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  1. squareyes

    So you need advice for a Job Interview, Eh?

    Thanks for this advice, although the sportsware job opportunity went quicker than I imagined I'll still be looking. Nevertheless this is a lot of great info you've given, a lot more than expected (then again, I didn't know what to expect). So thanks for this as it should be really useful!
  2. squareyes

    So you need advice for a Job Interview, Eh?

    First question: Inbetween revising for exams, I've found my first possible job at 16 at a sportsware shop not too far from here. I'm just wondering what to expect, do I show off my personality traits? They haven't specified what sort of job it will be until I go there so what do I write in my CV (resumé)? Some advice would be great!
  3. squareyes

    Weird ways you've injured yourself?

    Warning: bit of a gory story Well for some reason when on holiday in Italy with familly; I tripped over on some stairs in Pomeii and somehow managed to rip of a chunk of flesh off my big toe. It was hanging off a bit of skin still attached to my toe. I was so confused how this was even possible that I just laughed. By the way, it wasn't as bad as it may seem; I didn't need to go to the hospital and my body sorted the problem out within three days.
  4. squareyes

    10 facts about your room

    Well, I've got in it: - a stereo and a load of CDs that my parents don't need anymore. - a PS2 and TV along with about 2 dozen games and whatnot. - a whole lot of books - some posters including "Keep Calm and Carry On" (now a bit of an over used meme), the London tube map (which is also useful for days out) and the Season 3 Bleach main characters. - an awesome lamp - a Mac from 2005 (which can't even run Chrome), a Lenovo thinkpad (Not Bad), and a titan of a Toshiba Laptop. - A bed (single) - 10, this is hard for a small room - a copy of Hokusai's "The Great Wave" - a framed cover of one of the Animerica magazines (this one with "Spirited Away" on the front.) And a window and that's about it. So yeah!
  5. squareyes

    Clop survey

    To be honest, what does it matter? (At least on the internet) There's a lot worse stuff out there and what people think about when pleasing themselves shouldn't really consern us. I don't want you know what people are thinking in that situation, do you? So don't worry, because oppessing peoples thoughts has a certain name to it. It's called a lack of free speech!
  6. squareyes

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    It's just been Sleeping Dogs for me and it's the first properly mature game if ever properly played and the story's pretty decent. Also the action is mad and brilliantly violent (never thought I'd say that.) It's also been free at the moment on Xbox Live Gold as part of the "Games with Gold." A friend of mine has also left round the first Assassin's Creed and Borderlands 2 but I've been too busy playing Sleeping Dogs!
  7. squareyes

    In Soviet Russia jokes...

    In Soviet Russia, prostitutes pay you!
  8. squareyes

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

    I've seen you a bit 6/10
  9. squareyes

    Furry discussion thread

    It's not just wierd fandoms which do this. Most people would view another group of people for the out of the ordinary stuff about them. For example, you are not likely to remember Indians for their vibrant culture and beautiful country, you would probably think of them working at call centres or their broken English. Going off topic, furries are great people (I should know, I'm one of them*) and you shouldn't hate on them just because their fandom gets featured in proper video games or whatever. *Cockiness is for comedic effect.
  10. squareyes

    What's on your clipboard?

    noun: 女王, クィーン, 王妃, 皇后, 后, 后妃 I've got this from learning japanese kanji. Can you guess what the word is in English?
  11. squareyes

    Post what you hate!

    [Warning: Explicit Post Below] Two main things have been annoying me recently. The first being f***ing fedoras worn stand alone. The premise of wearing a fedora is to get a vintage look and feel to how you look. If you just wear it by itself, you're defeating the purpose of using it to look stylish. Worst of all, you look like a twat and you're bring the sofistication of the fedora down with you. Just. Please. No. The other thing is American English spellings. I understand that different spellings and words are used generally as part of the diversities of different countries, but when there's language settings stating American English is the main type of english, No. NO. You shouldn't have that power. It's our f***ing language so give us the recognition. Doesn't help when this is an American forum and fandom. Goddammit, I should just become a massive Whovian and get news from the local newspaper. (I don't know, it's a rant.)
  12. I dunno. I don't really care too much any more. I post when I can and when I'm in the mood and bothered. I'm probably better known than I think I am but it's really hard to tell on a forum. That goes saying for most of the others on the thread. Even though people may not interact with you that much or at all, it doesn't mean they don't notice you.
  13. squareyes

    Which is worse-guns or knives?

    I think what they meant was at close range. For example if someone were to try to mug you, it would be a lot easier to avoid a knife being swung than a gun being shot, logically. One can only stab as far as the arm can reach; if they were to throw the knife, it would be a different matter which I don't know much about. A gun can be used up to a lot further as of the bullet being able to travel a lot futher depending on the gun.