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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Flying wub

    Mega Thread Season 5 Predictions/Hopes

    I predict that the cmc will get their marks (or never get any) and that the series will continue after s5
  3. Flying wub

    Hi Everypony

    Welcome to the forum. Here is a welcoming song!
  4. Flying wub

    Peculiar Raccoons Seeks to Join the Herd!

    Welcome to the heard. We hope you stay!
  5. Flying wub

    Hello peoples, Pie (Ya heard of it)

    welcome to the herd! We hope you stay!
  6. Flying wub

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    I have violet blue eyes. Kind of weird huh?
  7. Hello everyone! I was just thinking about what rainbow rocks would be for kind of movie? So i think there is going to be a villain (i do not know how) And i think Sunset will make a appearance. What do you guys think?
  8. Flying wub

    Mega Thread Season 5 Predictions/Hopes

    I hope the cutie mark crushadeders gets their well deserved cutie marks. I also do not think season 5 will be the last, i think hasbro sees how good the show is and i do not know why they would end it when it has such an awesome and huge fanbase!
  9. Flying wub

    Which pony would you have a sleepover with?

    I do not think it counts as a sleepover but i would choose Vinyl. 'nuff said
  10. I think celestia would just make her boyfriend into stone...
  11. Flying wub

    Post your odd eating habits.

    I do not eat food together like meat and beans i eat them on different sides of my plate, I also eat raspberries like 6 times a week. nom nom nom nom
  12. Flying wub

    Twilight Sparkle Drawing

    This is more worth then 19231 picasso's combined 123556789/10
  13. Flying wub

    Why is Celestia so big compared to other ponies?

    She is Equestrias version of main ruler and god 'nuff said
  14. Zazzle please stop this bullcrap brony is a own term and we the fans call us bronies (pegasisters) They have no reason to do this!
  15. Flying wub

    My little pony day! ^_^

    I think this is a really awesome idea and i totally think we should i it! I am on it!