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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I am drunk, and it is my birthday (in Korea); c'est la vie.

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      Happy birthday my dude!

    2. easymac
  3. They usually will post once the hotel block is available.
  4. easymac

    Announcement How do autographs work?

    that depends on the person, and their schedule
  5. easymac

    Announcement Babs con is it better than other cons

    It is one of my favorite cons to go to. B-con might have a better pit (at the dance), but BABS rules the extra stuff.
  6. Tokyo has been the coolest place I have been to... I have uploaded some of the nearly 1000 pictures I took while I was there for a week.
  7. easymac

    Calling all Con-Goers: Day Zero Lunch Meetup!

    I will down in a moment, I will be wearing a black vest.
  8. easymac

    Calling all Con-Goers: Day Zero Lunch Meetup!

    Are we meeting at the restaurant or at the Hyatt SFO lobby?
  9. easymac

    BABSCon 2017

    They usually are on the Second floor.
  10. easymac

    Calling all Con-Goers: Day Zero Lunch Meetup!

    I might be down for this, can we get an address for this?
  11. easymac

    BABScon 2K17 Roomshare (Anything still open?)

    I just sent you a message.
  12. easymac

    BABSCon 2017

    I don't see why not since that would be part of the general 3-day pass which all pass holders have access to.
  13. easymac

    Can anypony hang out with me at babscon

    As someone who has been to plenty of pony cons, I don't think you will have much to worry about.
  14. easymac

    I need a room from friday-sun I need help :(

    If you have not found a room, let me know I have space for 1 more in my room. My rate is $20 per night person, cash only.
  15. I am planning on going again for the 5th time, and it should be fun