeing her softer side this time around as opposed to when she made herself Pinkie's mortal enemy when the Cake Twins were born), a new toy store clerk who absolutely unloaded some sass on Twilight about proper organization (and yes, I loved it :lol:), Cheerilee who, as I mentioned earlier, got quite the shaft from having to write all those equations on a chalkboard all over again with the chalk in her mouth (but hey, at least Twilight is getting her apology cookies), but I do love getting to see Ponyville's favorite teacher getting small little bits like that now and then, really helps further bring the town alive when the supporting and background ponies there get to play more active roles, and finally a really funny scene with the Cake Twins and Pinkie Pie in which Flurry Heart had the most adorable, failed attempt ever at trying to teach the Cake Twins how to share (I'd count the hospital scene but there were so many background and supporting characters there that none really stood out aside from Redheart, and I guess we learned what the horsey hives are as well).  All in all, for a single episode, it was a pretty darn solid one as far as activity from supporting characters goes.

    Besides that, I don't have too much else to mention.  The animation as usual was lovely and I continue to appreciate the experimentation we continue to see the animators engaging in, ESPECIALLY in some of the faces they throw into the show (which I should also credit the storyboard artists for considering that's where a lot of that starts I'm sure).  I mean, get a load of this face, can you even imagine seeing something like this in Season 1 or Season 2?


    That's hilarious... OK, one more


    Perfection :orly:

    Besides the facial animation, I was quite impressed by some of the magic animation in this episode, it was unusually ambitious for a slice-of-life episode.  Think about it, we had not one but two very powerful magic users (three if you count the few times Cadance used magic, but she barely did here), oftentimes using magic at the same time and sometimes on the same things, and one of them was also an infant, which meant that the magic had to look as though it were being employed, to some extent, by a baby who doesn't entirely know what she's doing all the time.  Very impressive, if I do say so myself, and it's hard to believe we've gotten all the way to this point in their magical animation since Season 1.  There was also a pretty neat reference to the G1 villain, Grogar (considered the second most evil G1 villain behind Tirek) in the story Twilight was telling to the fillies and colts at the hospital, but whether anything else comes of that remains to be seen.  He may be a canon character who shows up at some point, but for right now he's at the very least a fictional character in Equestrian lore, if not an actual historical one, we don't know.  If something more comes of that, it'll be very cool indeed that they mentioned him earlier this season.

    Overall, this episode was a blast and a very, very, VERY solid third episode of the season, which bodes well for the entirety of Season 7.  I can't wait to see what comes next, but for now I'll settle for rewatching an episode as immensely enjoyable as this one.  This has been another edition of "Batbrony Reviews," everypony!  Until next time, everypony, this is Batbrony signing off.  I'm off! *cue dramatic exit*

  7. MGSV:

    -Several Stuff

    Uncharted Drake's Fortune Remastered:

    --Trophy Earned: Proficient Fortune Hunter( Find 30 Treasures )(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.76%)
    --Trophy Earned: Survivor( Kill 75 Enemies in a Row Without Dying )(Silver)(Uncommon 32.54%)
    --Trophy Earned: Relic Finder( Find the Strange Relic )(Bronze)(Uncommon 44.59%)
    --Trophy Earned: Professional Fortune Hunter( Find 40 Treasures )(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.93%)
    --Trophy Earned: 50 Kills: Micro-9mm( Kill 50 Enemies with the Micro-9mm )(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.20%)
    --Trophy Earned: 20 Kills: Wes - 44( Kill 20 Enemies with the Wes - 44 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.44%)
    --Trophy Earned: 50 Kills: Moss - 12( Kill 50 Enemies with the Moss - 12 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.75%)
    --Trophy Earned: 30 Kills: M79( Kill 30 Enemies with the M79 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.55%)
    --Trophy Earned: 50 Kills: 92FS - 9mm( Kill 50 Enemies with the 92FS - 9mm )(Bronze)(Common 62.65%)
    --Trophy Earned: Expert Fortune Hunter( Find 50 Treasures )(Bronze)(Uncommon 27.90%)
    --Trophy Earned: Master Fortune Hunter( Find 60 Treasures )(Bronze)(Uncommon 26.30%)
    --Trophy Earned: 30 Kills: Mk-NDI( Kill 30 Enemies with Mk-NDI Grenades )(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.43%)
    --Trophy Earned: Triple Dyno-Might!( Kill 3 Enemies with 1 Explosion )(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.59%)
    --Trophy Earned: Master Thief Collection( Find all Treasures and the Strange Relic )(Gold)(Uncommon 26.00%)
    --Trophy Earned: YOLO Fortunately( Beat the Last Chapter Without Dying on Normal Difficulty or Harder )(Bronze)(Rare 19.86%)(DLC)
    --Trophy Earned: Charted! - Normal( Finish the Game on Normal Without Changing the Difficulty )(Bronze)(Common 55.98%)

    Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Remastered:

    --Trophy Earned: 250 Headshots( Defeat 250 Enemies with Headshots )(Silver)(Uncommon 34.09%)
    --Trophy Earned: Master Ninja( Kill 50 Enemies by Melee-Attacking from Behind )(Silver)(Common 54.80%)
    --Trophy Earned: Relic Finder( Find the Strange Relic )(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.54%)
    --Trophy Earned: Dyno-Might Master( Kill 5 Enemies with 1 Explosion )(Silver)(Uncommon 29.13%)
    --Trophy Earned: Grenade Hangman( Kill 10 Enemies with Grenades While Hanging )(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.49%)
    --Trophy Earned: Proficient Fortune Hunter( Find 60 Treasures )(Bronze)(Uncommon 30.58%)
    --Trophy Earned: 50 Kills: Micro-9mm( Kill 50 Enemies with the Micro-9mm )(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.67%)
    --Trophy Earned: 30 Kills: Moss-12( Kill 30 Enemies with the Moss-12 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 35.22%)
    --Trophy Earned: 50 Kills: Dragon Sniper( Kill 50 Enemies with the Dragon Sniper )(Bronze)(Common 59.74%)
    --Trophy Earned: 20 Kills: Pistole( Kill 20 Enemies with the Pistole )(Bronze)(Common 55.25%)
    --Trophy Earned: 30 Kills: RPG-7( Kill 30 Enemies with the RPG-7 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.54%)
    --Trophy Earned: Expert Fortune Hunter( Find 80 treasures )(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.61%)
    --Trophy Earned: 50 Kills: M32-Hammer( Kill 50 Enemies with the M32-Hammer )(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.44%)
    --Trophy Earned: Run-and-Gunner( Kill 20 Enemies by Shooting from the Hip (without aiming) )(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.19%)

    COD Run:
    --Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    --Rising Threat

    Gain access to the UNSA R&D facility.
    Find and acquire F-SPAR Torch energy weapon prototype.
    Escape with F-SPAR Torch energy weapon prototype.

