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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I predict that the cmc will get their marks (or never get any) and that the series will continue after s5
  3. Welcome to the forum. Here is a welcoming song!
  4. I have violet blue eyes. Kind of weird huh?
  5. Hello everyone! I was just thinking about what rainbow rocks would be for kind of movie? So i think there is going to be a villain (i do not know how) And i think Sunset will make a appearance. What do you guys think?
  6. I hope the cutie mark crushadeders gets their well deserved cutie marks. I also do not think season 5 will be the last, i think hasbro sees how good the show is and i do not know why they would end it when it has such an awesome and huge fanbase!
  7. Hi! ^U^ I'm yayayayayala and I must say, I love your username! :D

  8. I do not think it counts as a sleepover but i would choose Vinyl. 'nuff said
  9. I think celestia would just make her boyfriend into stone...
  10. I do not eat food together like meat and beans i eat them on different sides of my plate, I also eat raspberries like 6 times a week. nom nom nom nom
  11. This is more worth then 19231 picasso's combined 123556789/10
  12. She is Equestrias version of main ruler and god 'nuff said
  13. Zazzle please stop this bullcrap brony is a own term and we the fans call us bronies (pegasisters) They have no reason to do this!