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  1. i what some brony friends on PS4 so my username is xiledsoul add me i have a mic not the best though tell me your from here
  2. ~XCOLIDE~

    First thing you say when you wake up

    most days along the lines of uuggghhghh*falls between bed and wall* agh fuck it fuck today then i go on with my day:)
  3. ~XCOLIDE~

    Butter's here

    welcome to the forums oh and i watched seasons 1-3 in a week so ya
  4. ~XCOLIDE~


    welcome i hope you enjoy it here if you need anything PM me
  5. ~XCOLIDE~

    new sig i made

    so this is the second sigg i have made for myself so what do you think it's not the best more then likely because its only my second one
  6. ~XCOLIDE~

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    ok so heres a pic of my ugly/sexy self
  7. ~XCOLIDE~

    Mega Thread Rate the Signature of the User Above You!

    agh that sounds like a intresting song
  8. ~XCOLIDE~

    "Lanky" Male Ponies

    yhea your wright ...but thats the reason i said some variety not just variety
  9. ~XCOLIDE~

    Mega Thread Rate the Signature of the User Above You!

    although i did not understand it i know if i did it would be wonderful
  10. i see well umm i got nothing but by posting what you just posted she got attention
  11. explain yourself sir or whatever
  12. ~XCOLIDE~

    Who else paces back and forth?

    all the time when im thinking or mad or nervous
  13. fail, what she does not fail