    --Black Sky

    Board the transport headed for the UNSA dedication ceremony.
    -Under Attack
    Fight your way to AATIS Control Tower and stop the SDF attack.
    Take the hill and repel the SDF forces.
    Breach the control room and stop the attack.
    -Take to the Sky
    Board your Jackal.
    Assist the UNSA fleet and repel the SDF attack.
    Eliminate the SDF squadron.
    Destroy the SDF Destroyer.
    Return to the Retribution.
    Engage the enemy supercarrier Olympus Mons.

    --Operation Port Armor

    -Civilian Terminal
    Infil the Lunar Terminal.
    Secure the Lunar Terminal and repel the SDF forces.
    Meet up with the allied Coast Guard.
    Repel the SDF forces from the cargo hangar.
    Board your Jackal.

    -Shipping Storage
    Eliminate the SDF Skelters.
    Eliminate the SDF A-Jak Cutters.
    Assist Tigris to neutralize the SDF Destroyer.
    -Boarding Party
    Board the SDF Destroyer.
    Shut down the Primary Defenses.
    Shut down the Secondary Defenses.
    Escape the Carrier.
    Open the Cargo Bay doors.
    Return to the Retribution.

    --Operation Burn Water

    Find a suitable landing zone for the assault team.
    Secure the refinery and repel the SDF forces.
    Find cover from the Olympus Mons.
    Cover the marines from the roof.

    -Fight or Flight
    Take out the SDF fueling tower.
    Eliminate the SDF Skelters
    Eliminate the SDF A-Jak Cutter.
    Land on the turbine.
    Expose the turbine shielding.
    Board your Jackal
    Rendezvous with the Retribution.

    --Operation Dark Quarry

    Locate the source of the transponder signal.
    Look for survivors.
    Reach the command center.
    Reach the colonists in the mines.
    Evacuate the civilians.

    --Operation Black Flag

    -Prisoner Escort
    Find the crashed UNSA transport.
    Stop Riah from calling in the SDF fleet.

    -Trap is Sprung
    Fly a Jackal to the Olympus Mons.
    Secure the hangar of the Olympus Mons.
    Take out the C12 guarding the elevator.
    Get on the elevator.
    Get to the bridge of Olympus Mons.
    Hack a robot on the bridge.
    Stop Adm. Salen Kotch before he self-destructs the Olympus Mons.
    Go to Adm. Kotch.

    --Operation Blood Storm

    -Trojan Horse
    Use the F-SPAR energy weapon on the SDF fleet.
    Get ordnance control back up.
    Clear the way for the Olympus to ram the Shipyard.
    Defend Salter.

    -Crash Landing
    Find any survivors from the wreckage.
    Find Griff and gear up.
    Assemble your team and lead the attack on the SDF base.
    -All or Nothing
    Lead the ground assault on the SDF base.
    Eliminate the SDF AA gun.
    Eliminate the second SDF AA gun.
    Eliminate the third SDF AA gun.
    Gain access to the SDF Space Elevator.
    Take the Space Elevator to the SDF Shipyard.
    -Assault the Shipyard
    Destroy the SDF Shipyard.
    Stop the ambush.
    Get to Firing Control and release the Weapons Systems.
    Activate firing controls.
    Use Ethan to release the moorings.
    Destabilize the reactor to release the moorings.



    Uncharted 1-4

    Uncharted Run:

    -Uncharted 1


    --The Search for El Dorado

    --A Surprising Find


    --The Fortress

    --Unlocking the Past

    --Out of the Frying Pan

    --The Drowned City

    --To the Tower

    --The Customs House


    --Heading Upriver


    --Going Underground

    --On the Trail of the Treasure

    --The Treasure Vault

    --The Heart of the Vault

    --The Bunker

    --Unwelcome Guests

    --Race to the Rescue

    --Gold and Bones



    -Uncharted 2

    --A Rock and a Hard Place

    --Breaking and Entering


    --The Dig

    --Urban Warfare

    --Desperate Times

    --They're Coming With Us

    --The City's Secret

    --Path of Light

    --Only One Way Out

    --Keep Moving

    --A Train to Catch


    --Tunnel Vision


    --Where Am I?


    --Heart of Ice


    --Cat and Mouse


    --The Monastery


    --The Road to Shambhala

    --Broken Paradise

    --Tree of Life

  8. Sieppaagggggg.thumb.PNG.4201502e3c11fccd1d1c5c9f33719325.PNG

    I decided to redo the old skin I did for the site though its merely just a recolor but i guess its good enough if you like purple =) :grin: If some one wants to check it out

    to use it you need download stylish from


    Original version


  9. Hey.  You know what really grinds my gears?

    Reboot titles.

    We all know that Hollywood shoots out reboots like a rapid-fire crap machine.  Some of them are actually good and warranted, though.  Many are grave injustices.  But what annoys me to no end is when they give the reboot the exact same title as the original!  No subtitle, nothing to differentiate it!  This drives me f*ckin nuts, because you constantly have to describe which one you're talking about.  Dates are ascribed to movies and games just to be able to tell what we're talking about.

    Take these for example:

    DOOM.  Are we talking about this:


    Or this?



    Star Trek.  This?


    Or this?



    Tomb Raider.  This?


    Or this?!



    Ghostbusters.  This?!

    OR THIS?!!



    I think I've made my case.  Give them a frigging subtitle!  Tomb Raider Origins, Star Trek Reborn, y'know, something like that!  Instead we have to call them Tomb Raider 2013, Ghostbusters 2016, New Star Trek, Abrams Star Trek, sh*t like that.  AAARRG!!!  It burns me so much!!  I had to type in the dates or "original" just to find the right images on Google!  AAAARRRR!!!!  :angry::angry::angry:

    Franchises that did it right?  The Dark Knight, Man of Steel.  What a novel idea.  They didn't just call it Batman, and Superman.  Now we know what we're talking about.  The moral of the story is give reboots a different title or a subtitle, god dammit!

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    Hello everybody I thought I would post this here since I am always doing this but I never really talk or post about it. I will  breaking these up into parts since they will probably be text and picture heavy. So without further ado here is my little MLP repair blog. Pictures will be below.


