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  1. I never thought in a million years The Fast and the Furious would become one of my favorite franchises. But here we are.

  2. Nier: Automata is too good. I am absolutely loving it so far!

    1. VladmireV.S.(Crank)


      I agree, quite a good play indeed.

  3. Part of me wants to buy a digital copy of Nier: Automata so I can just play it now. I really don't think I can wait until morning.

  4. All of my spare time has just been consumed with Yakuza 0 and Horizon Zero Dawn, both of which I absolutely love! So it really sucks that they are both going to be taking a back seat to Nier: Automata starting tomorrow.
  5. Beat Nioh! It's pretty good. I like it a lot. Like, 7.5/10 tops.

  6. Man, Nioh is real good. I was feeling iffy about the demos, but the main game is better than I could have anticipated.

  7. My current main game is Yakuza 0 and it is AMAZING. A+ humor, dialogue, and action. It's also my first Yakuza game, so I am definitely way more interested in checking out the rest of the series. On the side I'm going through Ninja Gaiden Sigma and while it's nowhere near the best action game I've played, I still definitely like it so far. Since I have a somewhat hard time finishing games, I'm really interested to see if these games can maintain their pace.
  8. I really need to get more into the Yakuza series. I'm playing 0 and IT. IS. AMAZING.

  9. I finally beat a Call of Duty game!

    1. MaryxMelody


      Nice! I kinda want the game

  10. Regretting my Xbox One purchase...

    1. Discordian


      Whyfor? Plenty of games for it.

    2. Leavinh


      Scalebound, one of the exclusives I was most looking forward to, got canceled. And aside from Halo, Gears, and Rare Replay I'm not too stoked for anything else. Everything else I either get for PS4 or PC.

    3. Discordian


      I hadn't even heard about Scalebound being cancelled. Huh. There will inevitably be more games in the future. It doesn't hurt to have all the current consoles for future exclusives.

  11. Your personal motto. A great quote from a great man

  12. Run the Jewels 3. It truly is a Christmas miracle.

  13. That Nier: Automata demo is absolutely amazing.

  14. Finally finished The Last Guardian and while it has a lot of problems, and I mean a LOT, I still think it's pretty good.