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  1. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom, @FanOfManyShows KARMIC FATE "This is going so well," Karmic said sarcastically, burying herself against Enzo's neck to try to be as small as possible so she wouldn't be noticed. "Maybe those soldiers should take a chill pill and relax. All that stress is going to blow their hearts sooner or later," she muttered before her eyes widened. "Is that a dragon!?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "A road trip? That doesn't sound so bad. It's what I've been doing for the past few months anyway, just going around Equestria," Aurora said happily. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight went to the desk she had in the library and summoned out a couple of scrolls, inkwells, and a pair of quills. She gathered the items in her magic and trotted back over to Nerzhei. "Do you know how to use a quill, Nerzhei, or are you used to other writing implements?" Twilight grinned, placing the items between them both. "Because we have a lot of translating to get to and a lot of writing." @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "Yes, while abnormal, it's still a part of you. I don't really mind the fact that it's a stump and not a horn," Watts told him before laughing. "This gives me an idea! I can use you as a subject!"
  2. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "Yeah, I'm ready to get off this island. It's fascinating to look at the ruins but it's very creepy," Karmic nodded and hopped up onto Enzo's back with his help. She saw how much room the bag took and settled into place near Enzo's neck. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I'm not familiar with that," Aurora admitted. There was a green glow around her and a griffin stood in her place, now looking to be chest height on Happy. "I am familiar with this form though. We're heading to Ponyville for what again?" @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Some? Some interest!? It holds a great amount of interest for me!" Twilight squealed excitedly and pranced in place for a couple of seconds. She did however, quickly calm down and stared back at Nerzhei. She knew the gravity of the book they were talking about even just from the one page she had seen. "I know this will be of high controversy once the entire book has been translated," the mare took a deep breath and then let it out slowly before adding nervously. "I want this to be accessible to as many ponies as possible but if this really does contain secrets of the Alicorn process, I think it would be best if at least that bit doesn't make it out to the public." @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO Watts narrowed her eyes slightly at Zealous' reaction before quickly surveying around them. "If you want to talk to me about it, to at least get it off of your chest, there's an empty alley over there we can talk in," Watts offered quietly, pointing to the a gap between a couple of buildings to their left.
  3. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "So no answers, alrighty then," Karmic muttered to herself but proceeded to follow Enzo out of the temple. She didn't get any visions on her way back and it kinda concerned her a bit. Maybe Atzy was siphoning off her magic? She didn't think it was possible but maybe it was. Who knows what could happen with a changeling symbiote inside her. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora grinned nervously at Onache and offered a quick bow before chasing Happy out of the temple, as fast as her hooves could carry her. @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "If we look at both images ... it would certainly seem that this could be the first record of the Alicorn formation process," Twilight told Nerzhei, peering closely at the images of the mare with the stones and the mare with the wings and curved horn. "If this is true, and this is the first ever recorded Alicorn, this book could hold secrets to both how Alicorns formed and why the dragons and ponies are always at war!" she added excitedly, being sure to step away from the book to jump and down in excitement. "But of course, this is all speculation until we can decipher the book!" @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "No no no no! AAAaaaahh!" Dawn screamed as she was bucked off, her screams fading the higher she got away from Kaltrops. She got high up into the air, high enough to see all of Ponyville beneath her, before suddenly plummeting to the ground. She quickly tried to flap her wings but all they could do was provide a weak draft to cushion her fall with, which didn't amount to anything really. "aaaaaAAAH!" in reverse, her screams faded back into the normal range of hearing as she flailed her limbs back down towards the teen dragon. @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "I acknowledge it because it gives us something to talk about. Why do you have a stump for your horn?" Watts asked in the best curious tone she could muster, doing her absolute best to not come off as offensive or insincere.
