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    My interests are!. Pre 2005 FP'S games (Valve games are exeptions) General RTS games. Warhammer 40k tabletop minitures plus the game itself. reading Sun Tzu's Art of war, Swimming, Listening to a band called globus, playing my trumpet, and cooking, Also MLP and the brony community

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  1. After watching all the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy i had an idea. A community project where the knowlage of equestria is in ONE book, The Hitchhikers guide to equestria? has there been any single tome or idea that has come before and if so how would word get out if i decide to try?
  2. I hate people going all "Soon the return of the LORD JESUS. Repent, believe in Jesus, stop sin, accept the sacrifice of the blood of the cross. Bible prophecy proves Revelations is coming true, science proves the earth is about 6,000 years old. Do not end up in hell, hell is real, look at your tube on hell, make sure you end up in heaven. The real war, battle is for eternity, heaven or hell ,Jesus verses the devil for your soul. rwrwrwwrwrwrwrwrwrwrwrw" on irreverent youtube videos like WW2 Documentaries
  3. I know that feel. To me keep war on tabletop games like warhammer but then we humans are selfish greedy apes with slightly more powerful brains... if only we could live in equestria!
  4. What on this blasted tortured and scarred earth do you hate with a passion? It may be a video game to a food to a country, Personally I have no particular hate the closest is how the PM of my country (New Zealand) grew up on the socalist safety net that taxpayers paied for so the baby boomers wouldn't go through what happened in the years between WW1 and 2, now he is burning it down for his investors selfish needs.
  5. Well my hopes and dreams have been dashed. JK but i didn't think about a fall... well it was a good concept at first glance but okay
  6. Hello Everypony. A few weeks ago me and my friend were talking about the state of modern international politics and as we were talking i had an idea about the idea of a nation of Bronys and Pegisisters as a hope for the world as a demonstration of the power of Love and tolerate (and Twilight sparkle). But what would happen. and also HOW would the whole nation run??? as a monarchy or a democracy? a dictatorship or just a nation that follows natural law?
  7. Although like Wheatly Core up there in that I am an atheist, I would love to live in the MLP universe as a wandering recorder of equestrian history and from other stretches of the MLPverse. As my OC Downin history. like many have said it would be nice to live in a peaceful world with all the fillies and gentlecults. BUT i would first meet fluttershy Yayh. But then knowing my luck i would probably just randomly TP in-front of celestia in my pants and vest
  8. I cannot write at all because of bad had eye coordination. the only way I can actually type is through memory due to near constant typing
  9. I have an imaginary friend called bob the magic gollum (I say friend I mean acquaintance) who honestly makes me feel like I am schizophrenic. although that he is a loyal friend he makes me feel like Ditzy Doo No i am not a psychopath i am a high functioning sociopath
  10. Well for my username it started its root when i was playing kill-zone 2 a month or two ago (having become a Brony in September last year) and i was amazed by the main antagonist of the first two games Scholar Vissari. Now i wanted to reference him in forums I participate in but I needed to make it more Appropriate (becuase this is a MLP so in my opinion the name has to be Ponied) name so I tried to find something that would rhyme and guess what i had a good time doing it, but I still couldn't find a funny way to do it Then i thought What about Scholar Fillisari?, I then proceeded to laugh my head off and it stuck.
  11. Team Fortress 2... Through Playing over 460 hours I think I have significant knowledge on the game. My description. You want a FPS?, an FPS that is free? you want a good yet CHEEASY (in a fun way) backstory?, you want HHHHHHHAAAATTTTTTTSSS???????, and most of all it isnt CoD then this game Team fortress 2 Is the one stop shop for you. ---"Who is not ready to fight?"--- Heavy just before the battle of Sandvich hill
  12. To me one of my favorite episodes of S1 with adorableness of filly fluttershy and big baby spike. Is well written and shows one Pegasus filly's true colors. Still adorable.
  13. Thanks Fredbermudez Well I like pinkie pie just want to make you Smile smile. ohh yes I do
  14. Violets are red roses are blue. Ill say make a muffin for ditzy doo