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Why the Sheer unadulterated Hate?



Ah Nintendo. Anyone who has followed my blogs knows that Nintendo is

my console of choice - followed by the Playstation. I've been playing

with Nintendo consoles ever since I was 6 years old and my personal

Nintendo collection ranges over 300 games (more if I count the modern

ones). It is a company I've loved for over two decades of my life (aging

me right now. God that is depressing).


Though I am an avid fan, I won't deny the shortcomings of the systems

they have released. The Wii, while having a crap ton of awesome smaller

games (Deadly Creatures, Oopona, Red Steele 2), was lacking in the

"AAA" department. It seemed like developers just didn't care to put

effort in releasing huge games on the Wii despite the fact that Nintendo

proved that if developers cared enough, they could have games looking

as sexy as Mario Galaxy.


But I digress.


That is not the point of this discussion. The point is this recent

fad of people who not only WANT Nintendo to fail, but they also want

Nintendo's FANS to suffer and this is something I do not understand with

the masses. I understand how people thought the Wii was a threat - by

introducing "The public" into the gamers' "Exclusive High End Clubs"

which could lead to more people playing more games...




And their "worries" were "valid" because devs were starting to "dumb

down" their non-Nintendo AAA games so that Grandma can play them.




But all that really happened was that more people were enjoying more

games regardless of the genre or the cost behind making said games. And

to be honest, a lot of those cheesy games were pretty fun, but ever

since the Wii, people have suddenly gone from disliking Nintendo as part

of the console war mentality - which is fine since console wars can

actually be entertaining - to absolutely Loathing the company to the

point where I've seen people actually study Nintendo's profit and

losses, taking time to compare them to other companies and come up with

all this nonsensical b.s. about being doomed.


However, attacking a company is no real big deal these days as every

person who prefers one over product over the other will enjoy bashing

the competition. PC fans will trash Apple Fans, Console fans will trash

PC fans, Apple fans will trash Bananana fans and so on. It's common.


What's uncommon, at least for me, is this sweeping LOATHING that the

company has been getting. It has gone past the point to where its fan vs

fan. It's almost as if the Nintendo was a thug criminal who murdered a

bunch of people and now the news media is finding every, single, tiny,

little, detail about Nintendo to report about.


The general wave of negativity that has surrounded their latest

system - that is not without faults mind you - is borderline obscene. It

is getting to the point where if the Wii U gave everybody a block of

silver as a present, the media will scream:



Nintendo Offers Silver to its buyers: People demand to know why it's not Gold. Nintendo too cheap to offer Gold to people!



Want proof?





I mean really (and no this is not an article letting people know the Wii U is a new system. It's placing blame on the Wii)


But again, besides this media frenzy on all things negative, we are

seeing these players going to obscene lengths to trash people who bought

the Wii U. When the Rayman Legends issue was announced, I've actually

witnessed people on forums going to the Wii U section just to laugh at

the Wii U owners. I've seen people accuse the upset fans - rightfully so

as the game was going to be released in 3 weeks - of being "bitchy

crybabies" and how "They deserve" to have their game pushed back.


Deserve? Cry babies? Really? It is a crime now to get a game you've been waiting a year for during the original release date?


Furthermore, the biggest question of them all is why would anyone WANT

something to fail? What is the purpose of it? To see it burn, to laugh

at the fans who enjoyed it, to see the employees out of work so you can

stand on a box and scream "HA! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LIKING SOMETHING I









Again, it's obscene. People's loathing has grown to disgusting levels.

It does not matter how good the game is, or how fun it is, because the

specs of a system are not "up to standard" it deserves to fail?


Now this is not a love-letter to Nintendo. I would write the same

article of I saw this psychotic hatred on Sony or Xbox. It's just that

Ninty is the one being targeted right now.


It saddens me that we've gone from playfully bashing each other To this foul sadistic joy of today's "players" HA! YOUR CONSOLE SUCKS! LET ME RUB IT IN YOUR FACE! HOW DARE YOU ENJOY ANYTHING THAT I DO NOT!




So I ask you, comment below if you please, do you feel that the media

and the fans prefer negativity and hatred over actual console enjoyment

- across all platforms, not just Nintendo.


Say your peace in the comments. I read all of them ^_^


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I don't know either. Nintendo is good because it's exclusives. I'm a PC gamer, and have nintendo games because of good exclusives, which not many other consoles have.


So yea. I don't get it either.

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People are indeed idiots and now that we have the internet the idiots have a much louder voice than they used to which I think is what makes it seem more vitriolic when I don't think it is anymore so than it was during the height of the console wars of the 90's which I remember quite well.

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Nintendo isn't the only one getting bashed for this, what are you talking about? Plenty of companies are getting bashed for dumbing down games.


And I don't have a problem with games being more accessible; I have a problem with companies releasing poorly made games that are too easy, too much reward with no risk, and are all action and flash with no substance, in an attempt to make them more accessible. They release games with a quantity over quality mentality; even series known for quality over quantity (like Elder Scrolls, Diablo, StarCraft, Civilization) have been being dumbed down. A lot of veteran gamers (myself included) are angry that, instead of adding to the games as the series progresses, they are removing things so casual gamers don't think it's too complicated. Others make games too easy, or give the player huge amounts of rewards for little effort, meaning the player can feel extremely powerful and skilled in a game, but it doesn't mean much when you don't have to work at it, and everybody has characters like that. Look at Fallout 3 as opposed to previous Fallouts. You get a perk every level, as opposed to every 3 or 4 in FO2. In FO2, choosing your perks was a big deal, since you didn't get many and they had a big effect on gameplay. Not so much in 3.

Or take Elder Scrolls. Morrowind had 8 attributes (not to mention a some other pseudo-stats that effected gameplay) and 27 skills. Skyrim has no attributes, fewer pseudo-stats, and 18 skills. Skills rank up more easily, combat is easier, becoming a Guildmaster takes mere hours, only a few choices have any real effect on the game, basically everything is lessened.


You can see how that is really annoying to some of us.

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Just ignore them. There's haters for every console out there. Their opinions don't dictate the console's worth to you, only your opinion does.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you don't agree with somebody's opinion, then ignore them. Their opinion matters as much as you make it matter. Getting worked up and posting a blog about it isn't going to change anything.


I've owned a Wii, PS3, 360, and now a gaming PC. I always got crap from people about my console of choice, even if I owned their console of choice too. But I didn't care, because their opinions ultimately don't matter unless if you make them matter.

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Leave it to people to believe all the crap and hype Sony and Microsoft put out, and game reviewer websites.


Sad how biased the gaming industry is nowadays. :C

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I love Nintendo. I will never stop playing their old systems. BUT I just cant stand the wii. I dislike motion gaming with an almost passion. And as much as I love them, I am very upset with them right now. TO ME, they have killed mario donkey kong and zelda. The recent additions to those series on the wii were, in my opinion, horrible. (Though the zelda game is bad solely because of motion controls.) And now the wiiU is out... we have gone from motion to touch screen now... GAH! Thats not better!


(Mario Galaxy was actually a good game too. I have nothing bad to say about it besides the motion controls.)


But, the hate is like you said, disgusting. I dont get it either.



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