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  1. Intro: The world of Equestria has fallen to the invasion of changelings with there superior numbers. The heroes of the old world have fallen and none remain. Changelings have taken equestrian citizens and turned them into changelings themselves using their pod magic. You on the other hoof, are special, you have kept your memories unlike the other changelings, you, are pure. Changelings are now born with the ability to summon crystals at will with Sombra's army being re-awakened and sharing their magical abilities with the changeling empire. Equestria has been taken and the few remaining pony survivors have hidden beyond all eyes. You must seek out the survivors and either bring them back to Chrysalis alive, or help the rebellion against the changeling empire. The fate of Equestria lies with you. Brief: This RP can have up to 5 people not including myself, however I can make the cap bigger if we get that many. You can either be a changeling, or a pony refugee. The character sheet is mostly to show your character's favorite form if you chose changeling and I will accept multiple sheets if you have two forms. The ponys will be in an encampment and the changing have to track them down using clues I'll give out Rules: -No killing other players if you don't get permission or can avoid it -Try to keep the swearing to a minimum, I'm not against it but don't have a swear in every other post -Make sure that your character has a couple of flaws or desires that go against the the goal -Be nice and have fun Pony occupations: Guard Leader(1 preferred) Farmer Blacksmith Changeling ranks(in order of importance): Squall(The original rank of pony-converted changelings) Brute Zealot Myster Character sheet: Name: Occupation(or rank): Bio(overview of character): Description(or picture if you have a good one): Weapon(s) of choice: Or just have a link to your character
  2. Ok, accepted. Also, yea, I can see how that is, Germans tend to give their tanks the names of big cats.
  3. Mary entered the cafeteria and let go of Bobby's' arm. "Right lets go get something and sit..." Mary was looking across the room to see if there was a table with either Ray or Mackenzie on it, she then spotted Mackenzie and walked up to her. "Hey Mackenzie, wanna come sit with us?" She knew the answer would probably be no, but she would at least try and be nice to her.
  4. I feel like I've accidentally made Etna from Disgea, if anyone even knows who that is...
  5. While walking towards the study, Mary's stomach growled. She nervously laughed, "Maybe we should take another small detour," Mary grabbed his arm and started to walk towards the the cafeteria. "Just so you know, it's not a choice." Mary gave a chuckle, and preceded to drag him.
  6. Hey crispy, mind if I, quite literally drag your charicter for a bit? To the cafeteria.
  7. Mary looked at Bobby, "Yea, I have to do some additional study's as well, Let's go." She nodded and proceeded to the door, "Good fighting, the both of you." Mary opened the door for Bobby and waited for him to leave so she could follow him. "I'll see you later Mackenzie."
  8. It says that "This profile is no longer active" whatever that means
  9. Mary continued to ponder, "Well, your fighting sytle itself seems pretty top notch, however, you may want to consider adapting your armor and healing use depending on who you're fighting. Say you fight a guy who uses bare fists, create more armor and focus less on healing, but do the opposite when fighting sword and bowmen."
  10. "Yea, pretty much since the been the fight began, was that weird?" Mary began to ponder, "Anyway, good fighting, however, those chaos clones, you might want to make them a little less predictable, maybe keep them at normal speed and just continuity spawn the things."
  11. Mary was walking to the library in the school when she saw, out of the corner of her eye, two people fighting in the practice area. She stopped to investigate the fight and found that it was Bobby and Ray, but Ray was also behind the ring. She paused for a second and sighed when she remembered Rays powers, "Welp, I've got nothing to do." She walks into the training room.
  12. Thought about that, might find anther way to write it...
  13. "Victory, and loss..." Mary looked down at the floor and kicked at the pavement for a little. "Still, at least she knows we're there for her." Mary optimistically smiled, "I need to keep my head up though, and I can't let her not feel like a part of the team!" Mary did a sort of fist pump.