    TAF Sundance that I got in a lot full of other ponies. I did have to repaint some of her cutiemarks and her eye. Unfortunately her mane and tail couldn't be saved since it was cut pretty short so luck for her all I have to do is now rehair her.IMG_20161008_162459.thumb.jpg.ac7c18902f81cb54cc670008bb90dfa3.jpgIMG_20161008_162509.thumb.jpg.4a6b195ad2da1587edab4555ea58b28c.jpgIMG_20161008_162518.thumb.jpg.5e63cdc106b41d41786a8f1f02d9ba47.jpgIMG_20161008_162447.thumb.jpg.b1d40212457d735e789778168fa17c9d.jpg

    So Soft Heart Throb I had to deflock this one since most of her flocking was already coming off to begin with so I am still in process of removing the rest of it. I plan on reflocking her when I get it all off. And I did have to replace her tail washer since it was pretty much disintegrated. IMG_20161008_162734.thumb.jpg.7f0aefcfd4b54c269af03bae444c6557.jpgIMG_20161008_163038.thumb.jpg.c3bf64c50e43baf771d395cd9d587973.jpg




    Twinkler she is one of mine from my childhood   and I believe she was the mail order version as well. All I have to do on her is to redo the rehairing job I did on her. Since that was my first and it was kinda funny looking.IMG_20161008_164234.thumb.jpg.69bb9ad49898f6b5a234798877af8deb.jpgIMG_20161008_164211.thumb.jpg.af00a243a707b76598defec54fc36520.jpg

    Coco Berry  - She is pretty much sunfaded on her body and her hair.I have to dye her body and rehair her since the dye would turn her mane and tail the same color as the dye. Plus her mane and tail are white when they should be a light pink so its not like i'm ruining them any further.IMG_20161008_162614.thumb.jpg.ca35b8417f1c47894c69096d47d2889a.jpg



    Paradise  - I have reflock this one after I deflock her since she does have cancer I found that after deflocking her a bit. When I bought her most of her flocking was coming off already. I do have to rehair this one as well since  her hair started turning orange and falling out. She got soaked in peroxide to whiten her and hair turned the same color as Blanka's from streetfighter.





    Sprinkles - She needs to be rehaired seems like someone decided to give her a mohawk,her body has to be dyed because she is severely sunfaded and she needs a Oxi clean bath since has has cancer. Pictures will be showing her inside so I apologize if they look alittle odd.





    Cherry Treats - This is another pony from my childhood. She needs alot of work have to soak her in peroxide,paint over any age spots that she has and I have repair some of her body. Also I have to glue her head back on since her neck plug was ripped off by accident one day by my younger cousin when she was trying to get her head off for me. What we both didn't know that day was the vinyl was sticky and I guess it make the head stick a bit but I found it more funny then anything.






    So Soft Sundance - All she needs is to be deflocked and reflocked. When I bought her most of the flocking was coming off so I have to remove the rest of it and reflock her.



    Sweetheart sister Ruby Lips - She came in the same lot as my TAF Sundance. She needs to be cleaned,rehaired and possibly treated for pony cancer.



    Baby Sunny bunch and Doodles both need to be rehaired and have some of their symbols repaired.



    Banana Suprise - Another childhood pony of mine. She needs to be rehaired since her hair has been burned and I have to repaint her banana sundae.



    Sweetie Belle - I bought this from savers she has no horn and has a bunch of pen marks on her. 










  10. So far I have done somethings over the past few months and these are what I have done new.

    • Watch the new Power Rangers Movie (1/4/2017)
    • Drink Dr. Pepper for the first time (1/4/2017)
    • Play Overwatch for the first time (11/4/2017)
  11. Hey, you. Yes, you. Do you enjoy losing? No? Well, if it's your fault, fix the problem. But what if it's not, I hear you cry. Simple solution: Leave and rant about it somewhere else.


    So I was playing CB:RO (CS:GO but for roblox because I'm too cheap to own CS:GO) and as usual I'm really, really bad. Not checking for enemies, not pulling my knife out to run, etc. So I'm in a match and I die after killing some enemies, but there's one left, and one teammate left. The teammate is running around aimlessly while the enemy is camping. That means that the round will last as long as possible and the camper will, at the last second, decide to go see where the terrorist is, and find him, and kill him. Meanwhile, the rest of my team (Terrorists) is screaming at the screen to 'GET THE DAMN BOMB DOWN' but to no avail. As predicted, the camper got suspicious, found the enemy and killed him. I left shortly thereafter. 


    I'll probably rage a bit more when I lose more matches that were probably my fault but don't want to admit it.


  12. I've thought of bringing an old, favourite childhood Tyrannosaurus Rex antagonist from one of my favourite series, Land Before Time, as a main enemy, second to Dark Virin, in season six of my Equestrian Dragon fanfiction story.

    The plot point of it - a bit spoilers - will be centered on the T. Rex and the separated darkness in Moon/Virin as it continues after the season finale, To Where and Back Again, in my version. Though, I won't be making the T. Rex too scary compared to any other dark enemies in the MLP fandom, not to scare young readers, of course.

    What do you think of my idea?

  13. Just the title of this episode alone makes me want to go to my nearest orphanage and burn it down with a single Molotov cocktail, and then film it and use it as my Patreon trailer. Let's see if my sour-ass memories were shared when it first aired.

    On 3/2/2014 at 0:38 AM, PrymeStriker said:

    I thought this episode was pretty good all around. Interesting depth, a great guest star, and an overall fun plot. fuck? I liked the Breezie episode? B....But I thought that I thought this episode was trash! Well, I also thought I could speak English and breathe, but time has a way of changing things. And how. Let's see if this onion holds up. This is "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies"


    This episode opens up with Fluttershy addressing the rest of her friends about how the Breezies will be making their way through Ponyville today. At least it's not another episode that's plot revolves around a contest, competition, or big social event. Ponyville throws more fucking parties than Club Penguin (RIP 2005-2017). Anyways, Fluttershy is making sure everything's in place for their arrival, mainly ensuring that the Pegasi give the Breezies just the right amount of wind to soar to their destination, because Breezies are crippled invalids apparently. She also wants to put together a quiet cheer for them...........................ah, yes, and then we can start a friendly war and do some lively killing for the glory of our follow-the-crowd leaders. After the "Skip Intro" button makes me orgasm into a flurry of vanilla pudding, we're in the town squ-.....oh, for fuck's sake, they even turned this into a party.



    Member when the show didn't rely on overzealous gatherings to convey its plotpoints? Me neither. 


    Fluttershy explains to the audience Mr. and Mrs. Cake how the Breezies' magic works, through the awesome power of breeze, they are able to protect the pollen they have to carry from wherever pollen comes from back to their home. However, they have two days to do this or else the portal to their home closes. Interrupting this mythology, Rarity shows up in an over-the-top dress that's so shiny it's blinding. That's how she distracts people from looking at the herpes on her lip, huehuehue. But that's all over now, it's time for the Breezies to pass over Ponyville like a bad kidney stone. Speaking of kidney stones, Spike shows up hoping to catch a better glimpse of the Breezies. So he climbs a tree, but walking on the branch catapults a leaf into the wind and disrupts the flow of the Breezies' southern migration (in-jokes make me cum). This splits the Breezies into two groups, and it's up to Fluttershy to save the gay. So she jumps into the stream and tells them all to...cling to her? Err......okay. So, apparently that stops them all from spinning horridly out of control and Fluttershy manages to land them safely on the ground. That's when we learn that one of the Breezies, Seabreeze, can speak English and not that German/Swedish/Russian/Gibberish language that the rest of the lot do, which is convenient for the plot in that we can have our two main characters construct dialogue. Now for some conflict in our story; the Breezies don't want to leave Fluttershy now. 



