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  1. Happy birthday Simeon

  2. We have a new Scoot-fil-A in town but I haven't tried it yet.
  3. I think Lauren once said that Dash's one true love is herself, lol.
  4. Pleasant Fetal Transmogrification Day!

    1. Simeon Leonard

      Simeon Leonard

      Thanks! Yes, the day I went from being a fetus to a real boy. I remember it well!

  5. Happy b-day! ^^

    1. Simeon Leonard

      Simeon Leonard

      Thanks, Stormfury! T'was a fine day.

  6. Happy birthday to Simeon!!

    1. Simeon Leonard
    2. Mentis Soliloquy

      Mentis Soliloquy

      Anytime! (well once a year but you know... :P)

  7. I know you said movies, but for me it's all about nostalgia and my favorite TV specials from when I was a kid. Garfield's Halloween Special will always be my favorite. As for movies, I like Earnest Scared Stupid. It's just so silly I guess I prefer the lighthearted side of Halloween to actual horror when it comes to movies and TV. Oh! I almost forgot! ​Invader Zim's Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom!
  8. I wonder if people realize how accurate and comprehensive that description is
  9. I thought Andrea Libman handled this problem perfectly when it came to photos. Unlike the other VIPs who stood up for everyone wanting a photo, Andrea had an empty chair next to her so anyone who paid for a photo could simply sit down beside her rather than her have to stand up a bazillion times. So smart. Another little thing Tara Strong's line attendant did was write down your name on a post-it note so if you wanted your autograph personalized, you didn't have to waste time spelling out your name when you finally got to the table. Such a good idea! Little details like that must do a lot to help keep the lines moving. That said, they were still super long
  10. Another thing to consider is the time it would take to give scores, maybe even hundreds of hugs. Autograph lines are long enough with people getting signatures and photos; if VIPs start hugging everyone in line, it will take even longer.
  11. I'm not really a fan of glow-in-the-dark ponies, glitter variants, or those black "mystery" ponies Funko makes. Can we just have ponies that look like ponies, please? The mold they used for their vinyl collectibles was one of the best ones out there, but then they had to get all crazy with these variants. The Pop figures don't appeal to me, either. I hope I'm in the minority and lots of people go out and buy these because I worry about unappealing merch not selling, thus making it look like the MLP brand is dying. I would buy those mystery boxes all day long if I knew there was a normal-looking, full-color pony inside each one.
  12. Sparklebutt is my favorite because she has traits I admire, namely her courage and love of knowledge. There are times when I relate to her personality but her status as my favorite pony is based more on admiration. It's not a perfect fit but I guess I'd have to say it's because we're different. That's not to say that I consider myself a coward or an ignorant person, but I do strive to be more like our favorite purple protagonist in some ways.
  13. A lot of what I listen to is available for free online but when it comes to stuff from major labels, I'll usually check it out on Youtube or Spotify and if I like it enough, I'll go buy the CD. I figure that supports the artist and the local record store. I've never liked iTunes or any platform that tries to manage my whole media collection for that matter.