  4. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE Karmic had a cursory glance over the Equine-written book and turned a bit green at what was written within the margins of the love and care sections. She quickly closed it and tossed it onto the pile in the middle of the room with the other books and before turning back to the draconic books, noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She wasn't sure what it was, but it was certainly something that looked soft and plushy when Enzo hid it away. Karmic didn't want to draw attention to it if Enzo wasn't going to. She turned back to the draconic books and after realising she couldn't read any of them, put them with the other books. "There are a lot of dragon books here. I thought there'd be more Equine-based books but I found one about guard dog training," Karmic commented, heading to the pile with another dragon book. "Are you able to read these?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora felt both of their gazes on her and it chilled her slightly with how intensely they were staring. "Um ... I'll join Happini, Queen Onache," Aurora said eventually when she could get her throat wet enough to talk. "I want to at least see this hive flourish." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Yes, I have wondered about the constant war between our species, Nerzhei, but I could never really find anything because of the lack of books we have here on your kind," Twilight said slowly, examining the picture on the page. This was the most calm Twilight had been in a while and it was a funny feeling. She was excited, and enthused by the book, yes, but she was doing a fantastic job of keeping herself in check. The architecture within the picture reminded her of an old Grecian palace but at the same time, it had the hardiness of the dragons as well. "There is an old legend though. I remember reading it, and rereading it because it was so fascinating. There used to be a city of some kind out past the Dragon Lands that mysteriously went missing. It was said that ponies lived there but no evidence had been found. This could be that city if I'm looking at the picture right." @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "Why didn't you say anything about being a Unicorn?" Watts asked immediately upon catching up to Zealous. She had no inkling of him being one, and had no way of knowing because he never alluded to it.
  5. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE Karmic hopped off of Enzo's back as best she could and winced when she landed a bit too hard on her hooves. "Find all the materials. That should not be hard in this giant room," Karmic commented and began to walk towards a particularly bare bookcase that only held a few books in its shelves. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I've literally got nothing better to do," Aurora told them both, sitting on her haunches. She felt like a third wheel, yes, but she did want to help both Onache and Happy as best she could. Besides, it was fun calling the human Happini. It had a nice sound to it. "But, you're right. It may be of help to you to contact this Thorax. Sounds like a dragonfly to me more than a changeling with that name." @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "I can't control my reactions, it's true," Twilight nodded and took a deep breath. She had to get all her thoughts in order. When she had, she beamed at the dragon and looked up at Nerzhei. "I do have time now, yes. Show me the book and tell me why you think I can help." @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "Huh, your mane must have covered the stump. I've never seen a Unicorn with a broken horn before," Watts told Zealous in mild interest. She glanced at the dual changelings and smiled at them. "Francis, I'm sorry for how I reacted. It was an ingrained habit of mine."
  6. @SleeplessSketch, @Lyridian Honestly, I think this is dead, but I'll have a shot anyway. Just in case. Roleplayer: Dji Name: Fey Lin Pokemon Type: Ninetales Age: Looks 11 but is actually 17 Gender: Female Appearance: LINK She weats a light brown dress that ends just past her knees. The dress has long sleeves to hide her hands in case she gets cold or frightened. Her auburn hair is long and wavy, perfect for hiding her face if necessary. She has bright blue eyes and freckles spread out across her face. For shoes, she usually wears white sneakers. In her dress, all her dresses and pants, actually, have holes cut in the back of them so her tail can poke through. All nine, extremely thick, twisted strands of hair that end in white tipped fur. Her ears are above her head, imitating a fox's ears in how big and sensitive they are. Personality: She is very shy and this can sometimes lead to her not talking with anyone, not even if they asked her a question directly. Her shyness comes from the fact that she is small for her age. Job: Glassworker Origin Story: When she was little, Fey enjoyed playing with the pokemon that roamed near her house. Sometimes, she thinks she can sometimes understand them but she knows that that's nigh impossible. One day, she saw a Pokemon evolve. She saw a Vulpix evolve into a Ninetales through the use of a firestone. When she was caught staring though, she shrunk into her jacket and tried not to stare at it anymore. She watched other evolutions happen growing up, until her parents figured enough was enough and sent her to the village to make new friends. Relationships: Having only worked as a glassworker for a few months, Fey hasn't really had a chance to get to know anyone in the village yet. Extras: Fey can live longer than most (according to all the Pokedex entries anyway). While Ninetales are said to be near-intelligent and can understand Pokemon, Fey has the complete opposite of that. She can't understand other Pokemon, and she is only of average intelligence.