    Fluttershy, I think you have some bugs in your...everywhere.


    So she takes them back to her cottage, because that's logical. As the rest of the freeloaders mooch off of Fluttershy's kindness, Seabreeze is having a spastic fit. Also, Seabreeze is apparently male, despite speaking in the same high pitched voice as the rest of them and literally sharing model outlines with all of them. The fucker even has pink hair. How the fuck are you supposed to tell the testicles from the ovaries? As Mr. Manly Breezie complains about wanting to go home, the other Breezies all pretend to have colds so they don't have to leave Fluttershy's cottage, and she buys right into it. Right, now I'm seeing the problem with this episode, Fluttershy's stupid. It's not like we had a whole episode dedicated to her learning to be assertive OH WAIT. Yeah, and not only is she incapable of detecting bullshit, but she's also letting all her knowledge about the Breezies go out the window. Given the rules explained by Fluttershy herself at the beginning of this episode, by keeping them at her cottage Fluttershy is destroying the possibility of the Breezies going back home. To their families. The Breezies willing to abandon their lives and the ones they love is odd in and of itself, but the fact that Fluttershy in all of her infinite wisdom on the well-being of other creatures is indulging this is...dare I say...really out of character. Hell, Rainbow Dash is wiser than Fluttershy by encouraging her to stop coddling the Breezies for the sake of nature. Alas, the retardation continues.


    I don't think I've ever wanted to smack Fluttershy before....................there's a first time for everything. 


    Finally, Seabreeze crashes the party and basically calls everyone out for their stupidity. I like Seabreeze. He should have his own show, called "These Fucking Dipshits". That's when Fluttershy snaps out of it says "maybe you cuntlickers should leave". But once they convince her that they're "scared" again, and Fluttershy tries to protect the Breezies' precious feelings by coddling them for just a few more minutes, Seabreeze just up and leaves to fly home on his own. It's about time this show had a character that didn't put up with bullshit. And the fact that he's been insulting everyone this whole time...yeah, I think Seabreeze is probably one of the show's best guest characters. Problem is, like we said before, the Breezies can't handle conditions too harsh for their bodies, and this is especially true with Seabreeze flying about on his own. Well a lot of neat stuff happened on his adventure, like almost getting crushed by acorns, being attacked by a swarm of bees, a volcano adventure, being inside a TARDIS, and a battle with a ferocious dragon. Wait a minute................yeah, okay, those happened. I doubted my narrative for a second. Just before Seabreeze is about to be killed off by the bees, Fluttershy shows up and enacts the assertiveness she forgot about for the second act and tells the buzzing yellowjackets to go fuck their mother. It's here when Fluttershy realizes that, by trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, she's jeopardized the safety of the Breezies, the structure of their families, as well as the balance of the nature. 


    ......HOLY FUCK THIS IS A COMMENTARY ON POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.....also, this is a key episode.



    I don't think I've ever been so pleased to see eyes burning in beautiful colors. Wait, yes I have.


    Well, this episode just did a complete 180. Fluttershy takes Seabreeze back home and tells the rest of the Breezies to go fuck their mothers, finally working on a plan to get them back home. However, more trouble arises when Rainbow Dash and the other Pegasi are unable to get a Breeze going that is light or strong enough for the small group of Breezies to take flight. That's when Twilight comes in to say "hey, I just found this spell that can turn us all into Breezies".





    So, they had time to establish every rule that would come into play later in the episode except for this spell. Can you say "DEUS EX MACHINA"? Well, this episode just did a complete 180. So apparently this fixes everything, as I guess the group just needed six more Breezies. I just realized it may be grammatically incorrect to keep capitalizing Breezies.........welp, too late now. On the journey back home, Seabreeze rushes out an apology about how he was a dick to the rest of his group, which adds fuel to the blazing inferno of this terrible resolution. They don't even have enough time to show the journal entry this time, it's just a voice over as our main cast leaves the Breezies' home......down in, Fraggle Rock or whatever the hell that place is. In the end, Seabreeze gives Fluttershy a flower, which we can only assume is her key. 


    want to make a "deflowering" virginity joke. I want to.


    In the end, Fluttershy learns that urgency > feelings, and they all magically turn back into ponies. So concludes "It Ain't Easy Being Breezies"




    Holy shit is this episode really polarizing. On one hand, there's a lot of crap in this episode. Fluttershy purposely endangering the Breezies for what at the time seemed to be just sheer stupidity seemed really out of character for her, given she's been very adamant about making sure other creatures are safe. There's the last three minutes that ruin a lot of this episode, by pulling a bullshit spell out of nowhere, making Seabreeze undergo a total character transformation in just twenty seconds, and then the rushed pace of it all. Some have even argued that the logic of the Breezies' very existence in this world makes little sense as far as their ability to survive in nature without the help of ponykind. On the other hand, there's a lot of gems in this episode. The moral basically states that most times feelings shouldn't take priority, and that's very mature for this show to tackle. The fact that is so heavily applies to the culture of today, as well as the fact that my outspoken opposition to political correctness and social justice warriors, the theme is both an applicable and personal one. Some of the comedy is even pretty decent in this episode, and up until those last three minutes, Seabreeze taking the piss out of everyone and calling out people for their stupidity is something I absolutely loved. So, what the fuck do I rate this. There are some real problems and some real good stuff going on within these 22 minutes. I'm going to have to settle at roughly a 7/10. It might've scored a lower if I didn't admire the moral so much, 'cause goddamn that resolution sucked. Oh well.




    Small tits should be illegal.


  14. I wanted today's blog entry to be a little different and more on the personal side. I recommend you read through it, but keep in mind, it's merely opinion; and as with all preference, it can always be argued against. Feel free to make your own interjections. The internet is a platform for belief, you needn't hide it. This entry in particular is talking about Season 7 -- and considering I make up everything as I go along -- it may contain light spoilers.


