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Everything posted by CinnamonPop

  1. Good morning, happy day of Chocolate Sweets. :)

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    2. strongwilled_pegasus
    3. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Huh, I never knew that. 

    4. Lulaypp


      Good morning to you too!!!!!!! Hm chocolate sweets? Hmmmm..... Afraid chocolate isn't too much of my thing.

  2. 398 *hugs back* Thanks, Lyra.
  3. Don't worry, he's just a famous DJ from the mid-2010s No one pinches anyone else when they're sad, so I get to test my acting. I'm Irish as well so double-immunity. 396
  4. *obligatory Alan Walker reference* 394
  5. I'm scared. You're gonna poke me in the eye with something like that. o~o
  6. *boop* >:D

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Dawww :3 You’re so sweet, Cinny. ^w^

  7. *bap* :3c

    1. Lulaypp


      *__*   *pounce tackle*

  8. CinnamonPop

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Have fun losing your bottled water, bread, corn, potatoes, and meat. Unless you like any type of Cancer.
  9. CinnamonPop

    Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    Welp, guess I get to live out Fallout 4 IRL if @Olly becomes president. 2020, woo...
  10. You can't nom me silly shadow horse. *bap*
  11. As long as I'm still breathing, this thread never dies. 374
  12. CinnamonPop

    Name a Film better than the above one

    Super Troopers!
  13. Hello? :3

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    2. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      hehe I didn't know that you like to play those games ^^; I always though that you like fun and nintendo style games >~> ...................EEEPPP!!! D: Too CUte!!!!!! X-x

    3. CinnamonPop


      It's one of the only games that use pink as an evil color. o3o

      I do, butI don't have a Switch. ^~^'


    4. Princess Moony

      Princess Moony

      I can imagine that being in a game xD like crazy pinkie pie popping out of nowhere all of the time! x-x anyway,do you have a 3ds? ^^ I have a 2ds xD (even tho I been looking for a purple 3ds for a long time now >.>)

  14. *bap* >:3

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Tis a bap? What is this bap you speak of? :mustache:

    2. CinnamonPop


      Tis teh bap of teh forum boop pone. Is boop but shorter. Bap. :3c

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      How bout a nm. Tis a nom but shorter. :muffins:

  15. *noms ears* Did'ya miss me? :3

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    2. CinnamonPop


      No no no. I'll stick to my Illinois (not Chicago) stereotypes. Thanks. cx

    3. Frostgage


      That reminds me. I know that feel of a state being defined by a city - I always have to simply tell people I'm from Massachusetts because no one has heard of any city besides Boston lol. But it's like. Other places exist too :0

    4. CinnamonPop


      I know, right? :P