  7. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "Wow, this is a really big room," Karmic commented, eyes going wide at the sheer size of the space. Granted, it was in ruins like everything they had passed through but it was still big by pony standards. "Were you able to ever read any of these tomes?" she asked Enzo, gesturing to the scattered pages and books, ignoring everything he said about Warlock and the Element of Hatred. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I guess to take my mind off of all the information you just gave me, Happini, is there any way I can help out?" Aurora questioned, looking between Onache and Happy. She knew what she said wasn't his name, but it sounded fun to say regardless. She pushed all her timid thoughts to the side for the moment in favour of focusing on whatever task she could at hand. @Blitz Boom, @EQ_Theta TWILIGHT SPARKLE "I understand somewhat of what you're saying about yourself and Lyriel, Nerzhei, but that still was uncalled for. The way you reacted to whatever she said, anyway," Twilight sighed as Lyriel and Fluttershy left them alone. She sighed in a disappointed tone and looked at the ground between her hooves. "I'm sorry if I sound rude, but, at the very least, you could have stayed quiet if you had nothing nice to say about her. Although, I am glad you are trying to make amends. That counts for something." @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "Oh no," Watts said in a small bit of panic and ran across the roof before diving off the edge. She flew down as fast as she could and held her hooves out in an effort to catch him before he could hit the ground. "Got you!" Watts succeeded and crowed triumphantly before setting down on the ground with the changeling in her arms.
  8. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom, @EQ_Theta TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Yes, that is okay with me," Twilight nodded quickly, a little unnerved at how Nerzhei spoke to Lyriel but whatever book the dragon had, kept her interest a lot more than how Lyriel was being treated at the moment. "Fluttershy, maybe you could show Lyriel your animal sanctuary." @Widdershins DAWN STREAK "ONLY WITH CREATURES I LIKE SO WHY DON'T YOU GET OUT FROM UNDER ME!?" Dawn retaliated, only just barely keeping her grip and sounded a bit shake by the force Kaltrops had presented her with. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "Who's the pony trying to grab a gem?" Karmic asked in confusion, witnessing another past vision when they passed into a giant room. "They're hazy but it looks like they're triumphant in succeeding." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "okay, I'm sorry," Aurora said meekly, ducking her head out of fear of Onache and the much larger biped being so close to her. "Th-That's all well and good, um, Happini, but, maybe there should be some more drones?"
  9. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom, @EQ_Theta TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Alright, alright, I'll back off," Twilight said in a disappointed tone. She knew that she was crossing a line when she had asked but she didn't expect both Lyriel and Fluttershy to call her out on it. She couldn't help herself! She was curious about learning and learning about everything! At the very least there weren't any fights over it. "I think Fluttershy is right. It would probably be best if you and her walk around the town. At least before I ask something else that's possibly harmful for you to think about, Lyriel." @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "You know, that would be harmful to a normal pony," Karmic said flatly, looking down at the arrow from her perch on his back. She faced forward once more and wasn't sure if she should be glad at seeing the past or worried. She knew that things could be learned from the past but she didn't really think anything could be learned if she saw visions of Enzo being tortured with the way he described it. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "It's only us three here. How can this be considered a hive?" Aurora spoke finally. She had wandered around the big main room, inspecting the walls, columns, and floor while she listened to Onache. However now, she made her way back and sat just in front of the throne. "I know I'm out on a lot of changeling ways, but shouldn't there be more than you, me, and Happy?" @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "You definitely called it. I'm going to see if I can spot him from above," Watts grinned, pointing to the sky with her hoof before flapping her wings. "It'll give me a chance to see my balancer in flight," she added with a laugh and flew up to the roof of the building. While she didn't particularly need the balancer hooked around her middle, it would help field test how it worked. Theoretically, the balancer was meant to autocorrect a Pegasus' balance when in flight if they were too shaky or had poor wing lift. Watts was perfectly fine with her balance, but this changeling may get some use out of it and give her some data. "Found you!" she called triumphantly so Zealous could hear, spotting the changeling on the roof.
