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2017 Force India VJM10

Posted by Vulon Bii in Motorsports blog, 22 February 2017 · 51 views

http://i.imgur.com/ZkxRZO1.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/NfVj5Db.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/pFrO4FH.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/XN25Nc6.jpg  
http://i.imgur.com/Gtci4Ai.jpg  Oh hey, it's got orange on it. And oh lord, it has a pseudo schlong-nose....  Uggggghhhhhh....  There is actually a reason for it. You can see on the nose, th...

Starting to dream more again from

Posted by Lil Pip in Dream Journal, 22 February 2017 · 45 views

Been watching cartoons and playing dev-pro experimentally, and doing cardio exercises every other day give or take. My imaginaiton improved alot (when I work out I have a headset on listening to tunes) 
Now that I tacked on some reading my dreams are increasing as well. Had a FO4 dream, a dream I was on a beautiful island that a mafia was in control...


Posted by ProbablyNotLyra in Probably Not a Blog, 21 February 2017 · 70 views
Littlepip, Mint-als, drugs

Because who makes drug abuse more adorable then Littlepip? Poor little thing, she tried so hard to stay off of them. Eventually it worked, but It was tough on her. I really like the way the story portrayed her addiction, not fixing it right up with a simply doctors visit, but having her r...

"Tech Plays Portal: Ep 7: I Am Nowhere"

Posted by Tech Reel in MethODDical Monologue, 21 February 2017 · 55 views

Next Portal episode is up! Watch me run from GlaDOS and kill tons of turrets ;)

Hoping to reconnect with people from my old forum.

Posted by Stellar Hunt in Jimster55 Looking for old friends., 21 February 2017 · 81 views
Friendship, Is, Magic, .org

Hey! I am very sorry to say that I actually forgot that I was a member of this forum! I used to be a member of FriendshipIsMagic.org and my username for that site was jimster55. I am looking for old friends that used to be on that site. Some of my old friends went by Justice, soldierofamerica, Spitfire, Yep, and Sky_Chaser. If anyone recognizes thes...

Final decision and last MLP stand.

Posted by Sly in Sly's Blog, 21 February 2017 · 127 views

Hey guys. In the last months things have been pretty hard and rough for me in deciding what to do for MLP right now. I said it plenty of times: I suffered so much because the S6 finale and how it treated the Mane 6 like garbage, I couldn't stand that happening again, and while I already decided to quit with the Movie (which is looking KILLER in every way...

what did i do

Posted by ooBrony in ooBrony, 21 February 2017 · 114 views

i dont really remember what i used to do here all that time other than scrolling and waiting for something to happen when in reality there isnt really much that can happen at all i just spend time sitting around 
posting in topics would be fun but there arent many topics that genuinely interest me anymore. or there are but when i try to say something...

Just Starting Out

Posted by Rhapsody in An Artist's Weary Path, 21 February 2017 · 55 views

Hey Everyone! My OC's name is Rhapsody and I love art. And I don't just mean drawing, I mean music as well, plus writing. I've often fantasized, (as many people do) about becoming famous from my art skills, but I just don't know where to start. Obviously becoming 'famous' is a bit of a stretch, so for now I'll start with getting noticed. I would love any...

The Danger of Being A Dreamer

Posted by dreamstream in Dreamstream's Blog, 21 February 2017 · 59 views

My OCs name is Dreamstream and for a good reason. My OC is based off me. I am a dreamer. And as a dreamer, I want to talk about it. Everyone knows that dreaming is good, but have you ever been told it's bad? Or even dangerous? I have had the experience of all types. Metaphorically, if my dreams were compared to dogs on a leash, a majority of the leas...

Comic Fest Final Day: Nanomachines Son

Posted by SaburoDaimando in The Blog of a Bronicorn, 20 February 2017 · 48 views
San Diego, Comic Fest

It was a short day today. All I did was three panels. 
One was a discussion on the San Diego Comic Art Gallery. Strangely when I managed to ask my question, one of the panelists recognized me from when I use to play the Pokemon TCG at the old Wizards of the Coast store in Mission Valley. Surprising, isn't it? 
There was also a panel involving Ca...

