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  1. Lol, I love when a game crashes when I haven't even done anything yet.

  2. Clod

    Should G5 have more male characters?

    I believe that G5 should have more male characters, yes. The main characters are all female in G4. That isn't really a problem, but it would be better if there was a male character or two in the main group.
  3. i feel like google is actually terrible at targeting ads. no, i can't afford that super expensive car, or first class flights, or a new camera, and i have no need for condoms. why don't you advertise something more relevant, like games or something? i get very few of those ads, despite 80% of my youtube being game related.

    1. EpicEnergy


      Yeah, that's definitely google. At least you're not getting overwhelmed by TikTok ads, those are highly repulsive.

    2. Clod


      It's truly amazing that I've avoided all TikTok ads. Not complaining though, I prefer it this way.

  4. happy international mens day btw

    'cause no one else is saying it

    1. Flutterstep
    2. Woohoo


      Men, men, men, men, menly men, men, men.

  5. yo dudes, where the heck do i get one of these?

    See the source image

  6. used a different wire for my xbox controller. it works when tilted to either side, but putting it straight doesn't work. of course now the slightest movement makes it disconnect again.

    not sure if my controller is actually breaking the wires or something. that's 3 now that have broken in this controller.

    1. Usager


      Use a rubber band to keep it tilted :3!

    2. CypherHoof


      I suspect you are getting too enthusiastic using the controller. Perhaps a wireless one? :)

    3. Clod


      @Usager It needs to stay in one of two very exact positions now, and a rubber band would get in the way.

      @CypherHoof Too enthusiastic? I barely move at all lol. And it was wireless, but it doesn't accept the rechargeable battery anymore (battery probably just doesn't hold a charge anymore) and it has issues with a wireless connection (as my Xbox seems to have in general, it doesn't connect to WiFi either). Using headphones, as I always am, is a terrible experience and watching YouTube (my TV is my only 1080p screen and my laptop can barely handle 720p60) feels like a waste of battery.

  7. Diversity in a show needs to be a thing, but you should let it speak for itself. Have diverse characters, but don't mention it every chance you get. If they pull that off, cool. Because the message you should be spreading is that it just shouldn't matter. People are people. And for staff, it should just be the most capable people. If that means there ends up being a majority of one kind of person in there, oh well. Don't care what color their skin is or what they have in their pants. Can they do the job? That's the most important thing. Don't choose not to hire one person because it isn't split evenly. You have 50 of x, 49 of y. You need to hire one more to make 100. You have two people you're considering to hire. One's an x, one's a y. The x is much better at the job. The x gets hired, because the x can do the job better than the y. It's now 51/49, but oh well, it doesn't matter. The issue I'm seeing is that they made sure they're 50/50, and even 100% female for the writers. I mean, they can hire whoever they want, but they shouldn't be turning anyone down because they want more men or women. And the writers being 100% female seems pretty discriminatory against males. Why can't men write for the show? I doubt G5 will go the same way. The example shown is very... super hard left, for lack of a better term. Like instead of trying to be accepting of everyone, they became very strict about who could be hired, which isn't really how you become accepting and open. Looks like they tried to be very equal by making it 50/50 instead of being equal opportunity, which means anyone gets a chance. And this studio, with this type of mindset, is going to create a show that reflects that. It's definitely very "look how diverse we are!" rather than being chill and accepting. Of course, I haven't seen the actual show used for the example so I can't say if it's as bad as I expect. But G5 is a show about ponies, not people. It's yet to be created, so we can't say how it'll be. Their mission may be to show acceptance as a friendship lesson type thing, since it's a show about lessons for kids. And honestly, if there's some episodes about accepting people for their differences, as they should learn irl, that'll be pretty cool. That should just not be the main focus, because that'll get old easily. Gotta change things up a bit. Real world issues like LGBT and racism, though some might argue they "don't belong in a kids' show", would be totally appropriate. People will say they don't belong, but they're scared of kids learning these lessons of acceptance. If they can teach kids to accept one another, rather than just going "haha we're diverse!", then that's awesome. TL;DR: Be diverse, but don't make that the only thing the show is about. Diversity's cool. It's needed. Don't be annoying about how diverse you are. Just let it speak for itself.
  8. That's such an empty threat lol "Someone wrote about wanting more Spike. Well ha, it didn't happen!" We know it's a show about ponies, but Spike is a character too. That's like saying "It's not a show about draconequui, it's about ponies! No more Discord episodes!" And Spike is a pretty major character, being Twilight's adopted son and assistant. Nobody is shoving Spike in anyone's faces. People are discussing Spike because they like Spike. If you don't want to read about Spike, don't read about Spike. It's not hard. This is a place for discussion of the TV show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" and all characters in it. You don't get to decide which characters people are allowed to talk about. As much as the writers want him to get? And I'm sure there's a character you like more than most. People have preferences, stop shitting on them for it. ...Okay? Why? Just because people are talking about him? Point is, you don't decide what people talk about here. You don't decide how many episodes Spike gets. None of us do. We're all free to talk about whatever, and the writers are free to write about whoever. That's how this works. Do I understand the amount of love for Rainbow Dash? Not really. She's cool I guess but nowhere near my favorite. But I'm not gonna start complaining because others like her, and others want more episodes for her, or the writers make more episodes for her.
  9. wish i could do a lil exploration of my old elementary school before it's torn down next year

    but i'm sure the cameras n stuff are still working soooo no thanks

    it just recently closed and they're building a new one so it's not like it's an abandoned building, i just want to go back and see how bad it's gotten before it's gone. guess i never will :/

  10. very good banner my dude

  11. Is this the first animated banner?

  12. Why does my favorite season have to last like 3 weeks max? Finally get some slightly cooler temperatures, trees shedding leaves, it's finally autumn. Jk here's some snow it's winter now.

