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  1. Here is in my opinion my best drawing in full color pencil finish. Hope you guys like it and can keep giving me constructive criticism on it
  2. Hey Onion i see what you mean it seems to create smoother lines and lighter with the shoulder technique ^^ it feels awkward at first but i think ill pick up on it if i keep practicing every day thanks again
  3. Thank you for the tips space onion ill try to keep practicing with the methods you suggest and then maybe show you some more so you can tell me if i improved. Thank you all.
  4. Heck ya when i first rented spirited away from a pop video i watched it like 10 times before taking it back lol.
  5. I'm trying to practice sketching two hours every day cuz i want to bring some really good pieces to Brony Con to show off so i need all the practice and all the tips i can get.
  6. I'd like to state the fact that usually when i draw i look off an image and draw it as accurately as possible which is what i did with all the drawings if posted. I'm starting to try and sketch more so i can develop my own style for drawing and was wondering whats the best way to approach this so any tips would be greatly appreciated thank you Attached are some photos of sketching i have done today its all mainly practice and nothing real yet. check them and let me know what techniques i should use thank you all my friends.
  7. I can't wait for BronyCon lol but i have a lot of drawing practice to do cuz i plan on making bunch of projects to share with all those vans.

  8. Shoutout to all my Bronies and pegasisters!!

  9. TheAlicornWarrior

    Been Lazy

    I want to work more on bigger picture prodjects. Who should i draw next guys.. Oh and I just need to color my celestia too so expect that photo soon.
  10. TheAlicornWarrior

    Been Lazy

    1hr and a half just about.
  11. TheAlicornWarrior

    Been Lazy

    Been Lazy lol but here is a recent drawing.
  12. Confession i have played Banned From Equestria Daily... DERP

  13. Happy Nightmare Night Everypony!!!

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Happy Halloween! ^^

  14. Its been a while every pony just been busy and stuff but here is another drawing. This time Dr. Whooves hope you like it i hope i can keep making new drawings to show you guys.
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