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  3. Hey guys! Haven't been on here in quite a while

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      I like your artwork! ^^

  4. If things are okay and the past is the past why am I still so sad?

  5. I don't know if my friends still like me

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      You should ask them. If they are true friends, they will tell you the truth. If they turn out to be bad friends, you should find new ones.

  6. Does anyone else think Hoity Toity is Silver Spoon's father?

  7. Commissions are open everypony~! PM me if you are looking for one

  8. JK Rowling = AK Yearling. I see what you did there Hasbro

  9. Anypony love me enough to make me their art slave? ;n;

  10. Tumblr decided it doesn't love me, it won't let more than one page load :(

  11. Because Equestria Girls was awesome, even if the plot was a bit meh. He came out looking a bit grumpier than I'd originally intended, but I still really like how he came out. He's still a cutie Angel Blaze and art © Me Equestria Girls and MLP © Hasbro /
  12. Ragdoll


    Yesterday whilst browsing the awesome side of YouTube consisting primarily of Brony songs, covers, and remixes, the idea of Twilight sleeping on space clouds spawned in my mind. Thus, I seized the opportunity to play with Photoshop again and experiment with some lighting. I like this, but I feel like I could do more without making it overly cluttered. She was supposed to have a stream of magic coming out of her horn, but that was a little too much Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Twilight Sparkle and MLP:FIM © and Image by me All brushes used belong to their respective owners I do not own the cutie mark vector, but I forgot who originally made it D,:
  13. Oh look, another OC I drew one of many ponies I adopted from Yumi-Kitten I named him Halo. He is Angel Blaze's cousin He is so much fun to draw Basic Bio Age: 24 Personality: Sarcastic, semi-flamboyant, rebellious, charming. He's a strong flyer but not very fast. Halo is a member of the Cloudsdale division of the Royal Guard, but he isn't exactly the most serious of ponies. He decides for himself if something is worth his time. Halo also has a habit of being a bit careless with his role as a guard, considering he didn't even want to be one in the first place. He would much rather be working at the weather factory crafting the sunbeams that spill through the clouds after a rainstorm. But he did learn one thing during his 'career' as a guard: To value the lives of others before your own. And he honors that rule, often putting himself in dangerous situations to protect either his fellow guards, his fillyfriend Alley Rose, or his cousins Angel Blaze and Corona. Cutie Mark: A purple shield with a sun and wings. It represents his quick desire to protect others, and that the sun will not set on that part of him. He earned it when he ran away from home to take care of his cousins. Backstory: Halo grew up in Cloudsdale, the son of a pair of cops. He wasn't exactly what his parents expected, as he started displaying his sarcastic and witty nature at an early age. He is the oldest of the cousins, acting as a big brother figure to Angel Blaze and Corona. In an effort to 'smarten him up,' Halo's father enlisted him in the Royal Guard against Halo's will. As much as he hates the strict rules and routines, Halo begrudgingly carries out his duties but vows to never forget how his parent just couldn't accept that he was nothing like them. He lives in Cloudsdale in his own apartment with his fillyfriend Alley Rose, and his cousins Corona and Angel Blaze. Character & art © Me Design by Yumi-Kitten
  14. I adopted this handsome fellow from some time ago and I finally got around to drawing him c: His ref is pretty simple for now, I'm probably going to update it later on I'll draw him in his gladiator armor soon Basic info Name: Thunder Sword Occupation: Gladiator Breed: Percheron Species: Pegasus Personality: Thunder Sword is a powerful and dangerous pegasus. He is not only physically strong, but he's huge. He stands taller than the prince of the nearby Crystal Empire, Shining Armor. As if his size alone wasn't intimidating enough, Thunder Sword is also straight-forward, harsh, and to some, cruel. He keeps a tough facade, and his emotional walls are built up so high that few ponies are allowed see his well-hidden 'softer' side. He lives by a strict warrior code: Shed not a tear when oneself is harmed. Save them for your brothers that fall to the blade or the arrow. Save them for your love, for your mate, and for your comrades. In the arena, Thunder Sword is a calculated and ruthless fighter. He's never lost, and has slain more opponents in the arena than apples bucked from a tree. His weapons of choice are his iron sword and his unusual ability to channel and manipulate lighting. His second-in-command and mate, Gloaming Grace, has been his best friend since they were foals. His pet peeves include bratty children and disregard for the rules. He has personally (and repeatedly) told parents to control their misbehaving foals or get kicked out of the stadium. They frequently get kicked out, and several times Thunder Sword has forced the misbehaving foal to participate in his harsh and exhausting training program before being sent home when he feels they've learned their lesson. Backstory: Thunder Sword was born in Northern Equestria, to a pair of poor farmers living in the Crystal Mountains near Roam. The night he was born was violent and stormy, and his superstitious father took it as an omen that his son was meant for glory. And indeed he was. Thunder Sword witnessed his first battle at the age of 8, when his parents took him to the Roam's annual jousting tournament. Bored by the repetitive events, Thunder Sword wandered around the fair until he happened upon the Diamond Colosseum. He flew overhead and watched as a pair of gladiators fought for glory, and instantly Thunder Sword knew that's what he wanted to be. Thunder Sword trained endlessly, teaching himself how to sword fight both in the air and on the ground. At 18, he managed to sneak into gladiator event and fight. He realized too late that he'd never fought against a living opponent before and was almost beaten. However as he was about to surrender and be slain, a dark storm cloud blocked out the sun. A lightning bolt struck Thunder Sword, and the battered pegasus stood, electric arcs sparking around him and radiating from his body. He leaped into the air and slammed his hooves into the earth, sending a wall of lightning at his opponent. Thunder Sword was declared one of the greatest Gladiators Roam had ever seen. As each coming year passed, Thunder Sword trained and fought harder. He learned more about manipulating lightning and quickly became a 'Channeler,' a non-unicorn pony with the ability to manipulate a certain element around them. Thunder Sword came clean with his adventure to his parents, but they knew that he has no place on their meager farm and was meant for much more. Thunder Sword now helps train aspiring Gladiators and warriors in his specially designed training program. He chooses randomly, and not once has he failed to make a true warrior of his students. Thunder Sword and art © Me Design by Seffiron