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  1. Wub me some wubwubs. Skrillex, Skism, Deadmau5, Wolfgang Gartner, many more. I've noticed an insane correlation between bronies and dubtrot.
  2. Never be embarrassed about anything you like. This show was specifically made for entertaining people - not just little girls, but for everyone. The Lady Faust set out to create a family-friendly show that kids can watch and adults can appreciate.
  3. Pft. It's not drama when you command your minions to fight to the death solely for your entertainment.
  4. Not too bad. Mostly some issues where you "tell" and not "show", and a few grammatical/punctual errors. Seems solid, though. Currently 3.5/5.
  5. I concur with best! At least, a drama-less board from what I've seen thus far.
  6. I'm Artimae, a Ponyfic writer. My works thus far are Blitz and the Equestria Daily featured story, Spitfire's Day Off - not to mention (Yeah I'm just showing off now). I found these boards thanks to Spitty, actually, by following the fic's "Referrals". I'm also on the message boards, but that place has started to go downhill due to community drama. So, here I am! That's about all I can think of.