  10. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "That's all well and good but I see ... um ... a small sphinx. Walking around. Docile," Karmic whispered, her eyes having gone a cloudy white. Something in what Enzo had said coupled with the temple around them forced a vision upon of the past rather than the future. At the very least, this could give her some insight as to what Enzo meant by his angry tone. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I had no idea what was happening to me at the time. My parents told me that they saw a bug pony thing change into a griffin upon noticing them. They still took me in but they wouldn't say why or anything about any other changeling being near me. I didn't get found out because I stayed as a griffin. Despite my best wishes, I kinda assimilated, maybe? I'm not entirely sure, but I know that you met the majority of griffins because they're all like that. It's where we live in a run down city. It could be an easy target for Chrysalis, yes, but I doubt she'd be able to get to it. Mainly because it's hidden away in the mountains and the only couple of ways to get in and out is by flying or going through a series of twisty tunnels within the mountain itself," Aurora poured forth her words in an effort to get Onache to understand her. She wanted to make sure that Onache was fine with her answer but if she wasn't, more information could be provided. @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "It was a natural reaction. I don't really interact with Changelings much," Watts confessed but ran after Zealous anyway. "At the very least, we could catch up if he falls." @Blitz Boom, @EQ_Theta TWILIGHT SPARKLE "Greetings, Lyriel, my name is Twilight Sparkle. I'm the newest Princess to be converted into an Alicorn," Twilight told the mossy pony with a kind smile and a small bow of her head. "This is a large crystal castle that has been grown from the Tree of Harmony itself. That may be why you feel nature within it," she explained further and was content to listen to Fluttershy and Lyriel talk with each other. It brought a smile to her face to know one of her friends had found a kindred spirit. "Something bothers me though. I understand you don't really want to talk about your home, and forgive me, but how did you escape from becoming like your family?"
  11. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE "You call it a prison, I call it fate," Karmic smirked but kept on being on Enzo's back in case any traps where sprung. "What kind of place is this to lose so many Sphinx?" @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I'm honestly not sure on who or what happened to get me away from Queen Chrysalis but in hindsight, it was most likely for the best. The Canterlot didn't go well for her and I doubt any other ventures she may have tried have ended in success either," Aurora commented, looking up at Onache. She sat down and curled her tail around her legs before tilting her head. "That throne suits you, Queen Onache." @EQ_Theta, @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE "You must be talking about Onache, Happy, and Aurora. I may not be talking much but I do like listening," Twilight chuckled. "However, those three changelings are nothing to worry about as far as we know. Two of them did change into what Thorax looks like. A colourful bug pony. But one didn't, and I believe that's because they're timid from what I could gather, and not really used to anything to do with changelings," she added and glanced towards Fluttershy. "Isn't that right, Fluttershy? Or was I reading the situation wrong again?" @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "And there goes a dumb changeling. Honestly, why do changelings even still hide themselves? We're slowly accepting them," Watts said in confusion as she lifted her goggles back to her forehead. She looked at the fleeing changeling and then at Zealous. "If we have nothing better to do, do you want to follow him?"
  12. Merry Christmas from the mythical land of Australia! It’s the 25th here so I don’t know if its the same day as everyone else.
