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Friends getting banned...

So lately a few friends of mine have been banned...I feel generally sad about the whole thing.


I support the staff on the reasons, but I don't support the punishments. What I hate is that friends of mine don't take a breath and talk it out...It's immediately "they are evil and corrupt"


Friends. Let's just sit together and talk it out. No use starting a riot. It just seals it... )':


Been really sick because of a lot of drama...whether it being from friends being manipulated, or just bad news in general. I stay awake all night...I want everyone to be happy, and it kills me every time something bad happens to them...


I pray that we listen to reason, and get reason in return. This is more of a my emotional state update I guess (typical blog stuff) But at this time. I can't draw, I can't eat very much, I wanna sleep all day, and I cry every night...


Sorry for making a depressing post...Just thought it was too long ago since the last one, and I didn't get into a better mood, so I just decided to make it public that I feel kinda bad...


Though, I will say I'm still absolutely up for chatting. I can't just leave you like that *hugs* Don't hesitate to send a PM if you feel down. I can give advice and vent )':

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I am very sorry about how you've been feeling. :'(

Members who are banned most likely broke the rules of MLP Forums, may it be permanent or not. The staff members are only doing their jobs, and do what is necessary after observation.

They don't like to ban members, but they must do what it boils down. There will always be other people around the forums to interact with. Don't fret. :)

Hopefully you get to feeling better!

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Oh dear. I'm very sorry this has ever happened to you....I just wonder if your friends would be able to look back at their mistakes and learn about them. Don't worry, all of us are here and to support you at all times just what bronies do best to each other.


Don't regret your past, learn from it. Regrets just make a pony weaker.

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