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  1. My friends thought I was crazy since I am the least person they expected to become a brony. Now they have accepted that I like it but they never get it. All of them refuse to watch anything related to it, but otherwise they're pretty cool with it
  2. jrbaca

    The MLP Forums Chrome Extension

    Chrome just got 20% cooler
  3. jrbaca

    S02:E22 - Hurricane Fluttershy

    Yay! Another Fluttershy episode, these are always fun.
  4. jrbaca

    MLP Forums is on Facebook - Like Us!

    Will do
  5. jrbaca

    Hey Everypony

    Hey everypony! I have recently started watching MLP and had a lot of time on my hands so I ended up getting up to the current episode as well, however this is my first time actually getting involved with it. This looks like a great place to start, with forums about the show, fan made things, a minecraft server, etc. so i figured I would give it a try. Thanks. *brohoof*
  6. jrbaca

    Team Fortress 2 Server - Now Open!

    Awesome! A TF2 Server, I will drop by this weekend.