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  1. My new boyfriend is a dragon. c:

  2. To be honest, "Cupcakes" is not that bad out of character. Pinkie isn't portrayed as "evil," just deranged. In the show, she's already a little bit (or a lot) nuts. "Cupcakes" struck me as more of an explanation as to why she's so crazy. I also see Celestia as being a chaotic character, as much as she tries to hide behind a mask of pure goodness and Harmony. Of course, I also dislike Celestia and have, therefore, never read any of these fanfictions, so I can't be sure if the way they portray her is accurate or not. It does really bug me, though, when a character does something way
  3. I'd like to try, but mine is a zebra, so I know there's no way I could do that. :I
  4. It's not; I was just using the definition of "magic" that was given. xP
  5. I've heard of Whovian parents teaching their kids to believe that the Doctor is real and that he keeps the Universe safe, brings them gifts at Christmas, etc. It's almost a religion. xD
  6. You don't believe that the actions and gestures of friendship can influence and change the world? Well, okay then... cynic. xD
  7. Heh. I never noticed that, but it is slightly like Small Soldiers (but the "toys" in my story are actual living creatures rather than real toys with artificial intelligence). The thing about the government wanting people to be dumb is because they themselves are not that smart and don't want the citizens to be smarter than they are.Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I hope to update the story with new chapters soon. c:
  8. The other day I was looking at my new Doctor Hooves figurine and was inspired to write a story in which Hasbro is this evil corporation that has a hold on the government and somehow aims to control people using ponies. Of course, for this evil plan of theirs, they steal ponies from Equestria, clone them, and sell the pony clones as toys. A group of super average humans (because in this world, the government sees civilian intelligence as a threat, and so the general population of humans is a little on the dumb side) discovers a few ponies who have managed to escape and must figure out how to
  9. What if the ponies in Equestria actually didn't evolve from horses... what if they actually evolved from humans? O__o
  10. I actually try not to ever take anything too seriously; it's a waste of time. Your explanation of parasprites, on the other hand... now that is quite entertaining. You can't imagine how hard I just laughed when reading that. (Seriously... I was drinking a Dr Pepper at the time; you nearly made me spew it out my nose.) Just because I bring logic into a cartoon doesn't mean that I don't have fun; I just enjoy logic more than nonsense sometimes. There is a certain time and place in which nonsense is more fun, but this particular subject just doesn't deem it necessary in my mind, so
  11. That looks awesome! o3o Hehe. I love how you've turned my zebra stripes into scars. It's a unique idea that I would never have thought of. xP Would it be okay if I wanted to use this as a profile picture sometime in the future?
  12. In your opinion, perhaps this is sane. What I find more ridiculous, however, is your total refusal to accept anything that isn't explicitly stated in the show. Some things are just common logic and aren't stated in the show because the creators assume that everyone else will just assume.
  13. I am pretty freaking obsessed with My Little Pony, but I have other things I'm way into as well. I obsess over... Hyenas - They are my favourite animal, for starters. Also, I am a furry/therian, and my fursona/spirit animal is the aardwolf -- a small subspecies of hyena that has stripes and a long, bushy tail and eats only termites. I have three comic characters who are anthropomorphic aardwolves and refer to themselves as "The Grammar Hyenas." Each one is a representation of a different aspect of myself, and I devote much of my time to thinking about and drawing them. The Endless Fo
  14. Yes, I know everypony has already said this, but... she's going through puberty so her voice is changing. However, I want to add something to that. I noticed her voice sounded a little more mature in this episode, but I also noticed that the characters seem to be growing up too, just as their voice actors are. Has anyone else noticed that Spike's voice is getting slightly deeper? How about the fact that he's taller and slimmer now than when the show started. I think Hasbro is actually allowing its characters to age. As the show's main character (Twilight Sparkle) grows and changes
  15. I always thought they were something like the gods of Greek myth. They have awesome power, but they are not perfect. Of course, then again, there could be, as you've suggested, a head-god who chooses mortal ponies to become gods. I have no way of explaining Discord, though. He's not a pony, but he is still like a god. I wonder if he started off like Celestia and Luna or if he was born/created/came into existence/etc. with his powers.
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