    I think about this a lot, but it's never really bothered me or made me recollect as much as I have now. I speak, of course, of the new Season 7. I watched the new episodes Live on Brony.Tv as I always do; but during my viewing, I noticed something rather odd. Peculiar, really. It wasn't something I was expected. What came out of me were cheers of excitement, but it sounded dull and lifeless. It was a cautious cry, something I'd been meaning to let out, but was waiting for the right evidence as a signal to sound. The odd detail that caught my eye was the new logo hastily plastered across my screen. Its dull purple colors stained across that beautifully painted, pink canvas created so many seasons ago. It felt out of place; it didn't feel the same. To be honest, I like the new logo and I believe it matched the "Guardians of Harmony" toy line perfectly; but staring at this new face felt wrong. It seemed as though the MLP I had grown to love had been defiled, dishonored, and disgraced. I know for a fact Hasbro shows little to no respect for their toy line or their mainstream franchises as proven through some of their older works. To them, it's no more than a name with a pricey dollar sign tagged along its ear. However, I figured there was still a heart hidden somewhere in that machine they've built themselves out of. It appears I stand corrected.

    To see this new logo pasted upon the title card made me cry a little on the inside (I'm not afraid to admit it). It felt like a sign of moving on; this wasn't the same show anymore. The simple characters who once had wishful goals were gone. The humble ponies I could relate to had evolved into "superstars" of their time. It was a devolution introduced at the end of Season 3; I failed to see it. (then again, I didn't discover the show until second-half Season 5). I'm not sure if these are her final breaths; but it is clear, MLP has changed drastically and the logo was a stamp to seal the deal. 

    To take a step back, I know the show began to decline when the writers started to leave. It's hard for a show to stay afloat when newer creators try to shape the show in their own image. It's difficult trading hands as it changed the original point of view; but, based on memory, many of the writers left because they were either offered better opportunities (understandable), or because of their lack of control over the show's direction (variables controlled only by Hasbro Co.). The fandom has been at war with Hasbro since the dawn of our existence, yet here we stand. It's hard to believe we've made it this far in FiM and still have another season to go; that's incredible, but is it still worth it? I never thought I'd find myself to loving ponies, it wasn't, nor ever will be, a norm. However, just as the show has, ideas change. 

    The show has become my curse: I love it so dearly, but I hate seeing what it's become; regardless, I follow it for its legacy and continue to smile upon the community. 

    I like to see how things end and where they stop. I have a habit of not giving up on abandoned ideas. Still, even with all that in mind, the glowing button of departure glows more brightly than before. Seeing the fandom's past works of joy and celebration appear today as lowly tearjerkers. Time moves on, but looking to the future is futile. 

    I know about twenty of these show up on the blogs/topics list daily and it's been a concern prevalent since the end of S2. I get it, it's a logo; but before you interject, allow me to wrap this up with one more quote:

    "Progress isn't always a good thing"

    Thanks for tuning into the Archives,


  15. I’m getting a sinking feeling that the theme naming of these entries is going to become harder to pull off... and speaking of sinking feelings, let’s check in with Jack and Ashi!


    What happens

    Jack falls from the sky, hitting a few branches on the way down that slow his descent enough for the snow to cushion his impact and save his life. When he regains consciousness, he leaps up in panic, swinging a spear around in case of attack (STOP! Hammerspace! ...Oh, God, I’m old…) The only creatures in sight are some crows, and Jack calms down a bit. He notices a blood trail, and follows it to find Ashi, lying as if dead. The crows begin to caw at him, Jack hearing it as a chorus accusing him of murder; in defiance, he shouts back that it was the Daughters’ choices that lead to their death, ending the latest hallucination… but not the last one we’ll see in this episode.

    When he gets close to Ashi’s “body”, she leaps up and attacks him with her sausage-onna-bun sickle-onna-chain (actually, the former is generally considered to be more lethal than the latter). However, on her own she is quickly defeated and left dangling wrapped up in her own chain again. She verbally lays into Jack once more, but when he just stands there watching her swing, she eventually runs down. Jack tells her she is confused about the respective locations of Jack and Aku on the spectrum of morality, and muses that he has met machines programmed with Aku’s lies and hate, but never a human. Ashi is having none of it, however, having been warned by the High Priestess that Jack is deceptive. Tricksy and false, precious, yesss.

    Their “conversation” is interrupted by a colossal worm devouring them and half the nearby landscape. Even while falling towards the monster’s maw, Ashi is still trying to cut down Jack, which pretty much just annoys him at this point. She knocks herself out on some of the floating debris, and Jack grabs her as they enter the body of the creature, Jack slowing their descent with his feet.

    After setting her down, Jack rests for a bit, only to hear joyous laughter from an awoken Ashi, who praises Aku and rejoices that Jack has finally been defeated: they’ve both been devoured and are in her opinion already dead. Jack replies that he has been inside giant beasts before and escaped. A group of large bugs approaches, and Jack uses the chains still wrapped around Ashi to make her into a backpack, to her annoyance.

    Presenting: AshiUshiro! Stylish and practical! Get yours today at your local GIANT WORM!

    She still tries to sabotage Jack, even as he fights, but a glancing blow from an enemy knocks her unconscious. Jack defeats the monsters and escapes further into the kaiju. During a rest period, Jack hallucinates some more (I’m getting tired of typing that word at this point), having a conversation with a British-sounding puffball and then HalluciJack. HJ scoffs at him for “getting involved” again with Ashi, and reckons that he should just give over trying to convince her to join his side and simply leave her to her own devices. Jack notes that Ashi is resisting him not because she is inherently evil, but because she’s been fed lies her whole life; she’s essentially an innocent victim. He also blames himself for the situation, since he never found a way to defeat Aku and return to his own time. While Ashi watches Jack argue with himself, another kind of bug monster abducts her, and Jack is forced to rescue her. Then back on his back she goes as the journey continues.

    Various scenes of odd Parasites Of Unusual Size ensue, until Jack and Ashi find themselves close to an exit from the monster (That’s good!)… pity it’s located over a pit of acid. (That’s bad.) However, various flying creatures are in the same area. (That’s good!) But so is a giant predatory flying fish. (That’s bad.) Barely avoiding the predator, Jack and Ashi are shot out of the exit, escaping the kaiju and landing in the sea. Luckily, there is an island nearby. Jack drags Ashi to it and then sits down to rest and recover. Ashi, seeing him with his guard down and his back turned, manages to find her sickle and creeps towards him. However, a ladybug suddenly flies past. Ashi remembers the High Priestess crushing one that found its way in the Cult's cave, and notes that this one lands on Jack's hand. He simply smiles and lets it fly away. Comparing his behaviour with what she has been taught he is like, she finds she is unable to kill him. She drops the weapon and hugs her knees while she contemplates and… SHE DOUBTS!