  13. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom, @EQ_Theta TWILIGHT SPARKLE "You said it yourself, Nerzhei. Most dragons are brutes and like showing off. It was pretty simple and surprisingly easy. Fluttershy and I dressed up as a dragon ourselves," Twilight explained with a smile. "I was surprised how easily we fooled them too and Dragon Lord Ember is a good friend of ours once she realised Spike was a friend." @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE Karmic tightened her grip on Enzo's back once the wrappings had gone away. Over the whistling of the wind, she opted to keep her mouth shut but at the very least, she knew they were going somewhere that could potentially separate herself and Atzy from each other. @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS "I-If you're talking about me living as a Griffin, th-then no, I'm not anything like them. I mostly kept to myself and stayed with the family who raised me until I went out into Equestria to find out what it was like," Aurora answered, her voice getting stronger the more she talked. "I was only about six months old when my family found me. They knew I was different but they still took care of me, even when I stayed as a griffin rather than a changeling." @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO "My stall is in the main marketplace, opposite the stand that sells fruit and vegetables. Trust me, everypony passes through at one point or another," Watts smirked but it quickly fell when she took a good look at his eyes. "Changeling!?" she hissed in shock, but kept her voice low so only Zealous and the newly-discovered changeling could hear her. "Why are you here!?"
  14. Dji

    Open Casual stroll

    @EQ_Theta, @Blitz Boom TWILIGHT SPARKLE Twilight took in everything that was said between Nerzhei and Fluttershy. She was content to listen to them prattle on but what stuck in her mind was still the matter of dragon magic. It was completely unknown to her! She knew she had to learn everything there was about it but for the time being, she was fine in taking her time about it. She's got lots of it after her ascension, after all. In her mind, she figured that Spike was still the only dragon that had access to a special kind of magic that lets him send and receive letters but it may not be the case anymore, depending on what she would eventually find out. Her ears perked up at hearing talk of the dastardly king that was previously in charge of the Crystal Empire and a shudder ran through at the memory of having to use corruption magic just to get to the Crystal Heart. She was about to ask for a change of subject when Fluttershy did it anyway. She latched onto it with a smile and was seemingly brought back to life. "If you remember, Rarity and I did go to the dragon lands to help Spike in the dragon lord gauntlet. Although, admittedly, I believe we only say a small portion of it if Nerzhei is to be believed about there being plenty of other dragons in the dragon lands," Twilight said and tilted her head in Nerzhei's direction in an apologetic manner. "Sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like I did. Can you enlighten us, please?" @FanOfManyShows WATTS MECHANO Watts grinned and waved her hoof in small circles in the air. "I'm sorry, I don't quite believe you're from Ponyville. I see lots of ponies in Ponyville walk by my stall in the market area and check out what I have for sale, but I have never, ever seen you there before." Watts laughed to herself and scratched the back of her neck. "If you had moved to Ponyville while I was on the train today, that would be a poor excuse too because it takes a couple of days to get everything right in a residence." @Blitz Boom AURORA LIGHTS Aurora managed to gulp a small bit and cowed slightly, leaning her front towards the ground at seeing Onache sit on her throne. When Happy leaned in, Aurora gave off a small 'eep' and began shaking like a leaf. She was feeling intimidated by the pair but didn't want to exactly run away either. Something was making her stay in the hive's general area of the temple. "Um ... I .. well ... I kinda lived on my own as a changeling for as long as I can remember ... maybe that has everything to do with me not particularly wanting to be part of a hivemind?" Aurora ventured a question, doing her best to stand tall but was unable to from the intensity of Onache's and Happy's looks to her. @Blitz Boom KARMIC FATE Karmic gasped with an 'oof' when she landed upon Enzo's back. She watched parchement wrap around her limbs but didn't struggle. "She ... I think she has stopped, Enzo," Karmic said breathlessly, resting her head on the back of his neck; feeling relief at not feeling Atzy pound on her skull for the time being. "Wh-where are we going to go?"