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  1. The convention has been cancelled.

    No, PonyExpo will not be returning; the organization has been dissolved. There's a new convention coming to Las Vegas in 2018 if you're interested. It's called High Roller Pony Con and it's run by different people.
  2. How often do you eat scootaloo?

    We have a new Scoot-fil-A in town but I haven't tried it yet.
  3. Do ships peeve you sometimes?

    I think Lauren once said that Dash's one true love is herself, lol.
  4. Do ships peeve you sometimes?

    Ok, but what about DashDash?
  5. Pleasant Fetal Transmogrification Day!

    1. Simeon Leonard

      Simeon Leonard

      Thanks! Yes, the day I went from being a fetus to a real boy. I remember it well!

  6. Happy b-day! ^^

    1. Simeon Leonard

      Simeon Leonard

      Thanks, Stormfury! T'was a fine day.

  7. Happy birthday to Simeon!!

    1. Simeon Leonard
    2. Mentis Soliloquy

      Mentis Soliloquy

      Anytime! (well once a year but you know... :P)

  8. Fandom Q+A NCMares Q&A

    I have a question How did you Big Apple Pony Tumblr come to be? It's so silly, I love it. There has to be a story there
  9. Announcement PonyExpo 2017: The Las Vegas Convention

    There is a $5,000 package for people who are Filthy Rich or just like to make unconventional life choices It comes with a LOT of perks. For the rest of us, there are much more affordable options. A standard 3-day badge is $60
  10. Announcement PonyExpo 2017: The Las Vegas Convention

    Budgeting is magic! With almost a whole year left to plan, I hope everyone intending to come will do some research and create a workable budget. Remember, if you're planning a trip to PonyExpo and have questions about the con, you can always email
  11. Movies/TV Halloween movies.

    I know you said movies, but for me it's all about nostalgia and my favorite TV specials from when I was a kid. Garfield's Halloween Special will always be my favorite. As for movies, I like Earnest Scared Stupid. It's just so silly I guess I prefer the lighthearted side of Halloween to actual horror when it comes to movies and TV. Oh! I almost forgot! ​Invader Zim's Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom!
  12. Announcement PonyExpo 2017: The Las Vegas Convention

    That's so awesome that you're coming! Wow, 12 hours? Where are you coming from?
  13. Announcement PonyExpo 2017: The Las Vegas Convention

    I doubt it There are theaters in the area so I can't imagine PonyExpo causing anyone to miss the movie.
  14. Fandom Q+A Peruserofpieces Q&A

    Since we're buddies, I feel like I can ask a hardball question I know one thing you get asked a lot is "why are plushies so expensive?" Can you talk a little about why a hand-made plush costs hundreds of dollars and why so many people are willing, even happy to pay that much when mass-produced alternatives are available? Also, how does the future look for craft plush makers?
  15. Poniverse Public Relations: Now Hiring!

    I wonder if people realize how accurate and comprehensive that description is