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  1. Clod

    Hey man, hate to bother you again about badges again, but I kinda never got the ones for interacting with Twilight or the trivia :please:

  2. also reminder that i'm gonna be doing the reading thing at 9 pm est in the poniverse discord

    show up there or i'll show up at your house and eat all your peanut butter


  3. I actually have a super cool website idea but I can't tell you because it's my idea not yours

  4. It's super unlikely, but if everyone could just leave this apartment today, that'd be great. Just sitting here listening to a thunderstorm, no other noise.

  5. Clod

    iOS apps

    Years ago there were apps on iOS. Pony Unite (I think it was later renamed to BronyTunes) and iPonyRadio. Neither of these are available anymore, at least not in the US. Would it be possible to get one of these back or are they gone forever?
  6. Clod

    iOS apps

    Thing is, I have absolutely no idea who the dev is. They don't show up in the app store at all. Since it's all part of Poniverse I decided maybe someone who works on PVL would see this and be able to figure something out.
  7. "You see all those videos you watched? Forget those. You clicked on one Minecraft video earlier. Clearly you love Minecraft more than anything else. Watch Minecraft videos."


    1. Tropical Melody

      Tropical Melody

      Too bluddy right - know exacty what you mean. Pinterest is like that too. I clicked on ONE photo of a cyclist, consequently am currently being inundated with emails full of thumbnails of more cyclists and bicycles. :o





  8. Well no one showed up when I was supposed to be reading so I kinda just didn't do it.


  9. Xbox One X can be shortened to XBOX.

  10. Oh boy, a brohoof farming game! Now's my chance! Gimme brohoofs!
  11. To make up for sleeping through the time I was supposed to do it last time, I'm going to be doing a whole two hours of reading, starting at 4 AM EST.

    This is, of course, on the Poniverse Discord. And no, I will NOT oversleep this time. I slept during the day, and I set an alarm for 3:45 AM to be safe.

    will be there this time. I'm sorry if anyone showed up and I wasn't there.

    I know not many people will see this. The schedule post is still broken. I'm not sure anyone that follows me actually cares, and I'm sure anyone that does care will never see this.

    But I took the position, so now I got a job to do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    As always, here's a countdown because time zones are hard.

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    2. Clod


      I think nobody will care because I always assume things like that about myself lol

      It may not be the best time but it's really the only time I have where there's actual quiet and I don't have to worry about anyone hearing me. It's 1 AM and my parents are still up. My girlfriend makes me stay in a Discord call with her every night until she falls asleep, usually around 3 AM. 4 AM to 6 or 7 AM, everyone is asleep and I'm finally alone. By 7 my brother is usually awake listening to YouTube really loud on the TV in the living room. The only time I can really guarantee is 4 to 6 AM.

      Buuut I'll record it, so if anyone cares and couldn't make it they can listen later. They'll get it in higher quality too because I can edit out any background noise after lol

    3. Rikifive


      Then in that case, believe in yourself! :fluttershy:

      Oh it is understandable. I don't blame you for picking that hour, nor anything like this.

      Yeah, that's a solution! Don't let anyone, nor anything demotivate you! ;)

    4. Clod


      It's usually just myself demotivating myself tbh

  12. Oof, back into one of those times where nothing is fun.

  13. Fucking Xbox. It's supposed to save where I am in a game so that I can go back when I turn the Xbox back on. Nope. 1 hour into a 4 hour race and it decided it just didn't fucking care.

    1. Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A

      Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A

      I was going down the list of updates, as people were describing what they were doing. Then I read yours and thought, "that sounds painful."

  14. Clod

    How Many Pixels are you Currently Looking At?

    1,049,087 One of them died.
  15. 6028048670_b7c871fd76_z.jpg

    raccoons are great

    1. Kyoshi


      Foxes are nice too. :3

  16. "I should go to sleep."

    *2 hours later*

    "I should probably go to sleep now."

    1. Kevin Tang

      Kevin Tang

      You are not the only one who does that. :p

  17. uh oh, 666 posts

    1. Woohoo
    2. Kyoshi



    3. The_Gobo


      I love how important some people seem to think that number is lol


  18. Clod

    General What word do you want to say right NOW.

    Probably somethin like "spaghetti" tbh
  19. MOVIE IDEA: Separate fucking audio mixes.

    There's nothing worse than having to turn your volume up just to hear the dialogue, and then BOOM BIG FUCKING EXPLOSION THAT HURTS YOUR EARS OR ANNOYS YOUR NEIGHBORS.

    This shit works great in a theater. Volume is up high so you can hear the dialogue, and then big noises are super loud as they should be in a theater. You can feel it. That's the usual theater experience.

    However when you pop your DVD into your computer to watch it there and listen with headphones, you'll have to turn up the volume to hear what the characters say. Then action scene happens and suddenly everything is the loudest thing you've ever heard. Or you go to watch on your TV and then the action scenes can be heard through the entire building. Why? Why can't they just give us one version for home and one for theater?

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    2. Clod



    3. The_Gobo


      Well then. That might be the problem right there :V


    4. Clod


      Ripped from a Blu Ray in super high quality. That's just how the home release is.

  20. Hold the heck on

    Was that a dark theme I saw?

    How'd ya get that?

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    2. Clod


      Alright! Thanks to you too for making and improving this :)

    3. TheTaZe


      I fixed both the reactions box being white and text box being the almost the same color. Try to go to my pastebin link now and update it!


    4. Clod


      Looks great! Thanks for this :) 

  21. Oh damn, RIP BronyCon. Tbh I don't care as much as I used to, but it'll still be weird to not have it around.

    14 year old me would be super upset that I never got to go lol

    1. The_Gobo


      Meh, I went this year, and I can understand why it's poofing, but oh well

      such is life o3o


  22. Why is grape juice so disgusting if grapes are so delicious?

  23. HEY STAFF!

    this page is broken.

    1. The_Gobo


      Jeric did it o3o


  24. THEORY: The 1 on the banner is for season 1. A banner will be made for each season.

    EVIDENCE: Nightmare Moon, Twilight using the balloon because she probably doesn't have wings, the Mane 6 feeling very... season one-ish, filename being "friendship_is_magic_one.png".

    CONCLUSION: I was wrong. 

    Jeric explains that they're each from one episode. This is the first.


    In between community banners I will toss up a banner from an episode for one day.


    1. CypherHoof the Reblanked

      CypherHoof the Reblanked

      ah but will #2 be the same banner, but with a tree added? :)

    2. The_Gobo


      But @CypherHoof the Reblanked.... Fluttershy is already IN the picture :3