    Thoughts on the Episode

    I laugh at Ashi and Jack’s first conversation. “You are very troubled…and very confused,” indeed. It’s a minor laugh in a rather dark season. In retrospect, the whole getting swallowed thing was ultimately fortunate for Jack. Actions speak louder than words, and Jack’s continual heroism in keeping Ashi alive really hits home for her in the end. Not to mention the ladybug scene. Throughout Ashi’s appearances, there’s been one aspect of her nature that is highlighted: her curiosity. Curiosity is the bleach to indoctrination’s mould. A curious person asks questions and their eyes (and minds) are open, so they are the hardest to pull the wool over. Once she saw that Jack’s actions gave the lie to the picture of him she had been painted, she found it impossible to hold to her belief in his evilocity (Yes, I know that’s not a real word, just go with it). Of course, while she can’t simply kill him out of hand anymore, she still doesn’t fully trust him. She’s simply considering the new information she now has about him.

    While Jack is quite right about her being a victim of a slanted worldview and therefore blameless, he doesn’t seem to have extended that logic to the Daughters he has already killed. Or perhaps he has, and that guilt is just hidden. Will we see Jack having hallu – grrr… visions of the Daughters in a later episode? Perhaps he reasons that despite their innocence, at the time he had the choice of him or them, and can lay the blame for their deaths at the feet of whoever raised them to hate him. Questions, questions.

    Obligatory HalluciJack cameo is obligatory. Quite strange how he notes that Ashi has disappeared before Jack notices. Is HJ really a product of Jack's mental strain, or could it be somehow independent? A ghost Aku cursed him with that tries its best to get him to just "end it all"? I'm probably overthinking things.

    Jack inside a giant monster: been there, done that, got the furry-back armour. Still, Ashi is now at least entertaining the belief that Jack isn't the evil she was told he was, so the interlude didn’t happen without reason. We are moving right along to the reappearance of everyone’s favourite Celtic warrior, so I’ll see you in the next episode, and don’t forget to stay sunny side up!


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    I have too much spare time. I guess. Idky I am sad exactly. But sometimes when friends don't reply to my messages it makes me second guess myself. Then I don't want to send more messages in case I just annoy them or something. So then I get stuck on the indecision. I have other ways to spend my time for sure. And I don't feel sad often. But I am usually not very open, even with myself sometimes. Rather just distract myself and run away. Procrastinate everything.

    I am afraid to be more social, and to be myself irl. I'm stuck inside all day. And sometimes idk if it sjust what I prefer doing, or when its over-done. I am fine being alone, but doesn't mean I am all I want to be, even the parts I am capable of if I were braver.

    And I know that male suicides are higher than female suicides. This song got me thinking about that. Its a good song tho, and I wouldn't abide by it.

    Just a closet brony with some psych issues. And when friendship sometimes hurts I forget the times its good, but I am self aware enough to remember that. But emotion and logic are two different stories. Emotion is what feels real despite logic. I was in a great mood after that fic I read the other day, now idk whats gotten into me.

    And 'rationalization' like 'oh it may be diet' is a defense mechanism potentially, despite it being potentially true, its more like its allowing me to see what I normally hide from myself psychologically speaking. Or maybe when I feel bad I become a pessimist.

    I think it happened after watching a different video tho, or maybe I should catch up on sleep or etc.

    *cries just a little*

    What am I supposed to do? There is nothing. How will I know if life is worth it, when I do more good than bad, how will I know that happens? I won't, objectively speaking, because I don't see the full consequences to my actions, then the stuff that matters I am incapable of changing.

    Should I just get very good with imagination, then it doesn't matter, I could be satisfied just daydreaming. Real relationships are prolly hard, but the longer I wait the worst I will be at friending and romancing.

    I never complete any of my goals, and they don't really matter in the first place. W/e, I just am staying up too late, better to think when I am more capable of it. Good night.

  16. In 5 days from now, it will be about 7 months since of my grandfather's passing. He died by a heart-attack at the age of possibly 78 on September 25th, 2016..



    It all started to when I was in school. My teacher's phone rang, and my teacher said my parents came to pick me up early. I went to get my stuff and got to the school office, to where my dad, brother, and mother had been waiting for me. They were silent. Once we got in the van, we went home and my parents had something to say. Once my mom said that my grandfather died, my dad started tearing up. Me and my brother told him it was okay. My mom also told me that we were going to the funeral in North Carolina. And so off we went..



    Day one in my hometown

    A couple hours later, we finally got in North Carolina. Then we made our way to our grandmother's home. We knocked and I was surprised to see a bunch of my family members sitting around her. My grandmother said hi and gave me a pat on the back. A couple minutes later, we got food. And boy did I sure eat a ton of baby Lima beans! I also got to interact with some of my family members. And I got to know my gay ones too. One of them was my uncle, and his LEGS THOUGH. Then my mom said that the funeral was going to be tomorrow. So then at night, my family members went home and I got some sleep..


    The saddest day of my life

    The next day, I woke up to see a bunch of my family members again. I got my morning clothes on and then got me some breakfast. My mom said that a huge bus was going to take us to the funeral home. And in 3 hours, the huge bus arrived. I got to sit with one of my aunts, surprisingly. Then, we finally got to the funeral home. I went in and found out that it was pretty small. I gazed off at the coffee machine. My mom said to get some coffee and meet us in the room, and I did. When I entered, it was so huge. I seen the coffin of my grandfather, I looked and saw him. He was wearing a blue button-up shirt with his Nascar hat on. Then, I looked up and saw a tribute to him. After I looked at that for a couple of minutes, I sat down with my great, great, GREAT aunt something. I talked to her and she told me that I got my cat loving gene from my grandma Linda. (She's another one of my grandmas who is dead.) I told her that I never got to see her and she told me how she died. A couple minutes had flown by and the funeral started, the priest went up and talked. My grandma was tearing up, and after an hour, we finally got to go home. And the next day, before we went home, my grandma waved us goodbye and gave us a really good bag of chips. Then, we got to take our cousin with us back to Ohio.


    So yeah, that's all. I hope that I get positive feedback. I hope that my grandpa is peacefully in heaven, watching Nascar... :)  


  17. Jeric
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    Bloggers note: This was originally planned to go up in August of last year. There were some things that transpired at that time that made me feel that telling this specific story would be inappropriately timed, as it would have hit too close to home for some people I knew. I am going to dance around some things here do to the subject matter, and I hope you catch the drift because I won't have a direct conversation regarding this moment. I almost deleted this entry entirely, but Jess herself wanted this to be published, though she thought that I was too subtle with it. Her point was that this specific moment in time is probably one of the most important ones for how our relationship evolved, as you will see. I wrote this as a narrative directed at her, so it will be a departure from how I typically write these. I think moments like these require a personal approach, and this was the best way I could think to do this type of narrative. 



    " .. in despair can come a seed of hope, planted through deeds of love."


