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    A little place in the middle of no-where with a big black horse and a cherry tree... I mean... a town called Poulsbo in a state called Washington :x
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    drawing, costume/fashion design, running, serious gaming (i don't mess around when it comes to [most] video games), books! (you think Twilight has a lot of books... think again! >:D ), music (mostly 80's rock), Victorian and Edwardian period clothing, leather pants! (they are so comfy! :D ), funny cats photos?, PONIES!, and LIFE!

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    Earth Pony

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  1. Doo Dee Doo :3

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    2. Fire Runner

      Fire Runner

      im not good at writing... but i guess im good at drawing... i think the picture im doing will either be a painting... or an oil pastel... haven't decided yet ^_^'

    3. Count Paradox

      Count Paradox

      well, whatever it is, i'm sure i'll be both impressed and jelly. and i might ask to make a fanfic version of the rp. change it a bit, but still use everypony in the rp.

    4. Fire Runner

      Fire Runner

      cool! it also seems that some other people in the RP are doing fanart, lol XD

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