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  1. G4 has mainly been a slice of life/comedy show with occasional adventure shows. G5 on the other hand, is expected to be more adventure focused, contrary to G4. If that's the case, what do you personally think a G6 would be like?
  2. Ok, so all the changelings who transformed were ruled under Chrysalis. Even, then, not all of them were instantly transformed. It begs the question, what other changeling queens or kings are out there that potentially have even bigger changelings kingdoms, and non that have been transformed like the ones under Chrysalis? It would show that not all changelings are as they are now and are still black with holes.
  3. That'd be fine, I just don't want the Young 6 to end up replacing the Mane 6 as the Elements of Harmony bearers.
  4. I mean, it doesn't HAVE to have more male characters. I would just like to see the show go beyond what G4 has done.
  5. Yes that is true. There are still some male characters that could appear frequently, like the CMC.
  6. I'm not saying we should have them just for the sake of having them, it would just be nice to have some diversity (not talking about the SJW kind) in the cast.
  7. Since G4 had a dominant female cast, do you think G5 should increase the number of female characters? I'm not just talking about minor characters like Big Mac and Shining Armor, but I mean ones who would get more screen time. If Hasbro is going to want to appeal to a wider audience, then I think it would be reasonable if they did that. It would also be a good way for fans to create more straight ships since people don't have to keep resorting to lesbian ships like with G4.
  8. This is a great sign that Hasbro is against the SJW culture. Hopefully they'll hire a show runner who's actually competent.
  9. The new She-Ra is yet another example of diversity over quality. Plus, I'm just hoping that G5 won't go for the kind of art style you'd see on Tumblr.
  10. Would like to see a show about either Daring Do or the Power Ponies.
  11. Here's what went wrong with the later seasons. During season 5, we had writers like M.A. Larson, Amy Keating Rogers, Megan McCarthy, etc. These writers wrote more good episodes than bad. In season 6, they were all replaced by writers who had little experience and passion with the lore. It's no coincidence that what was objectively the best season, was followed by the objectively worst season. Another factor that two of the later seasons had Josh Haber as the story editor, and it's also no coincidence that those seasons were the most hated. Plus the fact that the Lady Writers were missing in season 8, yet another factor of what went wrong with season 8. Had all the good writers from season 5 stayed longer, the later seasons would've been way better. But that's what happens when you don't have commitment in the writing department.
  12. Grand Old Pinkie Reference to the republican Grand Old Party
  13. Here's a list of software you could probably use for the 3d portions of the project. Maya for 3d animation and modelling Houdini for various 3d elements and CG effects Arnold, Renderman, or Redshift for rendering Of course, you could use a node compositor like Nuke or Fusion to composite everything in there.
  14. I don't know why G5 wouldn't be a TV series. Sure, its series premiere will be a theatrical film, but after that will be a series.
  15. What do you guys think? For those who animate with Harmony, whether it's rigging or frame by frame, these new features look very promising.
  16. To me there a two major types of stories, ones that include comedy, drama, romance, and ones that include action, adventure, fantasy, sci fi, etc. What is it that you like about each of them? Which do you prefer? How do you like stories that are one type and have elements of the other?
  17. Say you would imagine yourself as someone going on adventures in another world, what could you see yourself as?
  18. I dunno, I just assumed it was since it's more expensive than Flash.
  19. Since G4 is an episodic series with serial elements, G5 could go the opposite route being a serial series with episodic elements. I mean that by each season having its own plot and villain(s), kind of like the show 24. Since it's likely to be animated with Toon Boom Harmony, let's assume that each season will be 13 episodes long instead of 26. Since every episode would be 22 minutes long, combine that with the season's 13 episodes and you got the equivalent of a 286 minute long movie. That would bring a good opportunity for some development throughout the season. Do you think that would be a good idea? Edit: Then again, if The Lion Guard could have 26 episode seasons while being animated with Harmony, I suppose it wouldn't hurt for G5 having that many episodes.
  20. Bring back Megan McCarthy and the Lady Writers as story editors and fire Josh Haber.
  21. Her friends getting killed by a villain would be a good one in my opinion.