    Winter 1993


    Clarity of memory is a strange phenomenon. There are moments that I can recall every detail with remarkable vividness, hell there are days that seem to be have every facet of them permanently etched in my mind. I can't remember what I did that day before seeing you on the payphone, and try as I might, I cannot remember what I did after our conversation - outside of the general feeling that I was actually worried about you. The cloud of that day remains persistent and immovable, but from the moment I walked up to the entryway of one of our old haunts, I can pick out every detail from what would become a seminal moment in our life together. I saw you there, dialing on an old Bell South payphone. The familiarity of your posture was there. You know how you stood at times, right? A ever so slight forward lean, made more pronounced due to your left arm resting on the bottom shelf of the phone box. Your right foot was slightly behind your left, and your toes pointed downward nervously tapping the cement floor. You gave off the impression of a balletic posture - a dancer preparing to be lifted. Your attire (tights with flats) probably furthered that visual. If your hair didn't slightly obscure your face, I may have noticed that the nervous tapping and tight posture of your body was a soothing technique. I may have noticed the tears. 


    I waved at you as I entered the building, greeted by the pleasing sounds of the arcade and the smell of concessions. I found the rest of the group and noticed immediately that Geoff and Brett were absent. I was immediately asked if I had run into you. Apparently you showed up after skipping school - with them in tow. Not unusual as they often ditched class. This was also where we congregated on specific days, so all of this felt normal. Apparently there was a bit of a verbal fight that broke out, and the two guys were asked to leave. At some point you left to use the payphone, and from the way everyone was talking about it, they think you dumped your boyfriend, but you were apparently dealing with something. I suspected a simple high school relationship issue, and almost shrugged it off, except ... you don't make a public issue of things. That is not like you at all. When I found out that none of our mutual friends had followed you outside or even checked on you, I may have snapped at them. I know you have always said that I should go easy on them, but that was a dick move to just stand there with their thumbs up their ass. Yes, I am biased as hell, sue me. I decided to go chase you down and see if you were okay. I fully expected you to launch into a sarcastic tirade about boys and bullshit high school drama, and part of me welcomed that. You were always a blast to verbally spar with, especial when I was winning. *wink* 



    Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be

    Exiting the building into a parking lot bathed in a Florida winter's sunset, I still wasn't used to the fact that it was almost Christmas and I could comfortably wear a short sleeved shirt, but I had to admit that the sunsets in Florida seemed more captivating. I turned and saw you weren't on the payphone anymore. I almost didn't see you. You were sitting against the outside wall of building across the way, a bit out of sight. I recall sighing internally and being a bit annoyed that I had to walk a little longer. I weighed the possibility that just being seen with you may be taken as me 'moving in' if you and Geoff had broken up. As I closed the distance between you and I, trying to come up with a joke or something to break the ice, I started to notice something felt out of sort. The way you were sitting, almost as if you were folded into yourself, and the slight bobbing of your shoulders - this had bad written all over it. It made me stop for a second or three. You know I've told you in that moment I considered just turning around and even went so far as to try and guess whether or not you had seen me. You lifted your head up and looked at the fading daylight, and ... when I saw your face any chance of me going back shattered. 


    I casually walked up to you and said your name. You didn't acknowledge me. No matter. It didn't stop me from sitting down next to you. Still nothing. Silence. You did not move other than to move your hair out of your face. It wasn't that I wasn't sure what to say, its that I was starting to become vaguely aware that this wasn't mere high school romantic drama. There was a severity about you that did not feel ... like you. Something happened, and at this point the only concern I had was to make sure you were okay, or that you weren't alone. So I sat. Only a minute or two passed before I realized I may be creeping you out. I broke the silence. 


    "Do you want me to go?"


    There wasn't even a slight hesitation on your part. I swear before I finished the word go, you were shaking your head. I nodded mine. We sat. 


    "Waiting for your parents?"


    A pause and a slight nod as you kept looking up. Here is where I started to see some things that ... bothered me. You had a laceration on your hand, your tights had a slight pull to them, your white shirt had tell tale signs of dirt as did your shoes. I'm not Sherlock, but I put shit together real fast. 


    "So is our little group going be be down two people? Do we hate them?"


    At this you turned to look at me. Your eyes were almost pleading as they teared up. At this moment if I would have given anything to be able to you wrap you up in a blanket of 'nice and happy' to smother whatever the hell happened to you. You opened your mouth to say something, but instead ... you broke. Before I knew what was happening you were leaning on me, in a half-hug buried-head sort of way. I must have gone on autopilot at this point because I vaguely remember putting my arm around you and you grabbed my hand. I sat there and let you break, saying nothing. My mind was in panic mode. I wasn't the person I am now. I have been told that I have a way with people. You have told me that countless times. Me circa teen years, not so much. My mind raced through a million possible things to say, and everything was either Hallmark card garbage, or inappropriate humor. I felt completely and utterly useless at that moment. You recovered enough to sit up again ... though you forgot to get the tears a break. You looked at me and I said something that to this day I am still unsure if it came from empathy or as an admission of not knowing what to say. 


    "Jess ... I'm sorry."


    To my surprise you started to open up a little at that. We both remember this part of the conversation differently, but you pulled a 'you'. 


    "No. Don't. You can't apologize for any of anything. You can't. I swear to God if you apologize for what happened it ... you are the only decent guy in that black hole of a school. Don't own any of this. If you do, then I won't have anyone."  You said that with an almost fluidity ... conveying more emotional states in one packed sentence than I thought possible. You continued, "Why did you come looking for me?"


    Still a little taken aback I thought back to when you showed empathy for my father's illness. A moment that caused me to act like a rat bastard about. Funny, I don't recall you ever suggesting that I did act inappropriately. You were always weird like that. You were slow to point out my flaws in most instances. Anyway, me being me, I sidestepped the question, and mentioned, honestly I might add, that I was concerned. There was a pregnant pause that I felt extreme discomfort at. I broke it and told you that regardless of our bickering, you were the most 'real' person I've met in a long time, and if there was something wrong it was probably not something to take lightly. I thought that compliment, again honest, would have turned the discussion away from me a little. I didn't like it, especially in light of my suspicions and anger at what I thought happened. You shouldn't have been focused on me. I never understood that about you. You could be dealing with your world collapsing and you take an effort to make other people feel better. I closed that little piece with something remarkably cheesy - along the lines of ... 'its what friends do, right?' At some point during this exchange your tears slowed. You weren't shaking as much. 



    As a friend, as a friend, as and old enemy

    Also, your pregnant pause turned into something ... else. Your look became puzzled and then you relaxed and very audibly sighed. There was the weight of the world powering that sigh. I know, I made it myself from time to time. We sat in silence for a few beats as you turned to look away. You said a few other things, apologizing for your appearance which I waved off. You then started to talk about your family, some issues at home, and somehow that segued into your intentions for the future, college, career aspirations. I remember being vaguely embarrassed that in all of our arguments I didn't know you wanted to be a Psychiatrist. I didn't know that you would be the first one in your family to have collegiate hopes as your parents were both high school drop-outs. I also wasn't aware how modestly you lived, and found it admirable to know that the reason for you working so hard after school was for your family.


