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  1. Artist-Sky

    Ask Any Of The Mane 6

    Rainbow Dash: If you found out Daring Do was your sister, how would you react?
  2. Artist-Sky

    Alicorn Fan Club

    I would not DIE to become an alicorn. just think they're cool :3
  3. Artist-Sky

    Ask Derpy

    Have you ever gone into the poison joke? If you did, what happened?
  4. Artist-Sky

    Ask Appleteeny!

    Well, hello, it's Applejack. I got shrunk by poison joke once. Luckily I was returned to normal! Anyways, I'm answering questions about when I was small! So, ask away. If your looking for an answer to YOUR question look for you username with and @ infront of it. Ex: @Artist-Sky I will try to answer questions as soon as I can. If your question doesn't get answered within three days of asking it, try asking it again. PS. From Sun (6/22/14) to Sun (6/29/14). Yes a whole week. Going to try to teach Applebloom how to apple-buck. So I won't be abled to answer questions right away!
  5. Made OC's! Check out my profile for links!

    1. Undubbed Wubs

      Undubbed Wubs

      The OC links don't work. :<

    2. Artist-Sky


      Oh. I'll try to fix them.

  6. Anyone who has theories on if all the pony races can become alicorns should check out my newest topic!

  7. Hello everyone! This is a question I've had itching and me and decided to put it on the forums. My question is can all the pony races become alicorns? In "Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell" it says Cadence was a Pegasus turned into an alicorn (I have not read the book. Just heard about this part.) But, this could be only in the book. We know from Twilight becoming an alicorn that unicorns CAN become alicorns and up until today I thought only unicorns can become alicorns. If the book and the show have a different story of whether Cadence was unicorn/pegasus/earth pony then there
  8. Big Mac would have a SQUEEKY voice. Spike would not know how to write. Princess Celestia would be a filly again. Princess Luna would turn orange. Spitfire would not be abled to walk on clouds. derpy would be allergic to muffins.
  9. Well, I really didn't think I would. I liked the older generation 2 toys and though this new show ruined it. Then after watching it, I thought g2 ruined the new one. :3 So, did you ever think you'd be a brony?
  10. Oh my gosh. I love it in the heart's warming episode when Pinkie Pie is like "I can think out of the box. So I can think in a chimney! Can you think in a chimney?"

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    2. Artist-Sky


      She's awesome. She can ALWAYS make you laugh.

    3. Pinkamena-Pills


      Ive actually thought inside a chimney before,i did not like it.

    4. Artist-Sky
  11. Actually, that's kind of how I ended up liking it. I watched the Brony documentary and was like "Phh, this show. Come on!" Well, I DEFINITELY proved myself wrong. Times a million...
  12. Google... has... the... answer... to... EV-ER-Y-THIN-G
  13. I have NO idea how the fandom started. I'd like to hear some other brony's theories and (possibly) make my own after reading some theories. Thank you!
  14. I think I just realized that for the last week I was having a my little pony marathon. ALL WEEK!

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    2. Feather Grass

      Feather Grass

      May the best pet win by any chance?

    3. Artist-Sky


      Oh yah. That's it! Gracias (thank you is Spanish)

    4. Artist-Sky


      In not is...

  15. I finally got my avatar to move! YAY!

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    2. Artist-Sky


      Ok. This you can ONLY do on a computer.


      Step 1: Google 150x150 MLP avatars.

      Step 2: Click on the link that is the same as the link.

      Step 3: Left click and save in the options.

      Step 4: Change your avatar by browsing you pictures (when you change ur avatar there's a button for that).

    3. The Crimson Cross

      The Crimson Cross

      Look at my pony, my pony's amazing

    4. Artist-Sky
  16. Waiting for my first MLP (Friendship is magic, have have some older generation things) merchandise to mail! It's a Applejack plush.

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    2. Undubbed Wubs

      Undubbed Wubs

      This is perfect with both of you here. I'd just to say that I like both of your new profile pics.

    3. KoGy


      Thank you. Cloud kicker needs some love.


    4. pinkiepartypie


      I have all of them plus the goant ones and rainbow rocks

  17. Watching party of one with the newest brony, my neighbor. He used to think it was for little kids. Guess who proved him wrong!

    1. KoGy


      It's a good episode.

  18. First status update that wasn't a comment! Yay!

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    2. pinkiepartypie
    3. Artist-Sky


      Wow! Comments! Thank you all!

    4. pinkiepartypie


      Hey if u want to kniw me more pm me ok

  19. Okay, so after reading other replies I have my pairs: Aj and Rainbow- had a whole episode on it, always hang out Fluttershy and Twilight- Fluttershy and Twilight talk together alot Rarity and Pinkie Pie- I think they are bestest friends but have a weird way of showing it
  20. Which of the mane six are the bestest friends. Ex: Rainbow Dash and Applejack. I mean which ones would you pair up as bestest friends? I'd say Rainbow Dash is closest to Applejack than any other pony and vise versa. Those two are really the only ones i can really think of. So what do you think?
  21. I was also wondering this. I guess it's just the fact that they are humans. MLP was better as just ponies to the fandom, I guess.
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