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  1. I am back its been very busy for me but now I can pony on again

  2. Here is my oc hope it can help also when my life isn't so busy we will have to RP again sometime
  3. Open Ponys in a Human World

    Skitter looked at Avolon " I'm Skitter Run and yes I am because of the letter" Then he looked around at all the book that Avolon was pointing out. " Scary stuff" Skitter's eye's grew very wide and he trotted over to Avolon. "Oh can you summon a deamon right now that be so awesome"
  4. Ahh got it thank you for the heads up.
  5. Open Ponys in a Human World

    Skitter run woke up and glanced around -"Huh I must have knocked myself out"- Skitter look around and saw two ponies talking "Hey are you the red alicorn that i'm suppose to talk to, if so then what's going on and why is princess Luna asking for me and who are you?
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  9. Gender Race

    1669 yes a full counter attack is on its way
  10. Gender Race

    1670 thank you for your help
  11. Gender Race

    1672 no i will hold you off
  12. Gender Race

    1672 i shall fight
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