    1. Crow2


      I prefer ice cold temperatures so winter is my favourite season 

  13. fuck america's healthcare system

    i try not to get "political" (this shouldn't be a political issue) here but holy shit. it's the most "fuck you, make the rich richer" system. people will say "what about waiting times" when you talk about paying for healthcare through taxes. there's still private doctors. if you have money, go ahead and pay for it. but for those of us that don't have a fuckton of money sitting around, we shouldn't have to give up everything we own and more just so we don't fucking die. how have so many countries figured it out but we still can't? do people really care that much about lowering taxes? that it doesn't fucking matter if your fellow person gets sick and dies because they can't afford it? woo, you saved a few dollars now. go to the emergency room. oops, i spent those few dollars i saved and don't have the ability to pay. why wouldn't you want it to be paid ahead of time through taxes so you don't have to worry about it? "why should i have to pay for other people's healthcare?" are you that much of a selfish asshole? you pay for other people's healthcare because they have just as much of a right to life as the rich. "but insurance". insurance that you have to hope doesn't fuck you over, and still doesn't pay for everything a lot of the time.

    and no, it isn't "free". i've heard the "doctors deserve pay too" argument, and the "free healthcare isn't sustainable" argument. i'm not sure where people get "free" from. sure, it's free in the moment you need it, but everyone gets paid because you took a bit of your money and gave it to your country earlier so you can have it now.

    honestly, this is a huge reason i want to get out of here. canada's lookin real good. no country is flawless of course, but it's better. just... gotta find a way to actually move there (legally).


    also, stop cutting the taxes of the rich. they can afford it. they're the ones that should be paying for most of it.

  14. we'd probably have a final answer to religion if we could talk to the dead

  15. faked believing in santa for years because i thought that if my parents found out i didn't believe in santa i would start getting worse presents lol

    1. TwilySparky
    2. A.V.


      It's the most... / ...pragmatic time... / ...of the year! :laugh:



  16. your political opinion is wrong. arguments down below please.

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    2. J.T.


      And may I ask what you consider yourself?

    3. Clod


      someone that has the correct political opinions of course

    4. Thankful Brony 2

      Thankful Brony 2

      I'm a [adjective] [noun] because it's trendy to pick a political philosophy and add an adjective to it.

  17. What? No. Absolutely not. That's disgusting.
  18. No, it's known that Flash support is ending, most browsers will get rid of it by 2020. To answer your question, Flash games and stuff will no longer be usable in a browser, unless someone manages to either keep the flash plugins or make their own. There is still the Flash Player Projector which is a program that runs Flash files, and Flash games can be saved that way. I've got a few that I want to keep. They'll be playable long after browser support ends. Flash will be gone due to security issues and it generally being outdated. That is final. All we can do is find alternatives after that. Whether that's downloading things and using them outside of your browser or someone else making something to run old websites, I don't know. We've still got some time until then. It needed to happen, unfortunately. We need to move on from the past. Flash can't last forever. There's an ongoing effort to preserve Flash games, if that's what you're worried about. They'll last years through the Projector. It won't all be lost. Edit: Also, YouTube is in HTML5 now. It hasn't used Flash in years.
  19. Oh hey, turns out YouTube's being a bit fucky again. Just kinda chooses when it wants to work.

    1. TwilySparky


      @Clod Thought it was my school network being ass, guess it wasn't.

  20. i was one of the unlucky kids that got sonic 06

  21. Just realized the cashier gave me an extra $1, which would make my hot chocolate free. Nice.

    With how it tasted, that's how much it was worth anyway lol

  22. daily schedule

    • check youtube, find nothing interesting
    • check reddit, waste about an hour
    • check youtube again, still nothing
    • listen to music while staring at nothing
    • holy shit that's boring
    • repeat until too tired to stay awake, or when sleeping feels possible so try because it's better than being awake
    1. Flutterstep


      That’s pretty much my schedule, except whenever I try to sleep I can’t help but look on the internet again.

    2. WWolf


      That’s mii

    3. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      Is that really the stereotype of humans nowadays? :sealed:

  23. Hilarious EPIC FAILS Compilation Vol 1: My Entire Life

  24. Mine's always changing but I chose my current one because It's currently autumn It's autumn in the picture I love autumn Peridot is also in the picture I love Peridot
  25. Or maybe, and this is just a crazy idea, people actually don't have enough money?