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  1. vgmaster9

    G5's art style

    Yeah, but some of them look way to cartoony to be used.
  2. vgmaster9

    G5's art style

    I've seen them, and there is no established final design yet.
  3. Honestly, I agree with everyone here. I think G5, like every other show in the franchise, should have a female dominated cast. At the time I posted this thread I was interested in the idea for having male characters that would have more use in the cast. But yeah, now I realize that having more male characters just because is not a very practical idea, especially in a franchise like MLP.
  4. vgmaster9

    G5's art style

    This is exactly what I'm talking about.
  5. While I agree that it should spawn even more media than G4 has done, I think it would be better if it was set in its own universe and not in Equestria. Also, as much as I'd love the show to be hand drawn animated, I think it would still be fine being animated with puppets, just on Toon Boom this time instead of Flash. Everything else I agree with.
  6. I honestly wouldn't mind a G4.5 along with G5. G4.5 could be about the children of the Mane 6 (among other characters. I'd prefer Kilala's next gen characters being used) and G5 taking place in its own universe. G4.5 can still be done in Flash while G5 can be done in Toon Boom (with the prequel movie being 3d).
  7. We all know the current show created the Brony fandom. Question is, what would G5 need to do to keep fans interested in the franchise? Also, what would generations after need to do to still keep fans invested? Hopefully Hasbro has realized that the MLP franchise has finally found its identity, same for GI Joe with A Real American Hero. Granted, each show doesn't have to have the same setting and main cast, it can still be different, yet equally interesting for the audience.
  8. I'd think it'd be the stupidest thing ever. Also, it's more than likely the characters would be humans instead of ponies on Earth. Kinda like a live action version of Equestria Girls.
  9. Chances are, G5 will be in a different universe entirely and not take place in Equestria.
  10. There are various fandoms like for Star Wars, Star Trek, Rick & Morty, Overwatch, Harry Potter, Dragon Ball, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Marvel, DC, etc. Question is, why is it that Bronies are forced to have their own sections of different sites like message board threads and Youtube channels? Why can't the fandom have the same acceptance as all other big franchises?
  11. vgmaster9

    G5 name changes?

    They'll just keep the names while adding new ones, it's been like that since G1.
  12. I pretty much share your thoughts of what you don't want to see in general.
  13. For quite some time, there has been a leak mentioning that the show will have a "fresh/contemporary look" and "compliment Mane 6 (whatever those characters will be)", and showed pictures of various cartoons. However, among them were Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil. This begs me the question, what will G5's art style be like? Will it have the "CalArts style" that many cartoons are using nowadays, or a Tumblr-esque art style? If so, then it will be a major step backward from G4's art style and will lack the expressiveness of the characters that it had. I really hope that the art sty
  14. To be fair, I always felt G4 was more character driven than story driven.
  15. It's very likely that G5 will be more gender neutral than G4 and appeal to a wider audience. Do you think the franchise should now become gender neutral with G5 and onwards? Hasbro could just give the brand a Disney-like appeal, targeting all ages instead of a specific age group. Also, according to a leak, the characters in G5 will have more fantasy oriented names, contrary to G4's cute and girly names.
  16. vgmaster9

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    Speaking of, I'm just hoping the characters in the G5 3d prequel film will have appealing designs. Are you sure it's real?
  17. vgmaster9

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    I think the Sonic fandom is about to self-destruct at this point. Just imagine if the MLP movie had a teaser poster this bad.
  18. vgmaster9

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    Here's one reaction to the design that I'm currently watching.
  19. With the imminent ban on NSFW content on Tumblr and the potential passing of Article 13, do you think the fandom should eventually come together can create a decentralized (possibly I2P) platform that can't be regulated by either government or corporations? It could be like a mixture of sites and apps like Discord, Deviantart, Youtube, Tumblr, Poniverse, Equestria Daily, Fimfiction, Derpibooru, etc.
  20. vgmaster9

    Movies/TV New Sonic movie poster

    I really can't imagine how Sonic fans are feeling right now. Seriously, this looks just so godawful. What's also horrifying is that Jim Carrey will play the role of Robotnik. Stuff like this makes me appreciate the MLP movie even more.
  21. vgmaster9

    Web Article 13

    People need to stop being reactive and instead be more proactive, as in working on ways to get around this. One, people can get a VPN. Two, if worse comes to worse, websites can block access in the EU completely so people can get such VPN. The fandom can also make their own decentralized platform if they so wish. Also, EU member nations can interpret the directive anyway they wish. If anything, they don't have to enforce it. Some countries are even working against it.
  22. This also needs to be said. No matter which site you operate on, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. That's why you need to have backup sites, because stuff like this is bound to happen. Now all the Tumblr exclusive users are learning this the hard way.
  23. To me, MLP as a whole (the show and the fandom) offers escapism like no other. How ponies are such an alternative to humans (and traditional anthro characters for that matter) with their flavored personalities, simple designs and expressiveness. There are unlimited possibilities for stories about them, from simple slice of life stories to epic adventures. Plus, the world of MLP is pretty much a blank canvas, so there are virtually limitless possibilities for worldbuilding, canon and fanon.
  24. The worst part about it is that this is a sign of what's yet to come. This won't be the only kind of thing to happen, cause in the coming years, other sites may follow suit. It wouldn't just take out portions of the fandom, but all fandoms. Fandom work has a right to exist, because it is a beacon of creativity and offers entertainment and escapism that no original media (whether it be novels, films, TV shows, anime, comic books, video games, etc) can provide. Plus that fan works aren't made by professional writers, filmmakers, or developers, but ordinary people who either go to school or work
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