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  1. For me its hard NOT to lie, I'd say the ratio of lying to truth-telling is about 3:2... every two truths is three lies. I don't know why I lie so much, I imagine its some sort of self-defense mechanism, lying for the best possible answer so I don't get it wrong. Lies run through my veins as much as blood does.... sad.
  2. If I can rope a friend in to come along with me, then sure, no sweat. I can can use the opportunity to scare the crap outta them... by myself? Sure, I can use the opportunity to scare the crap out of myself and possibly even make a mental breakthrough! You know the old saying, "As long as its not a graveyard, I'll stalk it!" ... what do you mean that's not a saying?
  3. Posted for here for the first time in many months... so I guess I'm "happy" but mainly I feel bed. That's right, I feel bed, so I'm gonna take that feeling and get into my bed and sleep.
  4. Shirt and shorts 100% of the time... unless I'm forced to leave the house, in that case shirt (maybe hoodie) and jeans. If I could shower clothed I would. Gah.
  5. Sadly accurate... well not really sad but y'know.
  6. I sing quietly to myself when I'm certain no one can here me. Sometimes I'll be humming though and I'll get caught cause "the heck is that noise?" comes up... heh.
  7. I have so many made-up words that I can't keep track of any of them, yet when the situation calls for it I can use them flawlessly. Many words though are mashups between multiple words and I use them daily.
  8. I'm not afraid of the dark, no. I prefer to be in a small enclosed room though when I'm alone, either in darkness (preferably) or with the light on (only if I have to)... Windows and doors make me anxious. Closets too, I guess, I hate a room with closets it just makes me feel so horrible inside. The only real "fear" I have is in regards to my sleeping position- I have to, no matter what, have my feet completely enclosed in the blanket (either sheet, comforter, or both) because my whole life my feet have been too near the edge of the bed, and the past like 6 years or more my feet slightly hang of the end of the bed. Even if the rest of me isn't covered, my feet have to be wrapped because they hang off the bed. I guess I'm afraid of the monster under the bed, hah.
  9. Sure, why not. Its the most egotistical thing I can think of, and that sounds right up my alley. Heh. Plus the only person I could even somewhat deal with is myself. Emphasis on the "somewhat".
  10. I'm feeling hungry. But not for food, in the literal sense. I'm hungry for fandoms. Hungry for shipping,,, romance, y'know. I'm hungry for imaginary romance. So yeah no idea why I stopped here, maybe its because I've been stopping here nightly or something. Yeah, that's probably it. Annnnnyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays... I'm gonna go eat some more romance. OTP Thrusters, prepare for take-off! 3...2...1... okay that's just stupid. I'm really just embarrassing myself at this point by still typing, yet here I am, still typing. I gotta end this before I make myself sound even weirder. ~_~
  11. 112 days since last status update? Perfect, I'm going to bed.

    1. HereComesTom


      Hope you slept well!

  12. I want to have a daughter, but I sense no future where I have any children. Its my dream to have my heart pulled out and ripped into tiny little confetti shreds by my own flesh and blood before I leave this earth... what better way than to have a daughter?... hah.... But really I would like to have a daughter... but I don't think I'll have children. It might not even be medically wise for me to have children were I ever to try, due to medications I've taken in the past. Not to mention I'm socially inept with no hopes to go find someone who would want to put up with me.
  13. Wait for them to turn at least... and then whether they had wanted me to our not blow their f'ing zombie brains out. *small voice in head* "See? This is why you don't have friends."