    I recall thinking all of this, because my next move was to add some levity based on all of that. I stuck out my hand and laughed internally when you almost reached for it. Almost. That brief flicker of "awuh" that crossed your face was adorable. 


    "I realized that I thought I knew you, but I really know almost nothing about you. Not your favorite film, book, music, or pizza topping. You really can tell a lot by what flavors a person prefers on their pizza. I suspect that you may not know me either. The facade of our teen lives tend to hide the better ... and worst ... parts of us. I don't think that most people our age open up to the luxury of getting to know each other. Basically, Miss Smith, name's Joe. Pleased to meet you."


    I would have preferred the pregnant pause to the look I received from you. You were staring at me. No ... not staring. It's closer to say that I think you were studying me. There was something weird about the moment, and I hoped it was just my odd humor that made you replay what I said in your head trying to make sense of it, but it was a few years before I found out what you were thinking at this moment. You finally took my hand and smiled, and ... you briefly had this look that was a mix of confusion, exhaustion, relief, and the melting pot of the shit you suffered through earlier. You then hugged me and softly said "Thank you."  You withdrew and I asked if you were going to be okay. You said you thought so. I also found a few awkward words floating in my brain and combined them to create a few sentences about not hiding whatever happened, if it was bad, I said you need to say something to someone. You nodded. We simply smiled at each other ... for a surprisingly long time. You made some stray comment about how you found me oddly easy to talk to. I came back with a crack about just being easily odd. Your parents pulled up to where the payphone was at this point and we both started to stand up. I walked you to the Supra your dad was driving, again wondering if you would be alright. Your dad opened the passenger side door and before you got in you turned to me and said, "Ham and pineapple."  To which I replied, "Well, we can always work on that, right?"


    Your, 'shut the heck up dork', look cemented in my mind that you were definitely a person who I could easily call a friend. You were genuine. One of your favorite novels is the first Harry Potter book. There is a line in the book where Harry, Ron, and Hermione survive a troll attack. Afterward there is a line of narrative that says the three became best friends - inseparable is how I think it is put in the novel. From my perspective our friendship started at this point. Your perspective was a little different. I have always wondered what would happen if you acted sooner. I know you said that you were a bit confused by how you felt the beginnings of something, and were worried that it was just an artifact of someone being supportive during what was a impossibly difficult tragedy for you. You wanted to be sure it was real. Regardless, From this moment on - we became inseparable. 



    Afterword - Take a rest as a friend as an old memoria


    Jessica actually had a reply typed up for this blog. This was planned to go up in July of last year, and she wrote a few paragraphs from her perspective that she was going to use a response for this one, adding a bit of color. After reading them, I have decided to incorporate them elsewhere, as they actually work better when you see them when things finally start coming together.


    In the years that followed this conversation, I finally got the whole story about what happened that day. That day altered lives forever. It laid the foundation of a strong bond, yes. It also made Jessica a focused advocate for appropriate crisis counseling. Her concentration in college and beyond was due to her inaction. As far as the other guys, karma happened. Let's leave it at that. For me, I found that it became easier to drop pretenses and social masks after this. I talk about being an ass in my youth, having a scalpel precision in going after a persons pain points. Jess used to say it was because I have an innate gift for empathy, and she would almost always thank God I used my powers for good. I don't know about that. I did start to soften at the edges though. I credit Jessica for that. Just being near her made you want to put your best self out there. I digress, this was the moment she saw something in me. It would eventually evolve ... faster on her end than on mine as it turns out. 


    That brings me to another point - contingency is something we rarely consider when looking back at our lives. We tend to see things as a series of causes and effects, but we also imbue purpose in that equation. It can lead us to assume something along the lines of destiny and pre-ordination. I am not here to suggest there is no such thing, but I firmly believe in and am at times guided by a similar concept called serendipity. I know where this story is going, and now so do you. Writing the first articles in this blog, I tried not to give an indication that there was a sense of destiny or fate in any of the prior entries, but its hard not to feel like there was something bigger at work pushing us together. Honestly, if you didn't know how this worked out, it would be hard to derive something grander had started from spilled drinks and me arguing with a girl constantly. I sure as heck wouldn't. If I turned back or someone else had spoken with her, it all likely ends here. I easily could have done just that. 


    You as the reader of this may see 'signs' and 'clues' in these stories, helped along by knowing full well that we end up married and happy for a long time. As these events happened in real time, I didn't expect anything would happen. At no time during the next few years in this story, did I have any inkling that we would fall in love, get married, and start a family. I never thought that a romantic relationship would be an option, and I certainly didn't see Jessica that way at all. Jessica is a different story though, as I would find out early in college. 


    I know the last two entries in this blog about us have been light on the silly moments, considering the weighty material. I promise that will change when I get to the next entry. 







    Story of Us (Chronological Order)

    All Apologies - Summer 1993

    Ordinary World - Fall 1993

    Come As You Are - Winter 1993

    For Good - Jessica's Passing - Jan 2017


  18. The NES we have, wherever it may be, should still work. Can't say the same for the SNES. It definitely has seen better days. It'd probably still work if it wasn't missing the little pin that was in where the AC adapter would go. This would be my justification of getting the SNES mini if and when it comes out.


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    I probably shouldnt let the small things interfere with my well being but seeing that the follower system is pretty much screwed is kinda irritating me to the point that im not sure if i can make reasonable decisions so im trying to not to do anything for a while and see how things will turn out.

    It kinda irritated me before in the old system and now seeing that i could've fixed it in the old system and i just chose to  run away kinda makes it even more irritating as im not even sure if it can be fixed anymore other than poniverse getting more stuff  behind the site

    so im just going to be here and somewhere not really doing anything since it irritates me and kinda just trying to stay calm though i dont know really what i can do anymore othar than really stop caring but i really feel that i care about it more than i should.

    I've been trying to think around it in different perspectives and point of views but i cant really find a solution my previous decision was that i kinda dropped my activity on the site and kinda was away from here for a while though there were other circumstances that led to that decision too but i think this was the last nail in the coffin back then.

    I thought the site update would provide me with a new start but as im seeing now it only made my situation worse and im not sure how to react to that because i really like the new update as far as the mechanics and the Layout go and i wanted to be part of this community again. I really wouldnt want to let this issue to make me so unsatisfied with the site again so much that i go inactive again.

    This  site has helped me so much over the years and i've progressed a lot from when i first joined here and i've met lot of good friends and i really shouldn't be feeling like this over something that is very insignificant when you are looking at the bigger picture, but i cant really help how i feel about these things and  there is a conflict between my feeling and the reasonable thught and i m not sure what is the outcome.

    I dont know if writing this helps me but usually it has helped me when i shared my thought or feeling and i can have peace in my mind after that .