Returning to competitive Melee

Posted by stripper in A Nonstripper's Blogs, 20 February 2017 · 42 views

New kid on the block

Posted by Gamer Pizza in A Slice of Life, 19 February 2017 · 87 views
first year, pizza to people

Hey guys! 
This is my first week on the website, and I'm already loving everything about it. I've already gotten a massive amount of support on my "What if Discord had OCD" page (link here ), and I can't wait to continue to contribute to the website more.

Uncompleted Story 1 - Full Gaia

Posted by child of the night in COTN Stories, 18 February 2017 · 64 views

This was one of my first stories that I wrote that went any farther than the first page. It is one of my ongoing pieces that I go back to every once in awhile and add a couple pages if I have something I can think of. 
Summary so far: Jamie, a young girls from the lower class, is pulled away one day from her home and brought to the castle. While she...

Season Five Preview: We Are Number One!

Posted by Stardust Balance in Fanfic: A Journey Beyond Sanity , 18 February 2017 · 73 views

One scene from the many future chapters over season of AJBS, starting this first week of April. Enjoy! "Okay," I proceeded to say once the shared laughter subsided, chuckling admist my words. "I - heh - think we should lay off from anything destructive for a while." "For once, I concur." Discord replied, wiping away an invisible tear after our f...

My baby bunnies ^.^

Posted by Violet_S in Just an update on how my life's going so far..., 18 February 2017 · 100 views

Early this year on January 29, my bunny gave birth to four adorably thingys! *squee* ...I'm probably gonna loose them next weekend since my parents want to give them away so I'm gonna post a few pics here before they're gone >.< 

All locations of every Disney and Pixar animated movie (as of 2014)

Posted by Mesme Rize in Mesme Rize's Blog, 18 February 2017 · 98 views
Disney, map, world, location and 1 more...

http://0.media.dorkl...b7499fcf596.jpg  This is incredibly impressive. Theantilove from Deviantart has plotted out the locations of each location of every disney and pixar movie. Of course, the map is missing some movies that came out in the last few years, but it's amazing nonethenless.   NORTH AMERICA...

My Gaming Day(18th February 2017)

Posted by Deae Rising Shine~ in Game's and Runs, 18 February 2017 · 45 views

Formula 1 2014:
-Malaysia Free Practice 20th(Beated Teammate)
-Malaysia Qualifying 22nd(Beaten by Teammate)
-Malaysia Race 20th(Beated Teammate)
-Target Qualifying: 18th Failed
-Target race 21st Suceed
--Race Result:
1.Lewis Hamilton/Mercedes
2.Nico Rosberg/Mercedes
3.Sebastian Vettel/Red Bull
4.Fernando Alonso/Ferrari
5.Daniel Ricciardo/Red Bull
6.Kimi R...

Chat Scene (MLP IRL) Sneak Peek

Posted by Jonny Music in Jonny Music's Blog, 17 February 2017 · 125 views
Chat Scene (MLP IRL), Chat Scene and 6 more...

DISCLAIMER: These do not show the final look of the film. It is still WIP (work-in-progress) as of the time this photo album was uploaded. These photos here are just a sneak peek to what will be in the upcoming sequel to Chase Scene (MLP IRL) made back in 2015. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.  
1 - The short begins with a look...

S4E06: "Power Ponies"

Posted by PrymeStriker in PrymeStriker's Episode Reviews, 17 February 2017 · 65 views
S4E06, Power Ponies

I'll go back and re-watch the series, I said. It'll be fun , I said. The show's not that bad, I said. Why must everything come back to BITE ME IN THE ASS ?! "Power Ponies". I forgot all about "Power Ponies"! And I liked it that way! But of course it's the next thing I have to fucking review after I trench through three episodes in...

The 5 most WTF videos i ever watched

Posted by Balareth in Balareth's Blog, 16 February 2017 · 64 views

What's up Pony fans! it's been a while since i did a new video and the reason is because writting blogs is not really my stuff.. really i been watching videos, and sink in the bottomless pit called internet. And yeah i spend a lot of time on the internet because i haven't seen anything interesting in real life. But anyways as i said i been a long long lon...

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