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  1. Ugh... I was late to work by 20 MINUTES. Freakin broken traffic light. And RIGHT over a major highway intersection. :mlp_wat:

    1. You


      I hope Americans are only jaywalking and not jaydriving. :sealed:

    2. ShadOBabe


      Well I did see this one punk the other day. I was slowing down at a yellow light so I would stop when it turned red, when this dude came flying up out of nowhere, went through a TURN LANE, and then back into my lane and through the light, which was now red.

      I had some unsavory thoughts to think about that person.

    3. You


      When I was living right near a junction with lights, it totally drove me mad. There was the same lane for straight drivers and turn right, but the lights differed both.

      Trust me, drivers are totally not able to understand that if they want to cross straight through it that the car in front of them is not allowed to drive to the direction of the right at the same time.

      They went honking like crazy, and I call myself a pacifist, but I was totally near to running out of the house in order to knock at their glasses and condemn/curse them or worse. It really drove me nuts, and prob not only me. It was terrible.